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St Louis Mayor Francis Slay Witnesses Brutal Knockout Game

Crime is real in the city of St. Louis as the mayor of St. Louis , Mo discovered himself recently. The ridiculous knockout game has claimed another innocent St. Louis city resident as its victim. Non-lethal personal protection products are an effective form of self defense for anyone not comfortable with using lethal force such as a handgun for self defense against being victimized by street thugs.

Urban crime is real in our St. Louis community  and we all better be prepared to protect ourselves from being the next FBI crime statistic. Civic leaders can bitch and moan all they want about how St. Louis is being unfairly portrayed by the media. But now the St. Louis city mayor has witnessed the violence of some urban teenagers himself. It’s common sense, no one wants to live or visit an urban community where they can be frequently targeted by street thugs searching for an innocent victim to brutally attack.  Let’s be honest, no one cares to raise a child or family in such an environment. Unfortunately many of the good hardworking residence of the city don’t have a choice.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

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