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Stun Gun Package | Xtreme Urban Survival Kit

Xtreme Urban Survival Kit with 2 ounce wildfire pepper gel, black spike 20 million volt rechargeable stun gun and 125 decibel super door stop alarm

How Do You Protect Yourself From Criminals?

Whenever you bring the topic of self-defense up, most people will think about self-defense classes. While these are great, most have proven to fall short when used in practice.

With proper self-dense training, you can learn how to tackle any situation where the person is trying to harm you. However, this takes a lot of practice and years of training. That’s not to say self-defense classes aren’t effective. While they can help, they may not be an immediate solution.

Take, for example; you realize the number of muggings around your area has gone up. Here you can decide to take self-defense classes, or you can opt for a more immediate solution. With defense classes, you’ll eventually get good, but it may take a while. Let’s then explore some of the best immediate solutions to a surge of insecurity near your school or apartment.

Who should fear criminals?

Ideally, when you look at previous data, you can tell who is most likely to face an attack. You can accomplish this by studying crime reports in different urban areas, especially schools and a young population. This focus in most crimes is targeted toward spheres such as gender, age, and even race.

After studying criminal activities in various areas, there’s a clear indication of increased cases of violence against women. Furthermore, if you delve deeper, you’ll notice most criminals target those who seem weak and defenseless, like a single mom or a college female.

Generally, most of these crimes occur in places where there’s a young population of single females. These crimes can range from a mugging, human trafficking, rape, and murder. Even in a dorm or college apartment, you might not be safe. These petty criminals have been known to frequent these areas and sometimes even relocate there.

From the above indication, it seems ladies need to protect themselves better. But, the burden is not solely theirs; men too, and society in general, should band together and eliminate cases of violence against women.

In short, ladies need to find effective self-defense measures, and society needs to work collectively to fight this crime. And as established above, when you want to protect yourself from such criminals, your best bet is to use the most available and affordable self-defense ideas.

How can you protect yourself from crime?

Sometimes, it may feel like all your given is the generic advice: dress appropriately, don’t talk to strangers, don’t walk alone in dark areas, be home early, and so on.

This approach is both ineffective and inconsiderate. It is ineffective because girls are abducted every day from their homes. Worse even, some of these crimes are committed by close family and friends. And since you can’t tell who will likely assault you by looking at them, the strategy is ineffective.

It is also inconsiderate as you’re telling one gender to change their behavior because of a few criminals. A holding pattern of curfews and always seeking help from others beats the purpose of freedom, expression, and independence.

Then, the way forward is to carve out an effective and considerate approach, where you have the liberty to live life and protect yourself if need be. Therefore, following this guide, an effective strategy could be empowering women to stand up against these petty criminals.

If you look at most of these crimes targeting women, you’ll notice a striking resemblance to bullying. In most cases, these criminals are trying to vent and remove their frustrations on women. And just like bullying, the best way to combat it is by standing up for yourself.

This is not your typical bully from kindergarten, though; this one is both willing and able to hurt you. Fortunately, you can get an effective arsenal to use in a confrontation with these bullies.

This then raises the question, what are some of the effective ways to protect yourself?

Practical self-defense tools for you

The best way to win a battle with an assailant is to have the upper hand. In most cases, the assailant will attack you when you’re unaware. This is why they prefer dark and hidden areas like abandoned buildings, trenches, and dimly lighted places.

But, what if instead of being surprised, you already came prepared? The stun gun package may be the answer to fighting crime on a personal level. But, what exactly is a stun gun, why is it so effective, and what exactly is included in the stun gun package?

Stun Gun Package

Are you looking for an effective way to protect yourself and get away from a violent attacker? Consider getting yourself a stun gun package to get away from attacks and other uncomfortable situations successfully.

The stun gun package has a number of tools designed to keep you safe in many situations. As you might have guessed, the main feature of the stun gun package is the stun gun. What makes the stun gun such a powerful defense tool, and what will be your experience using it?

1. Stun gun

Stun guns have been in the market for a while now. In this time, they have been used in various capacities, including self-defense. However, most stun guns were unreliable as they were big and hard to conceal. This made them hard to use as they take away the element of surprise. Additionally, they were prone to malfunction and would sometimes fail to emit any charge.

Fortunately, you have access to some of the state-of-the-art stun guns today. Here’s all the information you need to know about stun guns in the stun gun package.

Types of stun guns

Stun gun devices fall into two broad categories, that’s Tasers and stun guns. Stun guns are distinguishable as you need human contact to deliver the electric shock. The metal prongs at the tip of the stun gun are responsible for delivering the shock once you pull the trigger.

