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Talon Stun Gun For Child Away At College

Safety has always been a primary concern for many individuals living alone or returning home late. Many students or working people who stay out until late due to various engagements might face unwanted safety threats. Many parents around the world worry about the safety of their children round the clock particularly, when their kids start college far away from home to pursue their higher education. People are well aware of incidents that might risk their child’s safety, the very incidents that have compelled them to take strong and consequential measures. Indeed, it is against this backdrop that many people attend and make their children attend various self- defense classes or workout to gain strength to tackle such adverse situations.
Learning handy self- defense techniques is a good idea but keeping something that helps you escape tricky situations is always welcome. Talon stun gun for child away at college has become one of the most popular devices that promise safety and reduce the risk of any legal consequences. It is convenient to use and ensures your safety anytime, anywhere. It’s ergonomic design helps you to carry it easily in handbag, purse or pocket. It has proven to be an efficient self-defense device that keeps women and young girls safe from any undesirable situation. Not just women, even young boys and men can also rely on this device for self- defense. Self- defense is every individual’s right and spreading awareness about it is equally important. Choosing the right and effective self- defense tools are of paramount importance when it comes to you and your child’s safety. Choose a competent, dynamic and affordable talon stun gun that will handle any tricky situations and help you freely live your life.
The Talon Stun Gun No Legal Procedures To Follow
This device is one of the most conducive self- defense tools available in the markets. Talon stun guns do not involve any legal procedure for procuring it. Lethal weapons like guns require lengthy and stringent legal procedure to follow for the ownership. Not to forget, the legal consequences over the usage of those weapons are serious and strenuous. On the other hand, the ownership of the talon stun gun does not ask for any such legal procedures. You can buy the Talon stun gun for child away at college without fearing that they will get you into some legal issues for its usage. Your child can easily use this device on their attacker without any legal implication, as it is not fatal or lethal to anyone.
The device sends a non- fatal electric shock that immobilizes the attackers, allowing you time to escape the scene. The best part is that the electric shock emanating from the device does not have long-term side effects. It just stuns the attacker for a few minutes so that your child safely avoids the attack or serious harm. Your child can easily use this device to protect themselves in dangerous situations.
Even the forensic department will not be able to find an indictment against your child because of the rather relaxed rules and non-lethal impacts of these guns. Self- defense a right to every individual and your child have all the rights to protect her/ him from any danger. However, you would not want them to be stuck with a legal case bothering them for life. A talon stun gun has been designed to help children protect themselves while not harming their attackers fatally. Moreover, even if police find out the attacker lying on the ground once you have escaped your attack scenario, they will never be able to bind you to any legal indictment for the act. Thanks to a Talon stun gun for child away at college, it’s a win-win situation for you and your child.
How To Buy A Talon Stun Gun
Unlike lethal weapons used for self-defense, talon stun guns are easily available in the markets. As they do not involve any legal procedure to procure, they are easy to buy. You can visit local stores that sell self-defense tools and devices or you can shop online as per your convenience.
They are one of the most inexpensive self- defense devices available on the market. The talon stun gun is designed to optimally perform anytime anywhere without fail. This makes the Talon stun gun for child away at college an instant favorite for its consumers across the world.
How To Use A Talon Stun Gun
In case of any attack or a situation when you might sense a threat to life, you can effortlessly use this device. You don’t have to be physically strong or agile to operate this device. A talon stun gun is designed for easy and effortless operation. It is developed with the intention to serve people who are in a life-threatening situation where they might have few seconds to gauge the threat and react. Pull out the talon stun gun from your pocket or bag and quickly brace yourself for the danger lingering ahead.
The talon stun gun comes with an ergonomic design that allows an easy and firm grip on the device. You can easily hold it in your palms while having an easy access to the buttons that activate the device. That means you can keep this device in your palms without losing your grip on it and aim at your attacker. Just hit the button and fire it in the air. The sound and electrical light from the test fire will make your attacker leave the scene. However, if the attacker persists and approaches towards you then you can stick the prongs of the device on any body part of your attacker within your reach. The device is equipped to deliver a non- lethal yet high voltage electric shock that will stun them and drop them to the ground for a few minutes. This will allow you to escape the scene easily. A Talon stun gun for child away at college can help them protect themselves with confidence.
Circumstances Where It Can Help Your College Child
The newspapers and news channels are flooded with news related to physical assault and crime against women. Women and young girls have been attacked, kidnapped and physically abused for many reasons ranging from extortion of money to sexual violence. Workplaces, parking lots, hostels, university campus, and various other public places can be potential site of harassment for them.
