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Wired Indoor/Outdoor Infrared IP Camera

Jewelry has consistently fascinated me. And when I was able to save more than enough cash, I decided to venture into the jewelry business considering that I understood a lot regarding these things.

Whenever my jewelry shop started out getting popularity, I started to get worried about the protection of my merchandise given that this is a type of business that bad guys typically target. I resolved that IP video camera surveillance would stop any attempt at robbery in my store.

Not looking to place my jewelry shop in danger any more, I looked online immediately and found two kinds of IP cameras which are suited to my store. These are the Wired Indoor/Outdoor IP Camera as well as the Wired or Wireless Indoor IP Camera.

The Wired Indoor/Outdoor IP Camera is a weatherproof IR night and day IP camera which has water resistance, which allows better IP video camera surveillance outside the store, particularly at night when there are no security officers present. This wired camera has infrared that could work up to a range of 60 feet, giving a wider surveillance range and making sure that any kind of suspicious person within the location is going to be seen. It could capture high quality videos with its 6mm board lens which has a resolution of 420 TV lines.

I found the Wired or Wireless Indoor IP Camera far more suitable in keeping watch of my own jewelry vault. This Internet camera can get clear videos with a 640×480 horizontal resolution and also a color CMOS image detector. It is easy to install and configure and can start working immediately after installation.

For effective IP video camera surveillance, these two IP cameras can broadcast captured videos utilizing a network with Ethernet/CAT5 cable to send the videos to an IP address. The camera software program employed in these types of gizmos could support 16 cameras and could be attached to just about any laptop or computer, DVR or network without the need for any kind of additional components. With these features, I can have access to the video recordings, do playback, and set up email notifications when activity is discovered.

I selected the Wired or Wireless Indoor IP Camera for my store, especially, the wireless camera. One evening, I was in the home viewing a live video using my Internet connection the moment I found two guys coming down from the ceiling of my store and going toward the vault. I immediately called the cops who were able to arrive at the scene just before the thieves could get a hold of the vault.

If it weren’t for my decision to conduct IP video camera monitoring, my valuable items would have been taken by the criminals.

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