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Unstoppable Stun Baton On Sale Now!

Alarming Statistics On The Crime Rates
This is possibly something that all of us are aware of. News of mugging, assaults of a physical and sexual nature, kidnapping or murder are at an all-time high. The need to protect oneself from accidents and unfortunate events is increasing with every passing day. Personal safety measures need to be taken. After all, prevention is always better than cure.
If you take a look at the available options for protecting ourselves, half of them are impractical, expensive or out of the question. For example, a gun. A gun is a great weapon and is powerful enough. It can threaten anyone to submission even without firing a shot. But can you use it in your daily life? The answer is no, because the regulations governing the ownership and use of one are stringent.
That’s why we need something strong enough to keep our assailant away and keep us secure. And we might be having just the perfect solution. The unstoppable stun baton on sale now is quite literally the answer to all your safety problems.
The Working of a Stun Baton And Everything Else Related to It.
The unstoppable stun baton on sale now, and you should get one for yourself. But before that, read on to learn more about stun batons and how it works.
What is a stun baton? -A Stun Baton is an electroshock weapon which delivers strong jolts of electricity to the person whom the device is aimed at. The electric shocks can momentarily render the person immobile by disrupting muscle functioning. This is thus, a non- lethal weapon that inflicts not- fatal injuries. But, the shock will be strong enough to bring the attacker/assailant to their knees.
How does a stun baton work? -A stun baton has a metal end which is electrically insulated from one another, and is split into two separate parts. Sometimes, it may have two slim outward- projecting metal-electrodes that are about an inch apart. It’s the end of the baton that has compartments for batteries and the main mechanism. On the other end of the baton, you’ll find a switch and a handle. Sometimes, the side of the baton is electrified in order to prevent the attacker from snatching the device.
Both points of the electrodes must touch the attacker, otherwise it won’t be effective. The stun baton will make a very, loud buzz sound as well when its switch is pressed. This can also help threaten the assailant, making him think twice before initiating attack.
Why Do You Need A Stun Baton?
To protect yourself! A stun baton can keep you safe from attacks from burglars, bullies, marauding dogs etc. Whether in the broad day light or during the night, this device will act like your personal savior.
With all the amazing features, the unstoppable stun baton on sale now remains the go-to non-lethal weapon for your loved ones and yourself.

The Advantages and Common Misconceptions Surrounding a Stun Baton
Your safety is in your hands, always. A stun baton will give you leverage over your attacker so that you can defend yourself and gain considerable advantage of the situation. But in order to fully appreciate the advantages of a stun baton, you’ll need to clear the misconceptions surrounding it.
Some people assume that since a stun baton gives out electrical jolts, it will cause the electrocution of the attacker, leading to an on- the- spot death. This is most certainly not the case. The electric shocks will only make the subject immovable for a short period of time by unsettling the muscle tissue. The device is a completely non- lethal one. There are experts who have suggested to avoid the chest and head area when deploying the device, and to instead aim at the subject’s stomach. These belly shocks’ are equally effective.
Now coming to the pros of the device, the unstoppable stun baton on sale now is a perfect alternative in case you don’t have special self- defense training. Like we mentioned before, the stun baton when used, makes a loud sound which can most of the time, scare the potential assailant. You can opt for an extendable stun baton which can be used for this purpose from a safe distance. This way, you’ll never be at risk.
If your assailant still tries to come for you and snatch the baton, the sheer force of the delivered electric shocks will bring him to his knees. You will always be well- protected from any attacks as such. Though the shock current is non-lethal, it’s still potent enough to make the subject immobile, and buy you time to run away or call for help. You should escape and avoid physical struggle, before your assailant can move again.
The stun batons can be easily carried in your purse and are super convenient. Nearly all stun batons have a one- push feature which facilitates easy use. The batons are usually packed with more than 800,000 volts of electricity which makes it really powerful and gives you an added advantage over your attacker. You can keep your weapon concealed from prying eyes, which may come as a shocker to your unsuspecting assailant.
Some of the stun batons come with a flashlight which can be used to momentarily blind the subject. Yes, the light emitted from the flashlight can be so bright. Your batons may sometime, include a micro alarm system to help raise alert. This feature can help you gather attention, as a result of which your attacker may run away.
If you have a non- extendable stun baton variety, then it may make things a tad bit difficult for you. A stun baton requires you to come close to your attacker in order to work effectively. Both the metal prods need to touch the subject. It is advisable to remain alert at all times when walking. If the attacker is discreet enough to come at you from the back or side, you need to be ready to attack. Any time wasted will put you at a disadvantage.
In order to appeal to more customers, manufacturers are now coming up with rechargeable batons which just need to be plugged into the wall socket. The batons are available at affordable prices to create purchasing power for everybody. Be that as it may, customers don’t have to worry about poor quality because of the cheaper price. The stun batons are high- quality, durable devices and usually come with a rubber- coated handle to give a better grip.
Nobody can predict any situation, anything can happen, anytime. The manufacturers, keeping in mind all sorts of possibilities, are now including a safety pin with the device. This is another added advantage to a stun baton. If the attacker knocks off the device, or succeeds in snatching it from you, then you’ll just need to pull the pin which will instantly disable the baton.
You can now see just how effective a stun baton can be if you choose it as your preferred non-lethal weapon. Well, why not take advantage of the unstoppable stun baton on sale now and begin reaping these benefits?

