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Stun Gun Combo | Xtreme Urban Survival Kit

Stun Gun Combo | Xtreme Urban Survival Kit

Melvin Carter stalked, attacked, and raped college women who lived alone. His crimes were well recorded in Stanford University’s Escondido Village, Davis, San Francisco, and Berkeley. By the time they convicted him, he had sexually assaulted and molested 100 women. He stalked them. He broke into their residences when they were alone and had his way with them. He pounced on them in dark lonely streets and left them helpless and tainted. What a heartless man! The Xtreme Urban Survival Kit helps women stay safe with a well-curated stun gun combo. Don’t be another rape statistic.

Safety When Out and About

It’s a fact that we have to live with it. The world is unsafe for women than it is for men. When out and about, women can be susceptible to stalkers and other people with malicious intent. In some parts, sexual harassment happens on open streets in broad daylight. How can women stay safer?

Carry pepper spray all the time

Many years after its discovery as a non lethal self-defense weapon, pepper spray is still useful and popular. It works temporarily and doesn’t permanently damage the person that it is unleashed upon. It is also safe for the user.

The WildFire Pepper Gel takes things up a notch higher. It is part of the Xtreme urban survival kit and stun gun combo. It is rated as the hottest pepper spray in the market. Unlike the other pepper sprays, WildFire Pepper Gel packs a 1.4% concentration of Capsaicinoids. It burns.

This pepper spray is produced using 2,000,000 SHU’s of raw pepper. Its impact can last as long as 45 minutes. It also has a UV recognizing color to help in the ID of an assailant. Once sprayed, this Pepper Gel sticks on your attacker. They won’t be able to wipe it off.

Attempts of removing it make it to saturate the skin leaving your aggressor in torment. When used appropriately, you don’t need to stress over over spray, as it will remain toward the path where it’s directed. The user will be safe.

The benefits of pepper spray for personal protection:

It works fast: Pepper spray incidentally inflames and burns the mucous cells in the nose, eyes, throat, and lungs of the aggressor. When it strikes, the aggressor’s eyes will consequently close, therefore, briefly blinding them and causing breathing issues. Even a sturdy and devilishly villainous attacker won’t withstand the harsh effects of a pepper spray, which will last as long as 45 minutes.

Gives you time to run: Pepper spray comes highly recommended as a self-defense tool against stalkers and those who grab you inappropriately in public. It works instantly. Once sprayed on a perve, college females can hurry to safety as the attacker is left to struggle with burning eyes and momentary blindness.

It is easy to use: While pepper spray works instantaneously, it’s additionally the easiest to use of all self-defense tools for a woman. The WildFire Gel Pepper Spray is compactly designed can be carried in a handbag or even the back pocket as part of your stun gun combo.

Works from a distance: The spray is unleashed straight into the attacker’s eye. Pointing and spraying is easy. WildFire Gel Pepper Spray can function

effectively from spaces as large as 10 feet.

It is non-lethal: Further, being non-lethal implies that the impacts of the pepper splash wear off, regardless of whether it gets into their eyes at them, nose, or mouth. This gives some solace to the ladies who are reluctant to use lethal tools for self-defense. You don’t need to tote a gun.

No licenses are needed: Also, being non-lethal implies that you can carry it with you in and out of class or work. You can use pepper spray anywhere without having to seek or renew licenses. However, take stock of local rules that may restrict the use of the stun gun combo. But such laws are rare.

It keeps from getting pinned: One of the most crucial aspects of self-defense is keeping a safe distance from the attacker. Don’t get too close because once they get a hold of you, you might never get free. The further away you can keep an aggressor, the better your odds of survival and safety. Pepper spray works form a distance. This can be incredibly helpful if you are not trained in karate or judo.

Carry a phone with you and use safety apps

Smartphones can be reliable emergency tools for single women. If you live in a dangerous part of the city or if you have a crazy ex-boyfriend, carry a fully charged smartphone with you all the time. As you may expect, your phone is for calling for fast assistance when you wind up in a tricky situation.

It would be wise to load your phone with the emergency phone numbers. Your family and friends should be on speed dial. On top of that, consider downloading and using apps such as:

Kitestring: This app doesn’t need a smartphone. The application sends SMS messages to determine the status of a person at 15 or 30-minute intervals. If you don’t respond to a message, Kitestring automatically alerts your family and trusts friends. You don’t need an internet connection to use Kitestring. This app could work well as a backup plan for your stun gun combo.

SafeTrek: SafeTrek resembles Kitestring. However, it only works on smartphones. It works somewhat better, as well. Clients don’t have to send or react to an SMS. Instead, if you feel that you are in an unsafe circumstance, you are to open the application, press, and hold on the crisis button. If the peril passes, you can release and enter your pin. And if the danger endures, you release the emergency button without entering the pin—this automatically alerts the police, 911, police, and your trusted family and friends.

LINE Messenger: Line Messenger helps users to stay connected with loved ones. College women and single women living alone that use the application may get convenient help when they need it to escape from an attacker. It works without a cell phone network, and it alerts family and friends via emergency features.

