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States That Allow Stun Guns



Which States Will Still Permit Stun Guns in 2023?


Stun weapons have grown in popularity as a tool for personal safety in recent years. They are portable, simple to use, and efficient at incapacitating an attacker without doing any lasting damage. However, not all states allow the possession and use of stun guns, so it’s critical to know the regulations in your state. I will outline the legal status of stun guns in each state in 2023, including whether they are entirely legal, partially legal, or illegal, in this article. I’ll also go over the advantages of owning a stun gun, how stun gun laws are changing in 2023, and safe stun gun usage advice. Laws governing the use of tasers and stun guns are constantly changing. Concealed carry regulations for tasers and stun guns for self-defense vary. Additionally, different state and local laws apply to electric weapons, stun guns, and electronic control devices in the United States. A stun gun or other less lethal weapon may not be protected by the right to bear arms. So it’s crucial to research state-specific stun gun regulations.

Knowing the Stun Gun Laws

Stun weapons are considered non-lethal weapons and are permitted in the majority of states. The laws can vary greatly and some states have restrictions on their use and possession. While some states have regulations that only apply to stun guns, most states that permit the possession of firearms also allow the use of stun guns. For instance, stun guns are only permitted to be sold to people who are at least 18 in some states, but not in others.

In addition to state laws, local ordinances may also apply to the possession of stun guns. Before buying or carrying a stun gun, make sure you are in compliance with all laws by checking both state and local ordinances.

Advantages of Having a Stun Gun

For those who feel uncomfortable carrying a gun, stun guns are a useful tool for personal safety. They are simple to use and can quickly render an assailant helpless, giving you time to flee or summon assistance. Stun weapons are more widely available because they don’t require as much training or practice to use effectively as firearms do.

In comparison to firearms, stun guns are also relatively cheap, with many models selling for under $100. Additionally, they are lightweight and compact, making them simple to carry in a purse or pocket. Stun guns are a convenient and accessible option for personal safety because they don’t need any special permits or licenses to own or carry them.

Overview of State-by-State Stun Gun Legality

The legal status of stun guns will differ by state in 2023, with some states permitting them without limitations, others permitting them with limitations, and some states outright prohibiting them.

States that Allow Stun Guns

Stun weapons are lawfully permitted to be owned and used in the following states:

Georgia Idaho
Nebraska Nevada
Hampshire, New
North Mexico
N. Carolina
Dakotas, North
Carolina, South
Dakota, South
Utah Vermont
West Virginia Virginia
Wyoming States Locations where Stun Guns Are Partially Legal

Stun weapons are legal in the following states with limitations on ownership or use:

Stun weapons are permitted in California, but they must be purchased from a licensed dealer and are prohibited in some establishments, like government buildings and schools.
Colorado: Stun weapons are permitted, but they cannot be used inside of public buildings like schools.
Connecticut allows the possession and use of stun guns, but only with a permit.
Delaware: Owning or using stun guns is legal but both require a permit.
Hawaii: Owning or using stun guns is legal but both require a permit.
In Illinois, stun guns are permitted but only with a Firearm Owner’s Identification Card (FOID).
In Massachusetts, stun guns are legal, but they can only be owned or used with a Firearms Identification (FID) Card.
Minnesota: Owning or using stun guns is legal but both require a permit.
In New Jersey, stun weapons are permitted, but only with a permit.
In New York, stun weapons are permitted but only with a license.
Rhode Island allows the possession and use of stun guns, but only with a permit.
Washington: Stun weapons are permitted, but they cannot be used inside of public buildings like schools or offices.
States Changing Stun Guns

The laws governing stun weapons have changed in the following states:

Washington, D.C.
Jersey, New
A new York
Providence, RI
What Stun Gun Laws Will Look Like in 2023?

Several states are considering modifying their laws regarding stun guns for 2023. For instance, a bill that would make it unnecessary to have a FOID card in order to possess a stun gun is being considered in Illinois. A bill that would permit stun guns to be carried on school property with permission from school officials is being considered in California. Another bill that would do away with the need for a license to own a stun gun is being considered in New York.

It’s critical to regularly check for updates and stay informed about any modifications to your state’s laws governing stun guns.

Guidelines for Safely Buying and Using a Stun Gun

Picking a trusted brand and model is crucial when buying a stun gun. To avoid accidental discharge, look for stun guns with safety features like a disable pin or safety switch. Additionally, it’s critical to carefully read the instructions and practice stun gun use in a secure setting.

Aim for the attacker’s torso or upper leg when using a stun gun in self-defense because these areas are most effective at rendering an attacker helpless. The use of stun weapons in dangerous circumstances should only be done as a last resort because they cannot guarantee your safety.

Stun guns can help you and those you care about stay safe.

Stun weapons are a useful tool for enhancing personal safety, but it’s important to comprehend the regulations governing their ownership and application. You can contribute to ensuring the safety of yourself and your loved ones by knowing whether stun guns are legal in your state and abiding by safety precautions when buying and using one.


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