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The Main Advantage Of Making Use Of The Smallest Security Device For My Home


Tower Fan Hidden Camera - DVR

The moment I transferred to a small condominium in Chicago I told myself to take simply the stuff that I would need to have and invest in furniture that were multifunctional dense and also practical. In spite of its size though my new place houses everything that I consider valuable so securing it was a top priority.

I looked at plenty of Web sites selling security cameras mainly because I was hoping to find the smallest hidden spy camera that can do the job while fitting in my small budget and looking unnoticeable in plain view. Luckily I was able to spot a screw spy camera which met all my expectations.

What is interesting is that hidden cameras are disguised as everyday household things such as in my case a common screw which can be attached to a wall. With this simple screw hidden camera I am able to check on the house and the occasional housemaid while I am away for work.

I bought two in fact one wired and the other wireless. To get the greatest coverage for video footage I placed them on 2 opposing corners of my house.

The wireless camera has a rechargeable battery which could last for 8 hours. Aside from that there is absolutely no need for cables and wires to connect. The wired security camera on the other hand is just as good because it has access to a continuous power source simply by pushing it into a socket.

Both black and white cameras can function even under poor lighting due to their .003 Lux feature. This is great for capturing and recording suspicious activity in the evening.

I make use of my surveillance cameras to spy on the housemaid usually. Luckily shes yet to do anything suspicious. I just hope that she is truly trustworthy and dedicated to her job.

What I found to be the smallest hidden spy camera on the market truly packs a punch with regards to video surveillance. Purchasing it for my small home was definitely a wise investment.

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