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Types Of Non Lethal Weapons

Types of non-lethal

Basically, the non-lethal weapon is simply a weapon not
meant to kill in the real sense. This is a weapon type meant to induce pain to
the victim without actually killing him or her.

, on the other hand, can be protected against any assortment
of any kind. These types non-lethal weapons where simple designed for life protection
and defence in case of the unexpected assailant and related scenarios.

Below is a list of some of the most dangerous and best
non-lethal weapons developed:

  1. Speech jammer

Among all human rights, right to speech is among human being
a basic freedom. But sometime this speech freedom can lead to unwanted speech
which may at the end hurt one of the involved parties in communication. Hence
this is where the speech jammer comes in. this is one of the non-lethal weapons
developed by two Japanese, Koji Tsukada, and Kazutaka Kurihara mainly for
speech jamming. Speech jamming generally is making someone be unable to say
what they wanted to say. This speech jammer is a device that was designed
mainly for the purpose of jamming speech in conversation

  1. Chili grenade

As the name actually
suggest, a grenade is a kind of explosive used in combat by military personnel.
For the chilli grenade, on the other hand, is a grenade developed by the Indian
special forces with explosive filled with the hottest known pepper on earth.
This grenade once it explodes it disperses Jolokia Bhut aerosol which causes
intense pain.

  1. XM1063

this is US missile which has got multiple missiles inside on
missile which after sent it explodes into multiple missiles. This design was
used to cover hectares of land by the use of a single missile. This development
was then used to develop types of non-lethal weapons which a big area with irritating gases
and chemicals.

  1. Incapacitating ray flashlight

This is a puke flashlight which induces puke to the victim
by the use of pulses in the sense of disorienting the target leading to puking.

Non-lethal weapons are mainly for self-defence but not for
killing intention whatsoever.


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