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Tips For Monitoring A Retail Store Entrance And Exit

Small Spot Light Hidden Camera with Built-In DVR

These are challenging economic times for many business owners and many have installed an office hidden camera dvr to confirm suspected employee theft.

Because of the failing economy, our city has witnessed an upturn in petty criminal offenses such as break-ins and thefts. Our own shop has suffered several forced entries within the last couple of months, and we have taken actions to try to avoid this. Where can i buy spy gear online is a question many concerned business owners have been pondering.

Among the things that we, as the owners, felt was needed was to be able to spot unwanted entry with a hidden camera with built-in DVR. We paid out a premium price to have a special surveillance system built and integrated with our existing security system. An affordable alternative to expensive security systems is a must because we have a very limited budget to work with these days.

We currently use these types of surveillance cameras to monitor certain parts of our building, such as the entrance and exit. The spy cameras which we utilize were built to appear like regular, everyday things, and can blend in well with the environment around them. Our preference is to have a motion activated spy cam dvr located at strategic places throughout the store.

No one knows the hidden cameras are there, so no person is aware that they’re being monitored. We wanted to install a nanny cam outdoors, as well, and needed one that blended well. So, we placed a large spot light hidden camera with built-in DVR over our entrance door.

Security cameras with built-in DVR have everything which they need to be able to record built in. No additional set up was needed except to mount the camera. The video recordings could then be retrieved in one of two different ways.

First, we can take out the built-in SD card and use a computer to obtain the video. Or we can use the provided RCA cable to hook it up to a TV and play the recording directly from the device.

Furthermore, our spotlight hidden camera with DVR doubles as a fully functional spotlight with motion detecting capability. This allows it to record videos at night since the lights power up along with the recording function each time there is movement.

We’re pleased with our investment because it has allowed us to do exactly what we wished to do, which is to spot unwanted entry with a hidden camera with a built-in DVR. We are now looking at improving our coverage of the store with additional monitoring cameras.

Many of the best in home spy cameras feature a built-in DVR which is very easy to operate. Any business owner looking to purchase this spy gear, should definitely consider motion activated spy cam dvr technology.

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