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Things To Bear In Mind When Making Use Of A Pen Camera To Keep Track Of Actions As Well As Behavior Of Your Pupils

I got to be a math teacher directly out of college and was assigned to training middle school children. I always tried out my best to give my pupils the benefit of the doubt however recently I suspected that cheating was occurring during exams.

It was crucial for me that my pupils really gained knowledge from the lessons I taught thus I tried to figure out what I can do to end the cheating. My presence throughout the tests didn’t seem to be enough thus I decided that possibly a hidden camera in pen would do the trick.

Pen Hidden Video Camera with Mini DVR

When I came across the Pen Hidden Camera with audio, mini DVR, thumb drive, I thought that it was perfect. Making use of a pen as a spy camera will enable me to catch any cheater in the act. Moreover, there is a great advantage in using a mobile surveillance camera that is body-worn thus I can capture everything that goes on anyplace I go.

The reason behind a hidden camera in pen design is that no person would know they are being monitored. This is exactly why the majority of surveillance cameras are camouflaged as things for the home or office, such as this convenient pen. I could simply wear it on the pocket of my blouse and no person would ever find out.

This Pen Hidden Camera with audio, mini DVR, thumb drive functions as a real refillable pen, keeping its cover. An additional benefit is that it contains a mini DVR which works as a video and audio recorder. In spite of its miniature size, it can record anything. The built-in DVR function means that no set up is required and could be utilized straight out of the packaging. Just click the pen and it’ll commence recording and also could keep 2 hours’ worth of video.

A hidden camera in pen with no DVR requires that it be plugged into a recording machine, that can be quite a trouble. With the built-in DVR, recorded videos may be watched very easily, especially with the thumb drive component that holds 2GB of files to transfer to the laptop or computer.

The position of the lens within the Pen Hidden Camera is 1/4 inch coming from the top of the pen along the side of the pocket clip. It features an image sensor of 1/6 color CMOS having a resolution of 352×288. The microphone is extremely sensitive and can record for approximately 15 feet.

You don’t need to be a professor like me to need a hidden camera in pen. Whether it is for your own business or other situations, this unit can be helpful. Covert cameras are a great way to capture any wrongdoer without them knowing.

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