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String of Off Campus Crimes Hit St. Louis Urban Community



There have been 7 robberies on both the St. Louis and University City sides of  the Washington University college campus. All the victims have been students and all the robberies have taken place at night near the Washington University Campus.  The most recent robberies/muggings occurred early Sunday morning.  A student had her purse snatched while she was riding her bike last week.  Police say one student was even hit in the head with a tennis racket.

St. Louis, Mo is an urban community and college students need to be vigilant about always being aware of their surroundings.  University students must be responsible for their own personal security in these dangerous times in St. Louis.  Non-lethal pepper spray gel is an inexpensive yet effective means of personal protection against an attack by street thugs and criminals targeting university students to victimize.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

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