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Urban Safety Solutions Black Owned Self Defense Kit

Urban Safety Solutions Releases Black-Owned Self Defense Kit


There are many safe places in the world—but even there, crime happens. More so, the rate of victimization is high in areas plagued by inequalities. Income inequality, social inequality, gender, political, and life. The American Psychological Association discloses that African American women are “at disproportionate risk of sexual violence.” Urban Safety Solutions presents Black Owned Self Defense Kit for these problems, a black-owned self-defense package for women.

Risk and Protection Factors for Violence Against Black Women


Rarely, acts of violence are attributable to a single cause. Instead, they are the result of a complex interaction between numerous influencing factors at various levels. Therefore, some influencing factors can promote or inhibit violence and are defined as risk factors in the first case and protective factors in the second. The importance of various risk and protective factors varies over time. 

As young people grow up and become adults, their personal and individual environment expands, interactions with the most diverse people increase, and school, relationships with peers, neighbors, and other circles also add to the family. Therefore, any research on violence against black women and mitigative approaches must distinguish between multiple influencing factors in different settings.

Risk factors

  • Vulnerabilities in security programs in cities and campuses
  • Norms that promote violence and belonging to a circle of friends who commit a crime or encourage violence
  • Unconventional parties and recreational activities
  • Weak institutional policies against rape and gender violence 
  • Victim blaming 
  • The systematic oppression of black women based on their race and gender 

Protection factors


General prevention


Social policy measures can act to prevent violence if they allow, for example, to strengthen the social skills of young black women. This can be done directly with young people or indirectly in specific settings (e.g., youth groups, family, and school). At the same time, measures aimed at improving the structural framework conditions – housing and neighborhood context, promoting access to the world of work and integration – also contribute to violence prevention.

With this in mind, a targeted and effective integration or training policy always carries out a crime prevention action.

Early detection and early intervention play a central role in the prevention of gender and racial violence. Initially, the concepts of early detection and early intervention were developed to prevent addictions. In the meantime, such approaches are now also applied to higher prevention sectors, particularly to the prevention of violence. There is an important principle here: interventions should aim not only at reducing risks but also at strengthening the individual and their resources.

Prevention at school


Young women spend a lot of time in school, colleges, and universities. Their quality of life and their behaviors are therefore strongly influenced by relationships with peers and teachers. Thus, the school plays a vital role in the social development of black women, but it is also a place where various forms of violence occur. For this reason, the school has to deal with violence prevention. 

Promoting a favorable environment for all school actors is the indispensable basis for the successful implementation of prevention measures. The range of interventions to achieve harmonious co-existence is wide: improving the school environment, establishing clear rules and sanctions, drawing up a school charter, creating participatory structures, etc.

Prevention in the public space


Away from universities and colleges, the range of action gradually extends to the neighborhood and public space. The protective and risk factors that determine violent behavior against young black women also change in this context. Alcohol and drug use, unstructured recreational activities, frequent night outings, poor social control, a criminal circle of friends, and problem neighborhoods can all influence violent behavior.

To prevent gender and racial violence against women, strategies need to be developed that combine preventive measures with appropriate disciplinary and intervention measures. Numerous effective measures have already been implemented, such as promoting neighborhood development, organizing easily accessible leisure activities, preventing violence in associations and sporting events, or conflict prevention and intervention in public space by mobile youth work units (street works) and police teams specializing in young people.

The Role of Self Defense Against Violence on Black Women


In the context of race and gender, more needs to be done. Policies fail, and systems become undependable. Black women need to participate in their safety actively. has curated a black-owned self-defense package personalized for black women.

Let’s start by saying that self-defense, in legal terms, personal protection, that is, the rule that allows anyone to defend themselves, even with weapons, if they are the victim of unjustified aggression by others.

More specifically, anyone who has been forced to use a non-lethal self-defense product by the need to defend a right of one’s own or of others against the current danger of an unjust offense is not punishable. The defense is proportionate to the offense.

Self-defense at home, school, or on the roads


In the context of home self-defense, the law expressly admits the possibility of defending oneself with weapons, as in a black owned selfdefense package In the case of trespassing, there is always a relationship of proportion between defense and offense if the owner or whoever is legitimately in the house uses a regularly held weapon or other suitable means to defend their life and property. The person who protects their life or property with violence or threat or the use of weapons or other means always acts in a state of legitimate defense.

Basically, legitimate self-defense allows a black woman to defend herself with weapons such as a black owned stun gun combo or a spike stun gun.  Unlike a firearm that requires a license, these are non-lethal weapons that are easy to use and need no permit.

The weapons, however, can only be used if there is a substantial danger to one’s own or others’ safety or if there is an imminent danger of aggression. The use of weapons is also lawful to prevent an attacker from entering your home if he acts violently or threatens to use a weapon.

What weapons can be used to defend oneself?


The law does not expressly indicate which weapons are allowed for personal defense: the instrument is not so important, but its use. For example, a stick could be more dangerous than a pistol if the latter is only used to fire a shot in the air while the former is used to strike in the head.

