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Suggestions For Women Who Don’t Want To Be Secretly Video Recorded By Perverts

Lens Finder Bug Detector

These are dangerous times, suggestions for women who don’t want  to be secretly video recorded by perverts…

I know I may seem paranoid however I worry virtually every time I go into a public bathroom. I have heard about there being various images and videos of women utilizing the restroom on the web, which have been shot by peeping toms.

There are clearly plenty of sick folks in this world and I will not become a victim of theirs. So, I searched on the net for how to find spycams in bathroom grounds hoping to find a device to locate these types of hidden cameras within publicly accessible places.

In addition, this detects the wide band radio frequency (RF) of wireless video and also audio transmitters bugs. All these types of abilities came in a convenient bug detector kit that included 4-LED signal strength indication, dual strength indication, a sensitivity tuner, switchable sound and lens cleaning cloth.

This kind of spy camera sensor is tiny as well as compact so it may be brought easily within a purse or pocket for a quick sweep of any spot in which you feel a hidden cam or a microphone could have been set up. It’s perfect for use in public restrooms, dressing rooms, motels, locker rooms as well as cars.

The bug locator is simple to utilize as well. You simply look into the focused viewing port and any camera lenses which are within a 10-foot range is going to flash in red, showing their location.

When it comes to wireless detection, all you need to do is slid the control switch to the RF mode and wave it throughout the room to conduct a search.

With my hidden camera detector, I now know how to find spycams in bathroom areas. I can take it along with me wherever I go and not have to feel paranoid regarding being watched. With all the perverts around, I think that it would be wise for females to be extra cautious.

Perverted creeps arrested for these crimes often admit to posting recorded video of unsuspecting women changing clothes or using the bathroom on the Internet.


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