Tasers, on the other side, shoot wires which attach to the target and deliver the shock. Unlike in stun guns, the electric shock is driven through the thin, flexible wires. Tasers can reach a target up to 15 feet away.

The term stun gun is often used as the general term when referring to Tasers, stun guns, electronic control devices, electronic stun weapons, electric guns, and remote stun guns. Rechargeable high voltage stun guns and stun batons are available @

Is carrying a stun gun legal?

Before buying your stun gun package, one main concern may be the legality of the stun gun. This is often because of the close relation of stun guns with actual guns. Additionally, Tasers are commonly used by police and authorized forces.

In most states, stun guns are regulated under the general laws governing carrying and using guns and other weapons. This means, in most cases, it’s alright to carry a stun gun and use it when you’re defending yourself. Visit us online @

However, in some cases, a court may have to determine the motive of carrying and using it. Some counties, such as Iowa, refer to stun guns as lethal firearms. In such a state, you’ll need a permit to carry and use a stun gun. As you purchase your stun gun package, remember to check what your state says about possessing and using a stun gun.

How do you use a stun gun?

Have you ever held a stun gun? If no, you may be thinking they work much as they show in the movies. However, don’t rely on your movie knowledge to help you when you need to pull a stun gun from your stun gun package.

Unlike in the movies, a simple tap or touch won’t do the trick. For the best results, you should target large and sensitive muscles. Moreover, you’ll need to firmly hold the stun gun on top of the specific muscle for about five seconds.

Some of the best target areas to use your stun gun package include the neck, belly, groin, underarm, and shoulder. Remember to target the parts not covered by clothes as you’re looking for maximum contact.

You’ll also need to consider whether you’re using a stun gun or a Taser. For Tasers, you can target the attacker from a bit of a distance. The stun gun, on the other end, requires close contact. In these times, when you’re within striking distance of the assailant, there’s little to think. So, if you’re not certain, you can reach any of the above mentioned body parts, strike the attacker where you can, and unleash the electric shock.

Stun guns are required in times of emergency. After buying the stun gun package and placing the stun gun in your purse, you may have difficulty reaching for it while being attacked. To remedy this, have a dedicated pocket where you put the stun gun. This way, even when you’re caught by surprise, or even in the dark, you can pull out the stun gun and use it immediately. Also, ensure you put it in a purse you have on you most days.

Advantages of owning a stun gun

Depending on your stun gun’s size, it will take some space either in your pocket or purse. So, in those moments you’re about to leave the house, you need clear benefits of why you should carry the stun gun from the stun gun package with you.

· They’re cost-effective – A stun gun should be every girls little friend. Unfortunately, the world is such a scary place. However, that is the reality, and as such, you’re better off buying a stun gun and protect yourself. The alternate is you getting hurt, which will be more expensive.

· They’re non-lethal – While the pain and discomfort caused by stun guns are intolerable, it only lasts for a while. This makes sure that you don’t commit an unnecessary offense, such as manslaughter when trying to defend yourself. Luckily, the charge is enough to incapacitate the assailant until you can get help or run away.

· They’re easy to hide – When defending yourself, you don’t want the attacker to anticipate your next move. Modern stun guns, including the ones in the stun gun package, are easy to conceal. Today, you can buy various stun guns camouflaged as other items such as pens, balms, and torches.

· They work quickly – Depending on varying circumstances, if you’re under attack, help may take long before arriving. In such a case, you’ll need to step in and help yourself before it’s too late. The stun gun package has the best and most effective Spike Stun Guns that work as quickly as you pull the trigger. This means you can get away between the times you defend yourself to the time the criminal recovers.

· They’re easy to carry – Weighing just a few grams, stun guns can easily fit in your purse, school bag, and even pocket. You can also carry it in your hand like you would a phone. This feature, coupled with the fact that stun can be camouflaged, makes it easy to walk with them anywhere. The stun gun package consists of a number of items; the stun gun is one of the few you can carry anywhere you go.

· They’re easy to buy – As already established, you likely won’t need a license to possess or use a stun gun. That makes it easy to acquire one as you only need to purchase, and it will be delivered straight to you, ready to be used.

· They don’t require perfect aiming skills – Since the stun gun package guns need close contact, you don’t really need aiming skills. It’s hard to miss someone when they are literary next to you. However, with this mentioned, it’s also proper to caution when you choose to strike. The best way is striking when you see an opportunity or when you’re sure you’ll make contact and incapacitate them. You only have the first short, and your element of surprise will be gone. No need to worry though, with a contact stun gun, you’ll have better chances of defending yourself.

