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The Benefits Of DIY Video Security In Your Home And Business

Air Purifier Hidden Camera with Built-In DVR

These are dangerous times and a nanny cam recently video recorded a woman being brutally attacked and beaten during a home invasion.

Personal security and peace of mind are of great importance now more than ever. With increasing crime rates in urban areas, and fewer police patrols in suburban areas, it falls upon the homeowner and apartment dweller to take control of their own security.

As recently as a few years ago hidden security cameras were only affordable to businesses and corporations. But as the technology continued to advance, prices dropped. Many people had resorted to using their webcams for monitoring their property but were difficult to hide. Now, hidden cameras with wireless capability are widely available for consumer use.

Wireless capability, and devices which function wirelessly, began to grow exponentially around the year 2010. We are no longer tied down by wires which had limited the reach and range of our electronic equipment. This had been a significant drawback for hidden cameras.

They would have required a plugged power source which would defeat the purpose of a hidden camera. Now that we can purchase a stand alone version, the only consideration we need to have are where to put them, and what style to use. Here are a few of the most popular and clever styles:

1. Air purifier – These are great for placement in a child’s bedroom. It appears to be a typical air purifier, but contains a tiny hidden camera which is virtually undetectable. It even works to clean the air.

2. Alarm clock. These have become ubiquitous and are part of a typical room. Nobody thinks about that alarm clock sitting on the dresser.

3. Electrical outlet – It looks like a typical plug or socket extension (Where you can make two plugs into four or six). Most outlets and extensions have visible screw holes and even LEDs. Because of their wireless capabilities its purpose as a hidden camera is impossible to detect.

4. Exit Sign – The obvious choice for business owners who want to keep an eye on things coming and going. The exit sign can tell you if employees are stealing from you or can identify the shoplifter.

Having one or more of these around your home will not only give you increased peace of mind, but will protect you from other potential problems, such as abusive nannies, elder abuse, child accidents. Having these cameras available in your home can save you a lot of money and hassle in the long run and the video can be used in a court case if needed.

If you need wireless hidden cameras for your workplace there are designs suitable for that environment. They include eyeglasses, pens, shirt buttons and shoes. In a workshop, there are also wireless hidden camera that are made to look like tools and hardware.

You will certainly benefit by having a surveillance device in your home or work environment. These items are competitively priced, and guaranteed to work effectively and with little need for maintenance. Contact us for more information and details on how to go about purchasing your own wireless hidden camera.

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