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Stun Gun Combo Kit | Xtreme Urban Survival Kit

Xtreme Urban Survival Kit with 2 ounce wildfire pepper gel, black spike 20 million volt rechargeable stun gun and 125 decibel super door stop alarm

Stun Gun Combo Kit | Xtreme Urban Survival Kit

Have you ever felt unsafe? Perhaps you were walking home at night, and suddenly, you were conscious of someone behind you, following you. At one point in your life, you’ve been scared by the presence of another person. This is mostly because you perceived the other party as a threat. What is surprising is your gender can actually dictate the number of times you’ll face such incidences. If you’re a man, you’ll be surprised to know you’ve faced such aggression countable times in your life.

If you’re a lady, on the other end, you’ve likely faced such scenarios severally. Unfortunately, women are often left to feel alone. This is mainly because the responsibility of dealing with such a crime is delegated to the women to solve.

Look at rape, for instance, while both genders are affected, women face the risk of being raped and, in some cases, even murdered. The atrocities that happen to women are virtually countless. And unfortunately, those who carry out such crimes target the most vulnerable.

And who are the vulnerable? Good question, the FBI’s data on crimes shows that over 20% of all crimes are based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

This means women are more likely to be victimized by criminals. If you look at specific areas, such as St. Louis, you’ll notice a thread of pieces of evidence linking crimes to gender and sex. Moreover, you can further categorize these crimes to be targeted towards;

· Young girls of the school-going age

· Adolescent girls

· Women traveling or living alone

· Female students living in dorms

· Single young ladies living alone in apartments

· Female senior citizens

· Ladies living with disabilities

The list above shows a clear target for most crimes. Unfortunately, women alone cannot solve the problem. Tackling the issue of crime based on sex and gender is a crucial attribute towards advancing any society. Think of this way, if you’re a woman, you desire to live in a world where you can comfortably walk at any time of the day. On the opposite spectrum, if you’re a man, a safer society will create a conducive environment for your sisters, mothers, and daughters.

As such, it is in everyone’s best interest to ensure the environment you live in is free from any gender and sex crimes. Consequently, this forms an approach where everyone can play a part to ensure a safe community and fight violence against women.

Steps a community can take to safeguard the neighborhood

As mentioned above, fighting violence against women requires a multifaceted attack from all fronts. As a community, here’s what you can do to safeguard your area from petty crimes.

1. Establishing a community watch program

One of the most effective ways of proofing your neighborhood is by getting everyone involved. Based on the area you live, and the local laws, your community watch program can tackle issues such as being vigilant over unusual behavior, working with the police, and informing the community on any security threats.

Additionally, you can get the local law efferent to help you set up and oversee the watch program.

2. Improving lighting around the neighborhood

Simplistic as the idea may be, lighting up your community is an excellent way of preventing crime. Most of these criminals who attack women hide out in dark spots. Lighting up the streets uncovers their hiding spots.

You can rally together and get the relevant authorities, such as the county and municipal governments, to set up an electrification and lighting scheme. Moreover, you can encourage the local residents and businesses to put up outdoor motion-activated lights.

3. Cleaning up the surroundings

Overgrown bushes and trees are another favorite hiding spot for criminals. Organize a community wide cleaning up exercise where you cut down these shrubs and bushes, trim the trees, and clean the graffiti walls.

This cleaning up activity will not only rid hiding spots from the community; it will also create a sense of cooperation and togetherness. Statistics show crime rates are often low in communities that work together instead of those that don’t.

4. Addressing empty buildings

Empty buildings are an attraction point for criminal activities. If you’re concerned, vacant buildings in your locality are housing criminals, and you can contact local authorities or even the building’s owners.

5. Hiring private security services

One of the most effective ways to improve security in your community is by hiring private security companies. If possible, your community can contribute to acquiring the services of a private security group.

As you’re dealing with professionals, you can be certain your neighborhood is safe. These general guidelines should ensure your community is safe. That, however, does not mean you’re free from any criminal activity. And this is where the individual efforts come in.

Individual efforts to safeguard yourself

Besides what the community can do, there’s your role to play in ensuring you’re safe at all times. If you’re a lady and fall in any of the above mentioned categories, what should you do when attacked by an assailant? Additionally, how would you like your sisters, daughters, and female colleagues to deal with such instances?

One of the best ways to safeguard yourself is by taking security measures in your own hands. By doing this, you’re sure the community efforts detailed above are working to protect you. However, even when these policies fail and someone attacks you, you’ll be well prepared to face them.

Here are some of the most effective self-protection tips and a college care package to ensure your safety at all times.