Disadvantages of having a stun gun

While the idea of defending yourself with a stun gun seems fantastic, it would be inappropriate to focus only on the benefits of buying a stun gun.

Thus, here are the disadvantages of having a stun gun.

· Some brands are ineffective against high pain threshold attackers – In some cases, the stun gun brand you use may not be powerful enough. This may be the case, especially if the attacker is under the influence of drugs. This is why you should only use the best stun gun for maximum results. The Spike stun gun included in the stun gun package delivers over 20 million volts of electricity to the attacker, making it one of the most reliable brands in the market today.

· The attacker may also have one – While it is unfortunate, some attackers carry weapons, including stun guns. This proves why you, too, should

have one; if the attacker is armed, you can surprise them and make a quick getaway, and if they’re unarmed, you have a better chance of winning the fight and even subduing them and escaping before harm.

Everything with advantages also has disadvantages, and the stun gun is no different. However, if you analyze the information detailed above, the advantages of buying a stun gun package and owning a stun gun far outweigh the disadvantages. Increase your chances of winning an attack by buying the stun gun package.

Which stun gun is the best, and why?

While still considering to buy the stun gun package, you may be wondering if it comes with the best gun. As mentioned above, some brands malfunction once in a while. So, what kind of stun gun should you expect?

The stun gun package comes with a Spike stun gun. Spike is recognized as one of the leading self-defense tools available to the public. Spike stun guns have two sharp spikes on one end. The reason for this design is to make it easy to have full contact with the skin once you launch your attack.

The Spike stun gun also has a well thought out rubber coating, making it easy to grip and hold onto. The shape and size are made to favor your palm as the Spike stun gun rests comfortably, ready to be used for your protection. Here are more specifications showing why Spike stun guns are the best in the market;

· You can conveniently charge it using your USB cable

· It packs more than 20 million in voltage, making it an ideal defense tool

· It also comes with a safety light and switches for when you’re not using it

· It’s small enough to take with you everywhere you do

Saving the best for last, Spike stun gun has a lifetime warranty! That’s right; the stun gun will serve you efficiently even if you use it once in a long while. You have the manufacturers guarantee, and customers all over brag about how they have never replaced the first Spike stun gun they bought. A glance through the reviews reveals most are either lost or misplaced, but there are negligible cases of spoiling. And, lucky enough, if your stun gun ever gets defective, you can always use the lifetime warranty to get yourself a replacement.

The stun gun package also comes with different tools for your protection and self-defense. Some of these are best used in different scenarios. They are, however, equally as effective as the Spike stun gun. These tools include;

2. Super Door Stop Alarm

The super door stop wedge alarm is an innovative tool designed to keep you safe when you’re indoors. Burglars and other criminals are notorious for breaking into houses as you’re away or asleep.

The door wedge alarm works in two ways: first, it makes it almost impossible for someone to break a door down once installed. And since it’s a small and portable gadget, you can carry it with you when traveling. The second way is by an alarm that goes off in case someone tries to break in.

You can set the alarm’s sensitivity to the point where the slightest disturbance can trigger it to the door. Additionally, the alarm goes off at 12dB, ensuring to alert you and anyone near you.

The door stop alarm is ideal for when you’re sleeping in a foreign environment or traveling. You can also use it to lock your college dorm or apartment door.

3. Pepper Gel

Pepper spray is yet another effective self-defense tool included in the stun gun package. The pepper gel used in spray production is one of the hottest available on the market. The peppers from which the pepper spray is made from have a SHU score of over 2 million.

This SHU score of 2,000,000 is designed to inflict maximum pain and irritation that can go on for over 45 minutes. Additionally, the more the attacker struggles to get it off, the more it’ll sting.

And when you pursue the matter with local authorities, you can easily identify the perpetrators by a distinctive UV paint concealed when the spray hits a target. That makes it easy to recognize the criminal.

Get the whole package.

All of these protection tools are available separately. However, to save on cost, the most effective purchase is getting the stun gun package as it has all these tools. Additionally, you’ll get purchase and delivery discounts when you buy them.

These self-defense products are effective in various situations. With the stun gun package, you can ensure you’re safe at all times. For example, if you’re in a crowded place, you can use the stun gun or pepper spray. These two can also be used indoors, and the door stop alarm will protect you when you’re asleep.

That makes the stun gun package an effective self-defense strategy as it is both considerate and effective. Get yours today, and you won’t have to worry about what to wear, where to go, or what time you have to get back to the house. At the end of the day, the community needs to take together to safeguard the neighborhood. At the same time, there are individual efforts that will keep you safe at all times. And with the stun gun package, you can easily accomplish that and live and enjoy your youth.

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