Things to Keep in Mind When Purchasing A Stun Baton
Know your budget before proceeding to purchase a stun baton. It is advised to choose a reputable and established company to enjoy top- notch services. This will also reduce the possibility of receiving a faulty device. Test the product before purchase.
The material, the grip, the size – everything should be as per your needs. Look for products which have warranty as well. Unstoppable stun baton on sale now and you can get one from either registered shops in your locality or from one of the online retail stores.
There are a lot of states that have made the use of electroshock weapons like stun batons illegal. As a law- abiding citizen, it is your duty to find out whether your state allows the possession of stun batons. You can be given a misdemeanor, in case you don’t abide by the rules.
What Are the Customer’s Verdict After Using the Stun Baton?
As a buyer, before investing your money in any product, you’d definitely want to know whether the product is even worth your time. A lot of the stun baton users are exceptionally happy with the product. The convenience, light weight feature and easy operation have had multiple positive reviews.
Many people appreciate the idea of having a personal safety device, which provide them with round- the- clock security at such an affordable price. There are innumerable stun guns available in the market to choose from.
If you want to purchase one for yourself or your loved ones, then the unstoppable stun baton on sale now is a great choice.
Some Stun Batons Available in the Market Along with Their Features
Here are three amazing stun batons along with their features and prices for you.
#1: Bad Ass 20,000,000-Volt Stun Baton
This is quite a powerful stun baton packed with a 20,000,000- volt coming at a price tag of less than $60. The rows of cleats placed on the upper side of the baton can inflict a lot of pain. The device comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty and is also rechargeable.
The flashlight attached with the product has multiple settings such as a flashing strobe for emergencies, full-strength mode, 50% battery-conservation mode, etc. The stun baton has a non-slip grip too which makes it perfect for urgent situations.
#2: Police-Force 9,000,000-Volt Tactical Stun-Baton
Another amazing stun baton to purchase, this one comes with a striking edge which can break through glass and is a fully rechargeable stun baton. Packed with a 9,00,0000 force, it meets all the security requirements, including those of the police and the military. It even has military grade components.
The device has an ultra- bright LED flashlight. The flashlight has a total of five settings for the user to choose from. The manufacturers give a lifetime warranty for the baton. This device will cost you less than $60 as well.
This stun baton comes with a rubber-coating for a tight grip and three-function flashlight. The flashlight has three predetermined modes. This device has a voltage of 12 million which will unleash a very powerful shock to anyone trying to snatch the baton from you.
There’s also a wrist strap with a safety pin attached to the device, in order to ensure safety. You’ll also get a nylon holster and wall charger with it. This stun baton is the cheapest in the list at around $38. Many are of the opinion that it is a complete, value-for-money product.
Unstoppable stun baton on sale now, and as such you don’t need to make hasty decisions. No matter what you choose, choose correctly.
Stun Guns V/S Stun Batons
Both stun guns and stun batons are electroshock devices. Both give out strong jolts of electricity at the aimed subject and require you to be in close-range with the assailant. You may ask where these two devices exactly differ from one another. The main difference between the products is their design.
A stun baton is longer, being elongated in shape whereas a stun gun is a compact device similar to that of a calculator. The working of the devices is more or less same and both require the electrodes to touch the attacker, yet are forceful enough to protect you from danger.
For Whom is A Stun Baton Most Suitable For?
Stun Batons are mainly for everyone. Whether you’re a teenager or a grown person, woman or man, stun batons can provide you with your piece of mind. The batons can be your armor from potential attackers. If you want to feel free from danger every time you step out of your house, you are the target audience for this product.
Often, it is assumed that only females need personal safety devices, but that is certainly not the case. Don’t men get assaulted, robbed or kidnapped, even murdered? Safety is everyone’s responsibility and all should take necessary measures to ensure the same.
This makes the unstoppable stun baton on sale now. The perfect weapon for everyone.

Take Care of Yourself and Your Loved Ones

Stun batons can give you and your loved ones a high level of security no matter where you go. Whether you’re travelling in public transportation like metros, buses, etc., or whether you’re just taking a stroll in the neighborhood, this device will always give you an edge over your attacker.

Whether you work late-night shifts or go on strolls with your dog, the truly unstoppable Stun Baton should be your go-to product for safety and the good news is, it is available for sale now!

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