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Trigger Stun Gun Sale Now!

The Need to Protect Yourself Is More Important Than Ever
The news of rampant cases of physical assault, mugging, sexual assault, stabbing, kidnapping, etc., have become a recurring phenomenon on our television screens. The crime rates all over the world are at all-time high, and there seems to be no signs of abating.
This only amplifies the need for effective safety precautions. After all, our safety is our own hands. We can’t just pray for nothing bad to happen to us and our loved ones when we can take proactive measures to ensure the same.
When you sit back and think about all the possible ways to protect yourself and others, what are the options actually available to you?
Knives? Impractical, you can’t carry those every day. Running away as soon as anyone attacks you is highly circumstantial. What about guns? Well, these are highly unlikely as they are dangerous and their use is closely monitored by authorities
You’ll need something that will actually help you ward off danger with the least effort of your own. And we have the perfect solution, the Trigger stun gun sale now, is exactly what you need.
Everything You Need to Know About the Company, Trigger

Safety Technology is a company that makes efficient, high- quality powerhouse products for both men and women. It has created a reputation for itself by selling varied affordable, security- based products.The company offers tasers, safety lights, security gear, hidden cameras, steel batons, a host of home protection products, sling shots, children safety products and of course, stun guns for sale. Each of their product is top- notch and durable.

They offer amazing customer service to ensure that you never have to be dissatisfied with your Trigger products. You can rest assured that when you place your trust in Trigger you will receive champion products without burning a hole in your pocket.
The Hustle of a Trigger Stun Gun
The Trigger stun gun for sale now is a user- friendly weapon. The stun gun has been designed keeping in mind the possibility of situations and movement agility that would be required then.
If you have a weapon that takes time to launch or isn’t very forceful, then the repercussions can be life- threatening. When under attack by your assailant, you need to act fast and save yourself.
Trigger identified this need and came up an amazing solution – their range of stun guns! The user will need to point the stun gun in the direction of the assailant and just press the trigger. You’ll be amazed by the sheer force and capacity of the stun gun. Upon pressing the trigger, a violent jolt of electricity will be emitted which will be powerful enough to bring your assailant to his knees and keep him immovable for some time. You can either call for help, or run away to a safer place after that.
Now, the electric jolt from the stun gun won’t kill them, making it a non- lethal alternative to a hand- gun. Though it lacks lethal potent, you should not have any doubts regarding the effectiveness of the product, it is just as strong.
Reasons for You to Choose the Trigger Stun Gun
Trigger stun gun sale now. But, we do understand the need to know about the product in detail – its features, durability, pricing, power force, etc. We have compiled a list below to tell you why
Trigger Stun Guns should be your only choice.
1. Trigger Stun Guns Are Reasonable and Cost- Effective
Stun Guns are quickly gaining popularity worldwide due to their effectiveness and practicability. Most are taking advantage of the increased demand for non-lethal weapons and are charging higher prices. But not Trigger, as they don’t want to manipulate their customers.
Trigger wants to firstly, increase the safety of the customers so that they don’t feel threatened by anyone. Their stun guns are powerful but at the same time, aren’t very expensive. The price of the product has been kept affordable for all, to help create an opportunity where security weapons can be accessible by everyone.

2. The Stun Guns Are Very Potent

Most people would want to own a product that can actually protect them, and give them an advantage over their attacker. The Trigger stun gun on sale now is exactly that and much more. They are loaded with a power of 4.8 milliamps.

The electricity jolt would, as a result, be very strong (but not cause death), giving the user an amazing weapon. The user will surely be impressed after use.
3. Trigger Stun Guns Are Equally Durable and Robust
Trigger as a brand is known for their high-end products and the stun guns are no exception. The materials employed in the making of the gun are of the best quality.
For a tight grip, the company has also added a rubber coating on the stun gun. The users will never have to worry about not getting value- for- money products in this case.
4. They Are Solid Products Yet Compact
A good stun gun should be small enough to be carried anywhere to provide round-the-clock security. Trigger stuns guns are pocket- sized and can be easily fit in your purse. The guns weigh less than 7 ounces, making them really light-weight and super convenient.
But that notwithstanding, the potency has not been compromised in any way so as small as it is, it still remains one of the most effective non-lethal guns.
5. An Added Safety Feature of a Flashlight
The Trigger stun gun sale now, comes with a integrated flashlight. We are calling this flashlight an added safety feature because it is a really bright 100 lumen, which can actually momentarily blind the assailant.
This can give the user the opportunity to cross-attack and gain leverage over them. The flashlight can also be employed for the traditional purposes in our daily lives.
6. Take Advantage Of A Disability Safety Strap
You never know who can attack you and when. Same way, your plan to use the stun gun may backfire if your attacker knocks the gun out of your hand or snatches it from you. Keeping these different possibilities in mind, the stun gun has been designed to incorporate a disability pin strap for your safety.
In case of any situation where your gun has been taken away from you, you’ll just need to pull the pin strap. The pin strap acts like a key of the gun and when pulled, will immediately disable it. You’ll never have to worry about your safety with this product.
7. Trigger Stun Guns Are Rechargeable and Come with Lifetime Warranty
The constant changing of the batteries can be a pain for anyone. Trigger has designed its stun guns in a manner that completely removes the need for removable batters. The product will come built-in charging prongs that the user will just need to plug it in the wall socket. This will definitely prove to be very convenient.
Also, there’s the added benefit of life time warranty with the gun. This exhibits the company’s guarantee of high-quality products to their users for every purchase of theirs.
Trigger stun gun sale now suggest the customer add a Wildfire Pepper-Gel to their purchase. The pepper gel is more effective than pepper spray as it can be used outdoors and indoors.
You’ll get up to 25 bursts with the gel which is five times more than their competition’s, as it isn’t affected by wind blows. The gel remains effective even when sprayed from a distance of 10 feet.
9. Drink Guard Drink Test Strips
The Drink-Guard Drink test strips, offered with the product, will help the user determine whether their drink has been roofied by anyone. In today’s time, these tests are an amazing invention to keep oneself away from danger.