In light of this, we can distinguish two types of self-defense :

The first, generic, does not involve using a weapon in the proper sense, but of any instrument suitable for defending oneself: therefore, sheer physical strength or even an object that cannot be defined as a weapon, such as a vase, a chair, is valid. A hammer or anything else is used in a way that could offend an individual.

But comparative studies have shown that women have less strength than men. 

Hence the need for black women to use self-defense tools against rapists, thieves, and wife beaters.

Weapons allowed for self-defense.


cute self-defense kit that women can use for personal defense typically includes pepper gel, stun gun, and personal alarm. They fit in the handbag and are highly portable. They are easy to use and require no special expertise. 

Self Defense: When Are Non-Lethal Weapons Allowed?


Anytime your life or personal property is in danger. The tools are allowed for personal defense in the case of substantial danger for one’s physical safety or those around us, and only when all the conditions provided for by law are met.

Specifically, the law allows the legitimate use of non-lethal weapons such as the self-defense kit with taser when attacked or attempting to repel an ongoing trespass. By extension, it is possible to defend oneself with weapons even when one is in a different place, but only if the weapon is essential to save oneself and lawfully in possession, for example, because authorized by the gun license for personal defense.

The Self Defense Kit for Purse Does not Require a License


In this self-defense kit for divas, there are some handy tools to defend yourself from aggression and, therefore, to protect your defense. We are talking about pepper gel and a stun gun, and personal alarms.

The self-defense kit with a stun gun is your first line of defense against an attack. The tools are a crucial part of any personal protection plan, and the good news is they are practical non-lethal defense weapons available at an affordable price. 

Defense weapon on contact


In this category of divas self-defense kit, we will find several tools with which it is necessary to go into contact, such as the spike stun gun kit. They are excellent anti-aggression weapons, very effective which can neutralize a dangerous individual very quickly.

As the name states, with a contact defense weapon, you must be aware that you have to come into close contact with the aggressor. Some people are more adept at using this type of weapon than others:


  • Discreet, efficient, it allows you to defend yourself in the event of aggression
  • Easy to use, no training needed 
  • It fits in a urban woman’s purse
  • It doesn’t harm the user

Ranged defense weapon


In an urban street self-defense kit,  you will find tools that can be used from a distance, including pepper gel. They are excellent weapons to defend against aggression, very effective that can neutralize a dangerous individual very quickly and for a period of 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the type of person and the product used.

Pepper gels are reliable, easy-to-use, easy-to-learn weapons. For this, you will have to be at a reasonable distance from your attacker—neither too close nor too far.


  • Safety distance of 10 ft., discreet, efficient, allows you to defend yourself in the event of an attack
  • Easy to use 
  • It can easily fit in a female purse
  • It doesn’t cause damage to the user

Safety self-defense tools


Finally, there are some handy tools to defend yourself from aggression and, therefore, to protect your defense, which does not put you in harm’s way. We are talking about alarms.

The doorstop alarm, for instance, prevents the entry of intruders into your home. With such a device installed, a black woman might never have to use a pepper spray or a kitchen knife.

A Deep Dive into the Black Owned Safety Kit Self Defense Combo

Wildfire Pepper Gel


Pepper spray is a convenient personal defense tool that can be freely taken with you on the street and does not require any firearms. The stinging spray can only be used in the case of self-defense: this means that it cannot be used as a means of offense.

Pepper gel vs. pepper spray


For higher effectiveness of the range, both in terms of distance and resistance to wind or other obstacles that could stand between the attacked person and the attacker, inventors came up with an irritating spray in the form of a gel—the Wildfire Pepper Gel.

The spray nozzle is designed so that the spray is much more potent than that of an ordinary dispenser, with the possibility of reaching the face and body of one or more dangerous subjects simultaneously.

The goal is also to prevent the gel from reaching people unfamiliar with the dynamics or that a persistent wind changes the trajectory of the spray.

The pepper gel is very similar to the spray, with the difference that it can hit the attacker up to three meters away. Also, it shoots very accurately. This tool is safer than the traditional spray. Unlike the latter, the wildfire pepper gel can be used in any environment, open or closed, as there is no risk that the stinging substance could return to the user in the presence of certain environmental conditions (wind, rain, etc.).

The urban commuter pepper gel combo emits 2,000,000 shus of raw pepper. It burns hot. When unleashed on an attacker’s face, the pain will give them no chance to reach and harm you. 

The composition of the mixture contained in the dispenser does not contain carcinogenic, flammable, corrosive, or toxic elements. As you can see, the aim is to disable one or more aggressors without causing permanent damage.

The anti-aggression pepper gel will come in handy when you are in an isolated place, perhaps in the evening or with poor visibility.

In addition, the product could make you feel safe when you take your dog for a walk, in the woods, or in other places that could hide some danger.

There are no limits to the occasions in which the spray could be helpful, and for this reason, the Wildfire Pepper Gel can have small dimensions and a safety cap. You can always carry the urban diva self-defense kit with you in your bag, pouch, or even in your pocket.

The attacker will experience excruciating pain in the eyes, together with almost unbearable pain. At the same time, the attacker will feel a temporary blurring of vision, which will cause slight disorientation.