Many students travel far to attend their college, or they stay in different cities for their higher education. This leaves their parents worried about their safety. Talon stun gun for child away at college allows your child to pursue their dreams without the hint of fear.
Being a parent, you can peacefully sleep at night because you know Talon stun gun is with your kid to protect them. Students coming home at late hours from seminars or extra- class as well as those coming from student group meetings, poetry/ mathematics/ physics club or any other places will not have to cancel their events due to odd late hours. Your child will have to miss his/ her summer internship in an office that demands them to stay in the office late. Not just studies and work, they can freely live their lives and go clubbing and parties with their friends without worrying about any undesirable circumstances.
Not just outside the homes, your student can keep this Talon stun gun for child away at college for safety at their homes as well. A threat to life or safety is unpredictable and it might come anywhere and anytime. Think of burglars or potential physical assaults in your home at night. Keeping a talon stun gun by your side, you can put diverse threat situations at bay. You can efficiently cope with uncertain and dangerous situations with a quick squeeze of your palm on the device.
The mere thought that you are safe from any unwanted situation or that you are empowered to deal with them is enough to boost your child’s confidence. If they know how to deal with a sticky situation without relying on others, it helps them tackle various obstacle life throws at them. A simple talon stun gun can empower them to take late night jobs or just stroll in a nearby park at night freely. The sense of freedom is what Talon stun gun for child away at college can bring in for your child and you as well.
Talon Stun Gun And Its Features
A Talon Stun Gun is developed to help people in life-threatening circumstances. Situations like this call for immediate response and a talon stun gun is designed to help you in a blink of an eye. The device is studded with various lucrative and effective features that helps get you prepared to fight back in a flick. The device comes in a handy and ergonomic design that helps the device to fit on your palm easily. It also features a rubberized coating that provides you with a tight and firm grip on the device. Even if your palms sweat and become greasy, the grip on the device will never falter.
The gun is equipped with a 120 Lumens LED flashlight that can blind your attacker for a few seconds and enable you to look around with clarity to access your predicament. It is equipped with a siren alert that can potentially defuse any dangerous situation at its earliest. It can help you alert others nearby about your danger as well as alarm the attacker to step back or think twice before he/ she even tries to get any closer to you. The button for the flashlight is easily accessible to your thumb when you hold the device. It is easy to operate and it is very efficient.
The most essential and effective feature of the Talon stun gun for child away at college is the “stunning” capability. The device features an 18 million volt of electric power that is enough to make your attacker get down to the ground in a moment. The electric power will pull them down for up to 10 minutes buying you enough time to escape the spot. The button to activate the electric shock is placed strategically where your palm rests on the device. A single squeeze on the button will send a shiver of a lifetime through your attacker. However, the shock is not lethal. Thus, you do not have to bear guilt in your conscience that a life is at risk because of you.
The gun comes with a nickel-cadmium rechargeable battery that can be easily charged with charging cord included in the package. The batteries are equipped to activate the stun gun and flashlight powerfully. Keep the batteries fully recharged for optimum results. The device is accompanied with Nylon-Belt Loop-Holster that helps you keep it in good condition all the time. You can attach the device through this holster to your bag or belt on your waist for better access at emergencies. This device is available in two colors- black and pink. Choose the one that suits your style.
A Perfect Self-Defense Companion For All
Not only for a student, a talon stun gun is developed to ensure the safety of people across the society. Women from all walks of life can easily carry this efficient device in their bags whenever, and wherever they go. Why just think about women and girls alone? Men and young boys can also carry a talon stun gun if they suspect any threat to their lives or loved ones. An argument with a rough client or a slight altercation at the bar might lead you to a sticky situation. People who have been suspicious about a potential life threat might like to own a talon stun gun.
People working at odds hours like journalists, bartenders, doctors, technicians, and people from various other professional arenas are often subject to unsafe environment and situations. Some people witness unpleasant situations when they are followed by strangers or potential abusers making snide comments. In scenarios like these, you need to be prepared to fight back and get away without harming yourself. A Talon stun gun for child away at college is not just for college students but for everyone who values their safety and wants to psych up for any adverse situation; be it man, woman, girl or a boy.
Breathe in the freshness of freedom: The freedom to lead your life your way without the jitters of being subjected to any violence or physical assault. Get ready to live a life where you or your child can come late at night safe and sound. Get ready to sleep peacefully at nights because your children living far away are safe and happy. Bring home a Talon stun gun for child away at college and experience freedom, safety and peace of mind.

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