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Today’s Hidden Cameras & Surveillance Systems

Our urban communities continue to get more dangerous. Countless news media reports of babysitters, nannies and caregivers abusing children or ill elderly family members. Contractors who have been hired to repair or maintain your property, suspected of stealing. It’s sad, but the reality is that unless you are careful, your home and personal possessions are at risk by someone you thought you can trust. For this reason, more and more home owners are protecting their property with the air purifier hidden camera DVR.

Hidden cameras and surveillance systems have come a long way with a great many impressive technological advancements. For instance, cameras are much easier to set-up. It’s no longer necessary to have a specialized security company, install a surveillance system in your home or small business. Many of today’s cameras are wireless and come with features such as; motion activated sensors, color images with DVR that allow you to view what’s going on at your home or business in real time. Our 4 Channel DVR Complete System-Deluxe is fully network-able. Live and past video can be reviewed remotely and comes with (2) Day/Night Dome cameras plus (2) Day/Night Bullet cameras both styles fully weatherproof. Also, a stand alone 4 Channel DVR with Remote Control.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

Gerald Urban

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