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Stun Guns Are Legal in New York?



What You Need to Know About Stun Guns to Understand New York’s Weapons Laws

The strict gun laws in New York are well-known, but what about stun weapons? The use of these non-lethal weapons for self-defense has grown in popularity, but are they permitted in the state of New York? The details of New York’s gun laws as they apply to stun guns will be covered in this article. Tasers and stun guns are both categorized as electroshock self-defense tools. However, a taser used by a civilian fires two darts on a wire that must make physical contact with the attacker. The distance is roughly 15 feet. And depending on the model, the price is much higher—$400 or more. Which is crucial to take into account when choosing between a taser and a stun gun. Both have merit as non-lethal choices. New Yorkers who have questions about their Second Amendment rights should check their local laws or consult a lawyer. Different cities may have different stun gun laws.


introduction to the gun laws in New York

The nation’s strictest gun laws are found in New York. Guns, switchblades, brass knuckles, gravity knives, and other types of weapons are among those that the state forbids both ownership and use of. Criminal charges and sizable fines may result from the possession of these weapons.

What do stun pens do?

Stun weapons are non-lethal weapons that render an attacker helpless with an electric shock. They are a well-liked option for self-defense because they are portable and easy to carry. Stun weapons can range in size and shape from tiny handheld gadgets to larger models that resemble flashlights.

Stun weapons are permitted in New York?

This query has a complicated solution. Even though they are not mentioned by name in New York’s gun laws, stun guns have been regarded as prohibited under the state’s definition of “dangerous weapons.” However, a federal court ruled in 2019 that the Second Amendment’s right to bear arms made New York’s stun gun ban unconstitutional.

Stun weapons are currently legal to own and use in the state of New York. It’s crucial to remember that this ruling is currently the subject of an appeal, so stun guns may become legal in New York at some point in the future.

Stun weapons are permitted in New York City?

Stun weapons are permitted to be owned in the state of New York, but not in New York City. The possession of “electronic dart guns” and “electronic stun guns” is expressly forbidden by the city’s administrative code. Infringers may be subject to fines and criminal charges.

How to use a stun gun safely and legally in New York

There are a few things you need to be aware of in order to legally own and use a stun gun in New York. Make sure the stun gun you plan to buy is first legal in your state. Although most stun guns in New York are legal, some models are still prohibited by the state’s definition of “dangerous weapons.”

Second, you are never allowed to own a stun gun if you reside in New York City. You could be charged with a crime and fined if you are found in the city with a stun gun. NYC prohibits the ownership of electronic stun or dart weapons without a permit. In New York City, tasers and stun guns used by civilians are decried as deadly weapons.

Last but not least, a current New York State pistol license is required if you intend to carry a stun gun for self-defense. Any type of firearm or other dangerous weapon, including stun guns, must be possessed with this license.

penalties in New York for illegal use or possession of stun guns

You could be charged with a crime and fined if you are found in New York with an unauthorized stun gun. Depending on the situation, New Yorkers may face jail time, probation, and fines of up to $10,000 for illegally possessing or using a stun gun.

alternatives to stun guns in New York for self-defense

While there are other non-lethal options available in New York, stun guns can be a useful self-defense tool. Both mace and pepper spray are permissible to own and use in the state and are equally effective at deterring attackers. For a wide variety of brand-name Mace, Wildfire, and Pepper Shot defensive spray and gel, go to

An additional choice is a personal alarm, which, when set off, makes a loud noise. This may draw attention and frighten away an assailant, giving you time to flee.

Safety suggestions for New York

There are a few things you can do to stay safe in New York, regardless of whether you decide to carry a stun gun, pepper spray, or a personal alarm. First, always be aware of your surroundings and refrain from going for a nighttime walk alone. Try to stay in busy, populated areas and stick to well-lit areas.

Second, believe in your gut. A situation is probably unsafe if it feels unsafe. If you feel threatened, don’t be afraid to leave or to ask for assistance.

Finally, think about enrolling in a self-defense course. You can gain the self-assurance you need to stay safe in any circumstance by learning how to defend yourself.

Conclusion and closing remarks

Finally, it should be noted that while stun guns are legal to own and use outside of New York City, they are not. Make sure you have a current New York State pistol license and that the stun gun you buy is permitted in the state if you decide to carry one for self-defense.

Keep in mind that non-lethal alternatives like pepper spray and personal alarms are available in New York for self-defense. Regardless of the tool you select, stay safe by paying attention to your surroundings and following your gut feelings.


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