This effect is the most immediate and perceptible within a few seconds from contact with the spray; consequently, the attacked person has time and a way to get away from the socket and get away, call for help and the authorities.

Suppose the spray of the liquid also reaches the mouth. In that case, the attacker will feel a sensation of bitterness far beyond measure, so much so that he could incur one or more episodes of vomiting, even repeated.

The Spike Stun 


This is an urban commuter stun gun combo that can also be used in school and at home. This is a certified model that lets out 20,000 000 volts and 4.7 milliamps of current. This is enough to incapacitate an attacker without harming them.

This means of protection is mobile and portable. The batteries are located directly in the case. When activated, a voltage is applied that transmits current to the electrodes, an electric arc appears. It can be used for scaring and self-defense.

The attacker will experience pain, muscle paralysis for some time, disorientation, or momentary loss of consciousness. This gives the woman time to escape and call the police.

Benefits of the spike stun gun


Compact: It is small and short similar to a standard phone charger. At their end, the electrodes are installed to supply reliable current.

Power: This is a powerful device with 20m volts and 4.7ma. Typically, the higher the power, the more influential the device is in unsafe conditions.

Easy use: The trigger is activated when you close your fist and throw a punch at the attacker. You can aim for their groin or neck.

Safe: As a user, the current and voltage from the spike stun gun does not touch you. You will be safe even as you leave your assailant immobile and in pain. 

The Super Doorstop Alarm


Protecting your home is now possible thanks to the Super Door Stop Alarm. Thanks to its particular design and technology, the door lock alarm offers total and complete safety. First of all, there is mechanical safety, and this is thanks to the wedge shape. In addition to locking the door, you can also count on an acoustic alarm produced by a 120db siren in case of any force.

 In addition to this, thanks to its comfortable size, the door wedge alarm safety kit can also be quickly taken with you on a trip to protect our second home or the hotel room where we are staying. If the alarm is not armed, the door lock can act like a standard door lock. Its installation and use are straightforward. It is more than enough to insert it behind the front door. 

When there is an attempted intrusion by “unwanted guests,” the wedge lock is activated, and at the same time, the siren starts. Should the thief attempt to pull the door from the latch, the 120dB alarm siren will continue to sound for another minute. 

This particularity is essential and is a unique feature of this alarm model that cannot be found in other models available on the market. It should also be borne in mind that the door lock is made of high-quality material and has a metal switch, an anti-slip coating, and a battery indicator. 

When the Super Door Stop Alarm is installed, they might pick the lock on your hotel room, apartment, or home, but they cannot enter it. Place it under the bottom edge of the door with the low end of the unit directly under the knob. Move the switch at the back of the unit to turn it on. The opening is blocked as soon as the metal plate strikes and the 120 dB alarm is activated.


  • An alarm is activated when a door opens, preventing it from being opened.
  • Your hotel room or home is protected from intrusion by a wedge-shaped lock.
  • Those inside will be alerted, and help will be summoned when the 120db noise scares an intruder away.
  • You will be safe while on the road with a portable security system
  • Just set it up and turn it on – no installation required

Benefits Of Buying the Urban College Self Defense Kit from A Black-Owned Business


When choosing the ideal self-defense device, it will be necessary to evaluate various factors to determine the type of system that best suits your needs. Black owned self-defense kit by guarantee:

Better prices


Personal safety is priceless, but the devices cost money. The cost varies according to the brand, type, and several components present. All this makes it challenging to identify a single price range because so many factors are at play. Black-owned businesses sell these devices at the most affordable costs. 

However, it is better to be wary of models that are too cheap, which could turn out to be unnecessarily poor, forcing you to spend more than necessary for subsequent repairs.

Closes the Inequalities 


Our current racial wealth gap can be traced back to Jim Crow-era practices such as redlining as well as job discrimination which isolated African Americans from middle- and well-paying jobs and homeownership opportunities, preventing them from building more wealth. 

In our society, entrepreneurs and small businesses have been wealth builders for years. Buying your urban college personal security kit from black-owned businesses can enhance African American’s financial stability, build credit and build wealth generationally.

Builds safer communities 


A thriving small business benefits the whole community. A business that focuses on making communities safer improves the quality of life. Consider what can be accomplished if consumers spend their income on Black-Owned self-defense kits across the country. Neighborhoods would be safer, and the morbid statistics would be reversed. And the economy would grow.

Celebrates Black Culture 


From design to style, African Americans‘ rich culture inspires a lot of Black entrepreneurs. Our Black-owned self-defense business provides self-protection devices designed to meet the needs of the black community in terms of style and ease of use. 

Equalize the playing field


It is wise to have black-owned self-defense tools due to certain physical realities. Generally speaking, bigger, stronger, and more prepared people are better suited for combat. The average height of a man is greater than the average height of a woman, and young people tend to be stronger than the elderly.

Having a stun gun or pepper spray in your hand allows you to regain control during the conflict with a larger or more powerful adversary. Since guns demonstrate that you can defend yourself if attacked, they’re perfect anti-bullying tools.

Would you like the life-saving experience of using black owned self-defense tools? Go to to make your purchase any time of day 24/7. 


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