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Tips To Ensure The Wellbeing Of Your Baby With The Babysitter

Boom Box Hidden Camera with DVR

A co-worker and I were discussing where can I buy spy gear online the other day.

By being a new mommy, I am very careful with my first child. This is the reason why I was very picky when we employed a nanny and even then I was nervous about leaving my newborn with her. I needed the best spy cam to buy to covertly monitor my child in the care of the babysitter.

I am grateful that my husband understood my concern. To keep me calm every time we would leave the house, my husband decided to get a spy camera as a security measure. He said it’s also how retail shops can covertly monitor for employee theft.

For covertly watching over activity in our home spy cameras are best. We would be able to catch the sitter doing something she shouldn’t have. At the same time we get to check our child even when we are out of the house. An office hidden camera dvr we saw online is cleverly disguised and covert.

So that it would go unnoticed, we obtained a hidden teddy bear dvr camera that would easily blend into the baby’s room. With this particular disguise, the nanny would never know she is being watched.

This nanny cam is a high-resolution color camera with 480 TV lines. It’s loaded with a motion-activated DVR which comes in useful as it just starts to record once it detects movement. The wireless camera came with a 20-hour rechargeable battery.

Before going out, I generally put my firstborn to sleep and expect the nanny to check in on him every so often. With the camera’s motion detector, I would be able to know if the babysitter really looks after him or not.

Surveillance cameras with a built-in DVR can do without installation given that they have a recording unit of their own they can utilize right after purchase. The videos are easy to view simply by connecting the camera to a television set or monitor with the free RCA cable or by inserting the free 8GB SD card into the card reader slot on a computer.

Setting up a toddler camera within my little kids quarters makes me feel a lot more assured about leaving him at home with the sitter. I now have the ability to see all happenings and figure out if I made the right pick after all.

The best in home spy cameras feature built-in dvr with motion sensor.

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