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Suggestions On How To Easily Identify Disloyal Employees

Frequency Detector with Strength Meter

As a leader of the security group of a huge international company, I must consistently monitor for possible¬†infiltration¬†into the organization. The moment I came back to work after a one-week holiday getaway I spotted a new thing near one of the senior vice presidents office. The spy camera disguised as a wall clock wasn’t one of our own.

Searching for hidden cams and bugs is not difficult enough for a security expert. To an experienced eye there are revealing signs that an ordinary-looking object is simply a cover-up for a nanny camera.

I decided to perform a comprehensive inspection of the office later. I and a trustworthy part of my group combed the whole premises to determine if there were other bugs as well as spy cameras for us to uncover.

What I needed to do after I would have uncovered any hidden monitoring devices would have been to figure out the frequency which these bugs were running on. To do that I needed to obtain a bug detector that could identify such radio frequencies.

I came across a frequency counter bug detector on the net. Right after getting the approval of the division head I placed an order for that particular detecting unit through our purchasing department. While awaiting the item to be delivered I made a list of people who could have installed the hidden cameras at our place of work.

The bug finder that I acquired uses very recent microprocessor circuitry to determine wireless transmission frequencies. It possesses built-in sensitivity control and a signal strength meter. Moreover this comes with an LCD screen where the discovered bug frequency is shown.

This particular bug tracker can’t be used to figure out where a bug is. It is specifically utilized if you currently know where the disguised video camera or hidden microphone is located.

Professionals in the area of security and also surveillance will certainly find their jobs less difficult with this type of bug detector. While finding concealed cameras is undoubtedly easy many of us believe that frequency detection is much more challenging and requires the best equipment.

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