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Solution To Successfully Monitor Your Workers At Work

8 Channel Portable Digital Video Recording System

There’s an easy solution to¬†successfully¬†monitor your workers at work…

The moment my father retired I inherited the family painting business which serves both residential and commercial projects. After some months of managing the business I would receive a number of complaints coming from clients about our workers regarding their performance and even theft in some cases.

Seeing as we would have various projects at any time I could not be in all places at the same time. I made a decision to search on the internet for security surveillance techniques that I could utilize to be able to solve the issue.

During my search I discovered that security cams are for monitoring activity in a discreet method. So it is going to be very easy to capture anyone carrying out an offense letting me to keep close track of the painters constantly.

The projects which we got were in different locations so I needed to obtain something portable. As I looked around I was pleased to find the perfect solution. With a multi-channel portable dvr I could build a complete system by simply adding cameras as well as accessories.

This particular 8 channel portable dvr system is a standalone system that can hold up to eight wired cams or 6 wired and also 2 wireless video cameras. It can be configured from another location via the internet with the use of provided software program.

It comes with a built-in 15-inch LCD screen as well as has a stability and shock resistance feature which makes it ideal for use in painting jobs. The best part is that I can view videos real time from the office or anywhere with Internet ensuring that I stay aware of activity.

On the next paint job I made certain to have this system set up. Seeing as the painters know they are being monitored they have been behaving as well as performing their very best. To date I haven’t heard a single complaint from our customers.

In business I realize right now that knowing the best surveillance techniques helps. I am glad that I was able to find a way to make sure that our personnel provide quality work at all times.

Today’s technology makes it very easy to monitor what’s going on when your out of the office.

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