It comes with ten test cards which each card having two tests on each side. The tests can be easily fit anywhere as they’re small.

What Are the Customers Verdict After Using the Trigger Stun Gun?
If you are still having second-thoughts about the durability and effectiveness of the Trigger Stun Guns, then we’re sure that after reading about the experience of their previous customers, all your doubts will be completely removed. All the customers have been extremely happy with the products, with maximum users giving it a 5- stars rating.
One user was particularly happy about the affordability and quality of the product and how it makes him feel safe whenever he goes out. Another user had chanced upon the product in a flea market and decided to purchase it for her daughters. She added that she for thankful for having seen the product that day. The disability pin strap and safety technology of the stun gun was what impressed another customer.
All in all, the stun gun has mass positive reviews from its current owners with everyone being impressed with the abundance of features, top quality and the fact that it’s accompanied with an inexpensive price tag. Isn’t it great there’s Trigger stun gun sale now! Buy one immediately and feel safer than before.
How to Pick A Correct Stun Gun for Yourself
Choosing the correct stun gun for you is a process requiring research and careful consideration. As you can’t kill anyone using a stun gun, the legal formalities involved is negligible but being a law-abiding citizen of a county, it is important for you to find out whether your city has made stun guns legal or not.
Look for stun guns that are within your budget, Trigger stun gun sale now for limited time. So are both discounted and powerful. Test the grip of the stun gun and whether its quality is good or not. Remember you need a stun gun, not a taser. Often, people confuse a taser with a stun gun when both are not the same at all. We’ll discuss this later in the article.
Always buy stun guns from reputed dealers. After all, it is a matter of your safety. You can get yours from the local, registered shops in your area or even online, as you please.
Stun Guns V/S Tasers
Stun Guns are often used interchangeably with tasers. This may be due to the similar design and the use of electric jolts to make the assailant immobile, but they’re still different. We’ll tell you the difference between the two below.
The Taser is an electro- shock weapon that can be aimed at the attacker from long- range as well as close- range. The stun gun is also an electro- shock weapon but can only be used for close- range attacks.
The Stun Gun has two or more prongs attached to it which gives out a powerful jolt of electricity. The taser, on the other hand, shoots spear- shaped probes which goes through the clothing (sometimes, even skin) and delivers electric shock.
Usually, the government relaxes laws on the possession of a taser in certain states like Connecticut but the taser should be kept in the house. States like Rhode Island, Hawaii, New York and Massachusetts have made it illegal to possess both, stun guns and tasers. All in all, it is perfectly legal for civilians to carry and own a stun gun or a taser for self-defense in most states. But it’s always best to check for possible changes to state and municipal laws.
Also, both stun guns and tasers aren’t life- threatening and neither do they emit electric- shocks strong enough to electrocute anyone but prolonged use can result in a life- threatening situation.
There have been rare instances when people suffering from heart conditions have died when shot with tasers. Thus, tasers are more powerful in comparison to stun guns, and should be handled with caution.
Trigger’s Target Audience
The Trigger stun gun sale now, is  perfect for anybody who wants to feel protected and defend themselves from potential attackers. The product is not designed as a gender-specific product. Both men and women can use it.
Like mentioned before, the main motive of Trigger is to give their customers peace of mind. People who use public transportation, people who work late- night shifts, as well as those who feel unsafe or just in case of emergencies should all arm themselves with this gun.
Everyone can feel scared and threatened, no matter their size. The Trigger stun gun sale now. Is a  great way to remain confident even when walking in high-risk alleys. Even walking across town to ride the St. Louis Metro train or bus.
The company aims to create an environment where unsuspecting victims have a chance to protect themselves. This is truly an amazing product to ensure your security anytime, anywhere.

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