1. Stun gun

Are you looking for an effective personal security gadget? The stun gun combo kit is the solution. One of the biggest problems with owning a stun gun in the past has been their bulky size. It was always impossible to conceal that you had a stun gun, and in some cases, this prepared the assailant.

Today, fortunately, technology has come a long way in concealing stun guns. Take the spike stun gun included in the stun gun combo kit, for example. The spike stun gun has a sleek design that will go unnoticed by any attacker. Consequently, this will give you an upper hand as you have the element of surprise.

For example, if you are walking to your college dorm at night, you can have the stun gun combo kit in your purse without anybody noticing about it. If someone was to try and attack you, you could quickly stun them before choosing to run away or call for help.

This begs the question, how effective is the stun gun included in the stun gun combo kit? Here are the specifications for this effective yet sleek tool in the stun gun combo kit.

Stun gun specifications

These specifications are for the spike stun gun, a sleek yet lethal weapon. This is mainly because the spike gun is the standard stun gun in the stun gun combo kit.

The spike stun gun is composed of two sharp spikes that stick out to deliver the electric charge. This design was incorporated to serve a double purpose. While the charge emitted is a defense mechanism, the spikes can be used in the offense, especially when you’re looking for a quick getaway.

Additionally, the gun comes with a rubber coating for a comfortable extra grip. The spike gun in the stun gun combo kit fits nicely in your hand and is activated by pressing a button on the palm. The spike stun gun can get loud when discharging, and this will both hurt the attacker and intimidate anyone else nearby.

Other specifications include;

· Over 20,000,000 volts discharged

· Small enough to fit in your purse or even hand. The stun gun combo kit spike stun gun measures 4.25 inches long, 2 inches thick, and an inch wide. This also makes the stun gun an easily accessible self-defense tool.

· You can select the charge emitted either to low or medium.

· You can also quickly charge the stun gun with your USB charger

Another exciting feature in the spike stun gun you’ll find in your stun gun combo kit is the lifetime warranty. The spike stun gun is built to last. The company involved in its production offers a lifetime warranty on all spike guns in the stun gun combo kit.

Fortunately, with their high-efficiency rate and durability, you don’t have to worry about performance issues as the gun will always be your reliable companion.

2. Pepper gel

The other item you’ll find in the stun gun combo kit is the pepper spray. Pepper spray is one of the most effective measures of self-protection. That’s because pepper gel can be used as an animal mace or pepper spray against humans.

Your college care package should always prioritize your safety. And that is why you should never go anywhere without the stun gun combo kit. The Wildfire pepper gel is a hot pepper spray designed to keep you safe and paralyze your attacker as you run away or get help. The Wildfire pepper gel is one of the hottest brands allowed in the market. It has a Major Capsaicinoids count of 1.4%, the highest in the market.

In addition, wildfire works by overwhelming the aggressor with pain. The wildfire pepper spray in your personal stun gun combo kit has an oleoresin capsicum rate of 10%. This is in addition to the formula that swells up the attacker’s mucus membranes, making it difficult for them to breathe. The attacker will face even more pain as their veins swell to the point where they can’t see anything.

These effects will last up to about 45 minutes, and that should give you a plentiful head start to take the next relevant action. While the pepper gel is made from raw peppers exceeding 2,000,000 SHU’s, they do not cause permanent damage.

One of the reasons why the Wildfire pepper gel in your stun gun combo kit is so popular is because of a little secret. That is the secret identifier hidden

in the spray.

If, for instance, you are attacked by someone and use the pepper spray on them, you can go ahead and report the assault case to relevant authorities. If they manage to catch up with the criminal, they can quickly identify him with an invisible UV dye.

Once you use pepper spray on an attacker, they will immediately try to rub it off. Unfortunately for them, the more they try to rub it off, the more they’ll agitate the spray, making it hurt more and last longer. All these features in the pepper gel in your stun gun combo kit are set to protect you.

With the pepper spray, whether you choose to fight or flee, you’ll have a clear advantage instead of your attacker. Additionally, remember you can also use the pepper spray against animals as huge as bears. The effect will be the same, and you’ll have a window of opportunity where you can escape.

The pepper spray in your stun gun combo kit is safe to use on almost every occasion. When indoors, just aim and shoot. This way, you don’t have to worry about it spreading to the whole room. You can also use the pepper spray in a car, outdoors, or even during camping.

The pepper spray is not flammable, can shoot long distances, and has pinpoint accuracy. It is also easy to use, and that’s why it’s always recommended to have it in your stun gun combo kit.

3. Super door stop alarm

The other vital piece of security appliance in your college care package is the door stop alarm. This is a simple yet effective appliance that should be taken everywhere in your stun gun combo kit.

