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Tips On How To Assure Protection In Retail Stores

16 Channel Wired DVR Complete System

The following tips on how to assure protection in retail stores will assist managers to identify problem areas at retail stores and shopping centers…

Being a part of the security team of a mall is a big deal. With several thousands of square meters that contains hundreds of businesses and also plays a haven for customers it is consistently bustling with people. If it is not effectively secured monetary losses can be incurred and at times lives may even be lost or place in danger.

Business security is rarely a laughing matter. Thus when I got the chance to recommend to my supervisor a monitoring camera system that I found online I told him all about its benefit and why we should set it up in the shopping center.

a surveillance camera system consists of several surveillance cams a multi-channel DVR and also peripherals like cables and video receivers required to do surveillance. Making use of a complete security system is far more cost-efficient not to mention less time-and energy-consuming than needing to purchase a separate DVR and security video cameras.

My supervisor and I suggested to the shopping mall owner and the purchasing manager to procure a 16 channel wireless dvr system which could cover the malls entire perimeter from the actual mall to its parking zone.

This particular security camera system allows us to connect sixteen cameras to the included DVR. That embedded dvr lets us review live video footage as well as old videos online. The videos may also be viewed using an iPhone or an Android mobile phone so long as you have an Internet connection.

The setup contains 12 day/night color wired video cameras four day/night color wireless cameras a standalone 16 channel dvr video cables four 2.4 GHz video receivers and also a 19-inch LCD monitor.

The day/night camcorders provide round-the-clock monitoring. Wired video cameras ensure a continuous power supply while the wireless cams see to it that there are no undesirable wires to cover up which might easily give out the spot of such spy cams.

With a business security system like it set up we are guaranteeing the security not only of numerous businesses but also of thousands of costumers.

These tips on how to assure protection in retail stores will greatly assist in confirming suspected consumer and employee theft.


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