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Suggestions On How To Protect Your Car From Thieves

I was never concerned with leaving my belongings in the vehicle especially when I would park it on a lot. However, after another person broke in and took my things, my point of view changed quickly.

I found it too disappointing that I would never know who robbed me. Even though I reported the theft, there might not be much that the police could do. I knew then that I had to perform hidden car camera surveillance by myself to obtain evidence in case this happened to me again.

Surveillance cameras are helpful for keeping track of activity unnoticeably in any area. By installing one in my auto, I would be able to know everything happening there and catch a thief in the act.

While looking around, I discovered a rear view mirror camera with front and rear color cameras, built-in DVR and audio. It seemed like this had the perfect disguise for a vehicle because it could blend well with the interiors and would go undetected.

The rearview mirror hidden camera which I purchased is built with a 1/4 inch digital CMOS color camera and has a slot in which memory cards up to 16GB could be placed. Besides being a completely functional rearview mirror, it works as a video and audio recorder plus a DVR.

It can be turned 330 degrees to view a bigger area. Apart from recording activity inside the vehicle, I can monitor incidents that happen outside. For example, while driving, I can face the camera to see the road so that I will have proof of any accident.

Having a 3.6-inch TFT LCD screen on the mirror, I can easily play videos back and view them in real time. A simple touch of a button gives me access to either the front or external camera.

It is extremely convenient to perform hidden car camera surveillance by using the right spy cam. Now, I have the level of security that I require whether I am within my vehicle or not.

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