Life360: Numerous dads don’t get a decent night’s rest when their daughters use uber. Life 360 could help with security. The application lets families set up a private network so they can stay in contact. A college student can share their uber trip details, by the touch of a button, including GPS location, with family and friends. The application works with or without a cell phone organization.

Red Panic Button: The SOS application has one red button. When you press the button, it sends GPS and Google maps to pre-determined close contacts using SMS or email. It can post these crisis messages via social media too.

Cut all correspondence with the stalker

In most cases, the talker is someone you know, an ex-boyfriend, for instance. You can shield yourself from stalkers by ensuring that your contact data stays private. That may mean unfollowing then on Instagram and Facebook, turning your account to private, and blocking them on WhatsApp.

Note that you may need to showcase all proof of calls and instant messages when detailing a reporting such a case to the authorities. If you get these from a stalker, don’t erase, file them. However, don’t respond to calls and messages.


Safety When Out at a Party

Rape is a common thing in college parties. One in every six ladies experience gets sexually harassed or molested during college parties. But partying and have a great time is part of the college experience. You can reduce the risk of falling victim by parking your handbag with the right self-defense tools and observing safety best practices.

The risk of rape at college parties often emerges to some extent, from clashing expectations. For instance, a lady goes to a party hoping to kiss and make out, but the male college student goes to the party anticipating sex. These are the incidences when close friends and acquaintances are the perpetrators of rape.

Studies show that college women enjoy wearing hot garments and being a tease at parties. However, the majority of them not out for casual sex. The male students often think otherwise when they spot a nicely dressed woman at a party. Alcohol adds to the mix of complex issues.

Carry a stun gun combo with you all the time

Pepper spray might not work effectively in such scenarios because you are too close to the attacker. What you need is a stun gun. Thankfully, the Xtreme Urban Survival Kit stun gun combo comes with a tried and tested Spike Stun Gun. It is discreet and works effectively in close contact situations.

The Spike stun gun is compact and form-fitting. Its design resembles a phone charger. The personal protection device will occupy very little space in your purse. You can carry it in your jeans pocket as well for assured safety when attending college parties.

At the point when they are clueless, jab the spikes in their throat or ribs. The trigger at the rear of the gadget sits strategically with the palm of your hand. When you hit someone with this stun gun, the palm automatically activates it, and 20 million volts flow on to the aggressor. That will immobilize them for a while, giving a chance to run and call for help.

The Spike Stun Gun will surprise your assailant with explosive power. Two sharp spikes act as twofold anodes for 20 million volts of electricity. This immobilizer comes with a rubber treated surface, giving you a non-slip grasp.

This stun gun from the Xtreme Urban Survival kit stun gun combo zaps loudly and powerfully. It can save you from an unsafe situation before you are another victim of acquaintance rape. Too often violence against women is under reported. A single mom college females and busy active professional women can all benefit from the peace of mind when having the Xtreme Urban Survival Kit available for personal protection. Effective self defense tool against rape or any form of sexual assault. The included super door stop alarm works as a wireless door wedge alarm. 

Benefits of a stun gun for college females

They are non-lethal: A stun gun combo doesn’t cause permanent lethal. In contrast to a shotgun, the stun combo will not cause long term injuries to an attacker. After about an hour, they will get back to good health, but in jail. However, the moment you unleash its force, the jolt of electricity incapacitates them giving you time to find safety. Small stun guns have a lower amperage rate under the deadly electrical output of one ampere.

No skills required to use the stun gun combo: Anyone can use the Spike Stun Gun without any prior training. You don’t need to fumble around with triggers or look for a perfect shot. There is no aiming. The results are robust and instantaneous, whichever part of their (attacker’s) body it lands.

You might not require a permit: One of the principal reasons individuals might decide not to possess a weapon is the lengthy process it takes to get a license. There is red tape after red tape. There are background checks and prolonged training. After all, once you get a gun, you might be restricted from carrying it in places like a college party. Stun guns, in many states, don’t require licensing. You can have them anywhere.

They’re safer: Another motivation behind why so many abstain from buying deadly weapons? Worry for their family’s wellbeing. As a single mom in college, it can be unsafe to have guns around in your apartment. It’s hard to envision what could occur if your kid got hold of your weapon. With a stun gun combo, regardless of whether the worst happens and a friend or child abuses it, this accident won’t cost them their life.

They are convenient to carry: Stun guns are a lot simpler to carry with you to college parties than heavier weapons – and they are weightless too. When you’re packing a stun gun combo, you don’t generally need everybody to know it. Thankfully the Spike Stun Gun combo has a disguised design. It looks very much like the head of a phone charger. Even an attacker won’t see it coming.

Additional ways to be safe at college parties

Watch your drink

50% of student rape incidences involve alcohol. Apart from equipping yourself with a stun gun combo, you would need to stay alert at a party. Party rapists often use alcohol or drugs to incapacitate ladies and have their way with them. Most of them also target drunk ladies since they might not recollect a night’s events. When sharing a drink with friends or at a date, stay alert. Try not to leave your beverage unattended. Don’t give anyone a chance to drug you. Steer clear of persons that are so eager to get you drunk.

