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The Advantages of Using an IP Nanny Cam

With many types of hidden camera, you have to wait until you get home to watch the video of what happened when you were away. This means that you find out about problems after the fact, which is not nearly as useful as finding out about them as they occur or soon after. With an IP nanny cam, you can watch the video any time you want from where ever you might be.

The main advantage of the IP nanny cam is the fact that the images are uploaded to an IP address, so you can log on to see the video. You can even set it so that when the motion sensors are activated you are alerted; that way you can watch what is happening in real time so you can alert someone if any action needs to be taken. This can be nice for people who are worried about their kids, or worried about something happening to their home.

You can get an IP nanny cam that is wired, or a wireless IP camera that has an antenna. You can even set up a network that includes a number of these cameras, making it easier to watch over a larger portion of your home. The cameras come with set up instructions as well as instructions on how to use the camera and watch the video that is recorded.

The IP nanny cam can also connect directly to your DVR or your computer to make it easy to set up the system and easy to watch the video when you are home. They don’t require much in the way of extra equipment if you already have a computer with a network connection, so they can be less expensive than some of the other options that are available.

With these cameras you can have a lot of peace of mind since you know that anything that sets off the motion detectors will be recorded so that you will have a record of it. This means you can use it for security purposes. You can also use your camera in order to keep an eye on the people that are in your house when you are not there, including either invited guests (such as a babysitter) or uninvited guests (including burglars).

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