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Solution To Obtain Video Evidence To File For Divorce

Mini DVR High Definition Car Dash Camera

The following is a solution to obtain video evidence to file for divorce…

Last month, after taking my eldest daughter to school, I went by the grocery to pick up a few supplies for my youngest child’s birthday celebration. As I was parking my motor vehicle, I came across a black Audi A8 pulling out of the grocery’s parking lot. It seemed really like my husband’s but he was intended to be away on a business trip.

The moment my hubby got back home, I asked him about his trip, to which he replied that his company won the deal and so he would be going back there for the contract signing. Fearing for the worst, I surfed on the web for solutions and found a mini dash camera that could help me acquire evidence that my better half was being unfaithful.

A covert cam is a device which can monitor somebody or a business. Many monitoring cams possess an integrated DVR as an added feature.

A spy cam with DVR enables you to take videos without installing anything as the video recorder is pre-installed. You can read the video footage by either linking the given RCA cable into a monitor or placing the provided memory card into a card reader.

Right after searching for a number of security cams which can be put on a vehicle’s dashboard, I ultimately purchased a mini dash camera with built-in DVR and LCD screen.

This kind of nanny camera can take both audio and video recordings and is portable. Those characteristics allowed me to watch my hubby from a distance. Moreover, I placed it discreeetly in a seldom-accessed place inside the automobile to record his conversations.

My new monitoring cam features a 2-inch LCD monitor so that I can view the recorded video footage on it rright away. Naturally, the videos may also be saved to a PC. This purchase included a mounting bracket, a cigarette ligher charger, an AV wire, an 8GB SD card and a user guide book.

When I ultimately acquired sufficient proof on my dash cam that my spouse was seeing another woman, I confronted him and then filed for divorce.

Concealed dvr cameras will covertly record evidence and confirm suspected infidelity.

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