It is especially vital as it protects you when you’re most vulnerable – when you are asleep. Data shows that most criminals will either attack houses where the owners are away or are asleep. When looking for the right houses to burglarize, they go for the easiest score, and that’s a house where it’s only females living there.

The other tools in your stun gun combo kit are to be actively used when you’re awake. However, the super door stop alarm will protect you as you sleep and are vulnerable to these criminals’ attacks.

How exactly does the super door stop alarm protect you? The best way to answer this question is by breaking down the turnkey functionality of the modern-day super door stop alarm included in your stun gun combo kit.

The first way the super door stop alarm protects you is by creating an immovable force pushing against the door. This makes it extremely hard for anyone to penetrate through the door.

Take motel doors; for example, some motel doors are flimsy, making them an easy target for break-ins and burglaries. However, with your stun gun combo kit, you’ll have access to a wedge to hold down the door that no one can enter without your knowledge.

The other functionality in your door stop alarm is a 120 dB sound alarm set to wake you even on the most silent triggers. When someone is trying to break down the door, it will trigger the alarm, alerting you and anyone else nearby.

You can set the alarm to be as sensitive as you wish. This means you can set it according to how you sleep. If you’re a light sleeper, you can have a relatively low sensitivity level as the slightest disturbance can wake you. If you’re a deep sleeper, on the other hand, you should ideally have a high sensitivity level. This will surely wake you when there’s even the slightest tampering on your doors.

The super door stop alarm is an excellent addition in your stun gun combo kit as it is both practical and allows you to sleep soundly, knowing it has your room protected.

The super door stop alarm included in your stun gun combo kit also has an option to turn the alarm on or off. The device uses a single 9-volt battery, which is not included in the packaging. Once your battery level is running low, you’ll see the low indicator light turn on.

The xtreme urban survival kit

You can get these items individually or save on cost and time by getting the xtreme urban survival kit, also referred to as the stun gun combo kit. This care package will help you live a comfortable life without having to worry about your security.

Additionally, this care package is not just for college students, as anyone can use them. Take the super door stop alarm; for example, you can use it at home or even in the office. The pepper spray can also be used in camping trips and outdoor excursions, and a stun gun is a handy tool whether you’re in class or even in the streets.

Thus, the xtreme urban survival kit is an integral tool towards achieving security all around the neighborhood and society at large. Enjoy incredible discounts when you buy the extreme urban survival kit with everything in the stun gun combo kit.

The face behind your stun gun combo kit

Today, before you can trust another company’s word, you need to do your research and understand the company’s intention. For example, the company responsible for making your xtreme urban survival kit is an A + rated member of the Missouri Better Business Bureau.

With more than 12 years with the A+ rating, you can trust the self-defense kits produced work at premium capacity all the time. Take the spike stun gun, for example, with a lifetime rating, and you can be sure it will serve you whenever you need it. Since these are not items you need daily, it helps to know you can always count on them when the need arises.

As mentioned above, discount code on the xtreme survival kit will earn you free shipping.

Taking the final step

The purpose of this college survival kit is to ensure you’re safe at all times. However, these security appliances are only but a temporary measure.

Take the stun gun; for example, it’s a great protection tool, but the communities may never be safer unless action is taken. That is why you are advised to take the additional step of reporting such cases to relevant authorities.

For instance, in the case of pepper spray, you can identify the assailant even if the attack was at night or in a dark place. The UV dye in pepper gels helps authorities catch up with these criminals and apply the law in dealing with them.

This is the only sure way of ridding crime and violence against women in society. As a result, the current and upcoming generations can live in a conducive environment when they can focus on thriving and improving their lives.

At the end of the day, crime is still a reality in today’s world. While you may not be the one to end all crime, there’s a part you can play to ensure a safer environment and society. As the community, there’ the role each member can play, whether it is setting up a watch committee or organizing cleaning efforts around the neighborhood.

At the individual level, there’s also what you can easily do to improve your personal security. These involve acts such as;

· Keeping away from dark and dimply lit areas

· Getting to the house early enough or calling someone you trust to escort you

· Lighting your house well enough to get rid of any hiding spots

· Traveling when it’s safe, and there’s light

· Always have a form of self-defense tool

· In case of an attack, inform the relevant authorities.

Following these steps will ensure a healthy and crime-free society. But remember, everyone has to play a role for this utopia-like dream to be accomplished. If everyone involved can play their part, the streets will be safer and secure for everyone.

But before that can be fully accomplished, always have your stun gun combo kit with you at all times. While you do not know when you may be attacked, you can prepare adequately in advance as you hope such an event doesn’t happen near you.

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