Go to parties with friends

Party rapists often target ladies who are distant from everyone else. Often they will attempt to isolate ladies from their companions. Stay together with friends at a party and plan on interceding approaches if things appear as though they are turning crazy.

It is often helpful to attend parties in a blended gathering of men and lady friends. That way, your male friend can run inference if another man is attempting to harass or lure you into an unsafe situation. During a party, stay in a public spot like the dance floor or an open seating area. Avoid dimly lit areas of a club.

Trust your senses. If a person creeps you out, you don’t have to be polite. If they are making you uncomfortable, tell them straight. Shout loudly if they don’t stop.

Plan for how you will get home

Attackers often target drunk and disoriented ladies and attempt to place ladies in new circumstances—plan for your ride home in advance. Bring cab fare and even have a campus map on your phone so you can get home without relying on a stranger.

Safety at Home or College Apartment

Life in a college dorm can be blissful. Living alone can be an opportunity to appreciate quite a time away from roommate troubles. You get a more extensive viewpoint of life and a calm home to reflect, plan, study, and strategize your life.

But as a single lady, living alone can be an unsafe, gentle reader. That is because rapists like Melvin Carter prowl college streets and apartment areas. Some of them have raped hundreds of women and have never been caught. The case is thrown out every time a victim presents evidence. Use a stun gun combo to stay safe.

The Xtreme Urban Survival Kit comes with a door stop alarm that can help bolster your safety. Notwithstanding the efforts you take against avid stalkers and creeps, a portion of these individuals are slyly determined. They may tail you home and break into your apartment. The Xtreme Urban Survival door alarm kit will keep you safe.

This personal protection gadget is part of the stun gun combo. It comes together with the WildFire pepper spray and the Spike Stun Gun. This little and versatile alert gadget wedges in the space between your entryway and the floor. It keeps the door sturdily bolted so that no one can push it open from the outside.

What’s more, when somebody attempts to open it from the outside forcefully, the exertion triggers a loud alarm. It will wake up the neighbors who are many streets away. Your building security faculty will also come out to see what is happening. No rapist or burglar can stand around to wait to be caught. They will flee like bats out of hell.

Benefits of a doorstop alarm for college women and single moms:

Safeguards against door kick-ins: A hooligan could kick in your door once they suspect that you live alone. They can enter and have their way with you or make away with your possessions. A doorstop alarm is a valuable safety tool to have in your apartment, home, or college dorm. No matter how powerfully the assailants kick your door, it won’t budge.

You can use it on the go: Door kick-ins are not limited to homes and college dorms. It can happen in your hotel room when you are vacationing alone. The advantage of doorstop alarms is that they are small and mobile. You can carry the stun gun combo and use it wherever you spend your night.

Complete home security: As a young woman, you might not have the money to install camera systems, motion sensors, and electric fences around your home. The Super Door Stop alarm gives you reliable protection even when you lack all that. And even if you have all that, this gadget that is part of the stun gun combo can be a dependable last line of defense.

No wiring, installation, or monthly bills: CCTV cameras and other security solutions need professional installation. There is often lots of wiring to do. Your landlord or college might not allow the structural modifications required to install these solutions.

Some of these security devices also require a user to pay a monthly bill to get coverage. The Super Door Stop alarm saves you from all that. It keeps you safe from rapists and thieves and helps you get a good night’s sleep without hefty bills or finicky installations.

Other ways to stay safe in a college dorm or apartment home

The stun gun combo comes highly recommended for college females and single women alone. However, safety practices must also be observed at all times. Here are bonus ways to stay safe:

Make the right friends: Try not to walk alone late at night or early morning. In any event, when you live alone, remain in close contact with companions and neighbors. These people may provide the right help at your hour of need. Also, ensure that you have the stun gun combo at all times with you.

Keep your room number a secret: Whether its college room number or residential address, don’t share this information with strangers. Only disclose it to close friends and family.

Take responsibility for your safety: Whether in a college dorm, at home, or in a hotel room, your security and well-being start and end with you. Have a personal plan for when you go into your room around evening at night. A stun gun combo gives you three lines of defense: the extra hot pepper spray, the powerful stun gun, and the door stop alarm.

Ask friends to watch your door when you are away: Serial rapists like Melvin Carter often survey and carry out reconnaissance of a residence when the owner is not at home. They take note of security loopholes and vulnerabilities. They identify ways to commit a perfect crime when they strike. When you are away, ask your friends and neighbors to watch your home and report to you if any strangers /stalkers look around or attempt to break in.

Going by the horror stories on the news, the world is not safe for single women. Protect yourself, gentle reader. Equip yourself with the stun gun combo, a perfect Xtreme Urban Survival Kit for collegiate women and single mothers. You get a powerful stun gun, hot pepper spray, and a doorstop alarm all in one for substantial cost savings.

We are a 12-year member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. We offer free shipping with a discount code. Shop now to stay safe!

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