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St. Louis Residents Purchasing Pepper Spray Gel As Self Defense Against Knockout Game


South St. Louis residents and Commuters are purchasing pepper shot pepper spray, wildfire pepper spray gel and the super sized 1lb canisters of pepper spray stream, pepper spray fogger and the new pepper spray gel for self defense against being victimized by the knockout game.

If you haven’t heard, the ridiculous knockout game targets victims for no other reason than that their weak,vulnerable, elderly or alone.  Urban teenagers target their victim and attempt to knockout the person unconscious with one punch and will continue the brutal attack until the innocent victim is “knocked out.”  These cowardly urban thugs often travel in packs and now have started attacking bicyclist.

If you or a loved one use public transportation such as the St. Louis MetroLink or MetroBus to commute, non-lethal pepper spray will provide the personal protection needed to instantly stop an attacker in their tracks.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!


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