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Urban Apartment Personal Protection

These are dangerous times for single women or any woman for that matter in the urban St. Louis community. So, we have put together some simple safety tips and inexpensive personal security products to help keep you from being victimized.

The following concerns of one customer is right on point and so thought worthwhile to share…

Now that I am moving into my own place and I finally have an apartment to call my own I am getting pretty excited about the idea.  I have been living with my parents for a long time and trying to save up as much money as I can so I can afford to have an apartment while I am in college.  But, there are some down sides to having an apartment, too.

For instances, I am going to have to start worrying about my own personal safety because I don’t exactly live in the best part of the city.  I have been thinking about my safety since I am a young woman and I have never lived on my own before.  Maybe I should start considering apartment personal protection products and how they can help me to stay safe when there is nobody else in the house to help me.

The thing that you have to realize about living on your own is that you are more at risk for things  like a home invasion or being attacked while you are trying to open your own front door.  I don’t want those things to happen to me and I know the area isn’t all that great so I need to invest in some apartment personal protection devices that will help me stay safe.

I found this kit online that offers an entire list of things that people like me need in order to be protected.  One of the easiest things that I can start doing is carrying around some pepper spray when I am walking by myself.  It is a lot easier to use than a gun and I can keep it in my hands while I am walking.  If somebody tries to surprise me when I am walking home from school the I will counter with a nasty shock to their system.

The other device that I really like on this list of apartment personal protection devices is a door alarm that can let me know if someone is breaking in at night.  My front door isn’t constructed of the best material so it is good to know that I have an alarm the will go off it the perimeter is broken into.  It doesn’t require installation or anything like that.  I just place it by the door that I want to monitor and turn the alarm on at night.  If the door gets opened then the alarm will sound and I can get a head start on calling the police.  It will also help me to grab my pepper spray in time to defend myself from the intruder.  These products make me feel a lot better about moving out on my own.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!





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