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The Best Way To Know The True Character Of Your Hired Help


My groom and I got a desk clock with hidden camera a little while back as a wedding gift of all things. It collected dust on top of the closet but then our plans fell through to have a cousin of mine look after our newborn. We hired a nanny and I brought it out.

This was our very first baby after all and it was awful enough that we were leaving her in the care of somebody we barely knew. We would be careless if we did not do our very best to see if the new babysitter can be trusted with our only child.

Using a working timepiece offering a smokescreen for the surveillance camera it was able to lay on a night table without piquing anyones curiosity. Disguised cameras by itself can easily expose conduct that one would never display when being watched openly.

I had no trouble using it right away because this spy camera has a built-in DVR. Equipped with its very own video recorder it could record exactly what it views into an internal memory worth 8GB.

The desk clock hidden camera with DVR included a built-in rechargeable battery which made recording a lot more convenient. All that we needed to do for smooth-sailing video viewing was to plug the device straight into a USB port on a computer.

One night I caught the baby sitter on video searching through the towel and linen cabinets. This was an unusual sight to be sure. I told the mister about it though also dismissing it swiftly as excusable interest in how her employers lived.

No later than the next day though our covert camera captured her going back within the master bedroom with her bag in hand. She deposit bedding into her hand-carry and did the same with towels days later. By the weekend we let the nanny go.

Were it not for a working clock with hidden camera we wouldnt have busted the hired help on sneaking behind our backs. She may have done petty theft however if we were to tolerate it even bigger thievery could be next.

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