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How To Increase Security In A Condo Or Apartment

Air Freshener Hidden Camera with DVR

People on a budget need an affordable alternative to expensive security systems, have turned to nanny cams and other spy gear to monitor what’s going on when their away at work.

Back when my recently acquired apartment was a mere box waiting to be spruced up, home safety was not a concern. It sufficed that a security personnel was posted at the condominium front door and a security camera was set up on each and every floor.

After I got around to having my crib done up, I felt threatened by thieves all of a sudden. Luckily, I learned to leave a DVR camera hidden in plain sight to observe privately over all the furniture and appliances for which I paid good money.

It comes as no normal surprise that burglars would know to elude the line of sight of a building’s surveillance cameras to be able to go unseen. Disguised cameras are the answer. Precisely how can you stay away from watchful eyes that you do not know can see you?

A spy camera with a built-in DVR is apparently a convenient choice. With the recording device being internal it does away with set up. As soon as the plug and play camera gets sent to your front doorstep you are ready to go.

I purchased a DVR freshener color hidden camera on the internet that promised to make viewing easy. Either you link it up to the tv utilizing the provided RCA cable or you slot the provided 8GB SD card into the appropriate slot on a computer.

The non-functioning air freshener hiding a video camera was absolutely no hassle fitting in the kitchen and dining area next to a functional room deodorizer. It got an excellent vantage point of my entire living area save for the bedroom which is walled in.

My motion-activated air freshener hidden camera will start recording as soon as activity is perceived. Via motion detection area masking its field of vision, this could be covered partly in order that mundane actions like a pet running around do not set off the motion sensor. Motion activated spy cam dvr is the best spy cam to buy.

Keeping a dvr camera hidden slyly under everybody’s nose is an airtight solution to catch a pilferer in the process. Mine specifically assured me that the condo-employed housekeeper could be trusted with my things even though she liked to explore the refrigerator.

Placing a motion activated spy cam dvr in your condo or apartment, will confirm suspected acts of theft.

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