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Urban Safety Solutions Personal Safety Alarm Kit

Urban Safety Solutions Personal Safety Alarm Kit


Personal safety is among the basic needs of every human being. Urban Safety Solutions hopes that you might never have to need them, but the self-defense devices in a personal safety alarm kit will come in handy in a dangerous situation. An attack can happen to anyone at any time or place. In the US, about 400 violent crimes occur per every 100,000 people.

Women, especially women living alone, which is characteristic of women attending college, are common targets for violent attackers. Safety is a pressing issue for female college students, where they reside in the campus dorms or off-campus. The commonly reported crimes include sexual assault, burglary, theft, stalking, and more.

Many criminals assume that women won’t be able to fight back against an attack. Men are also victims of violent crimes, especially homicides. Fortunately, Urban Safety Solutions aims to help you take power into your own hands.

Depending on your needs, a personal security alarm and other personal safety devices for women in the kit offered at can be your best protection from attackers and other emergencies. A well-thought-out self-defense kit is a serious business, and if the need arises, it could be the difference between safety and harm.

The personal security kit from is a collection of non-lethal personal security tools that you can utilize together with a personal safety alarm to protect yourself during dangerous situations. This urban female self-defense kit comprises a personal safety alarm, stun gun, pepper spray, door stop alarm, and tactical flashlight.


The Importance of a Personal Safety Alarm Kit


A personal safety alarm kit serves to protect women, men, and the elderly from various dangerous situations. For women especially, this urban college self-defense kit is essential. This kit will offer you peace of mind as you go about doing your daily activities.

Rather than being overpowered and at the mercy of an attacker, you can use the security items provided in the kit to surprise and stun an assailant, attracting the attention of anyone within a half a mile radius to the situation. Doing so increases the chances that the assailant may be caught and brought to book for their actions.  

The University of North Carolina conducted a study that showed that criminals will flee when they hear a loud noise such as an alarm or siren. You may also find comfort in carrying a stun gun or pepper spray in your purse for additional protection, in case a personal attack alarm does not deter a criminal or if you find yourself very secluded.

In such cases, the additional security devices will help immobilize an attacker giving you lots of time to escape or call for help. Overall, by smartly utilizing the items in the kit, you will reduce your chances of being victimized significantly.

Security Devices in the Personal Safety Alarm Kit


1. Personal Safety Alarm


A personal safety alarm or personal attack alarm is a small portable electronic device that produces an extremely loud ear-piercing sound when you activate it. A personal safety alarm serves to attract attention, alert authorities, deter assailants, and provide you with reassurance that you have your back covered should the need arise. Below are the different types of personal safety alarms available at

  •         3in1 Personal Alarm with Flashlight (130dB) – This device is a security alarm that serves as a personal alarm, flashlight, door or window alarm, and computer alarm. It features a strobe light that attracts further attention, on top of the 130-decibel sound, when you activate it. It also has a regular button that allows you to use the device as a flashlight.

This personal alarm has two attachment mechanisms. There’s a standard smart hook that you can easily attach to your purse, belt loop, or piece of clothing. It also has a door or window attachment mechanism that you can use to hook to your dorm room door, window, or even your laptop. The 3 in 1 personal alarm is powered by a single 9-volt battery.

  •         Mini Personal Alarm with Belt Clip and LED Light(120dB) – Being discreet is a very important component of personal safety. Some dangerous situations may necessitate a subtler approach. The Mini Personal Alarm is compact, sleek, and easily attachable to a keychain or any other item you have with you.

 It is small, but it produces an ear-piercing 120 decibel sound with a bright LED light when you activate it. Once you set it off, you can deactivate the alarm using an intuitively located button. The device is powered by 3 LR44 batteries.

  •         Fur Ball Buzzer Personal Alarm(100dB) – This security device is usable as a fashion accessory and is targeted towards children and women. You can easily attach it to a purse or backpack. Available in different colors, you pull out a pin to activate the alarm, producing a 100-decibel sound. It is a great inclusion in a travel personal security alarm kit.

Pros of a Personal Safety Alarm


The small size of personal alarms makes them very portable. Females walking alone can carry a personal alarm with them anywhere in a purse or even a piece of clothing as an accessory. Personal safety alarms are not only small and easy to conceal, they are also very easy to use. Even young children can use these devices safely.

Personal alarms are also inexpensive, and you can reuse the device for a long period before you have to replace the batteries. The personal alarms offered by are also discreet and inconspicuous. This prevents an assailant from becoming suspicious of the device and thus prevents them from snatching it from you.

Also, there are no restrictions as to where you can carry a personal alarm. Some of the items in the college female security kit have restrictions on their use. For instance, many colleges do not allow stung guns or pepper spray on campus grounds. You can also not carry these items on most commercial flights.

Another benefit of a personal alarm is that it doesn’t carry the risk of harming innocent bystanders accidentally. Some items in the self-defense kit can cause harm to innocent bystanders in crowded places if you fail to use them properly. As such, if you aren’t completely comfortable with using direct violence, you can still ensure your safety by using a personal alarm.

Cons of a Personal Safety Alarm


In some scenarios, a personal alarm may fail to deter an attacker. For instance, you may find yourself in an isolated location such as an abandoned building or large field. The aim of a personal alarm is to convince an assailant that help could arrive at any time.

 However, if an attacker realizes that nobody is around to help at the time, a personal alarm may not be effective. For this reason, Urban Safety Solutions recommends having multiple security devices in your self-defense kit. Stun guns and pepper spray will be better tools in such a situation.

Although this occurrence is rare, a personal alarm may run out of battery before you can activate it. The battery life of the device influences its effectiveness. It is advisable to regularly replace the battery in your personal alarm to ensure that the device is always operating on fresh power. You don’t want a bad battery to be the determining factor between harm and safety.

2. Door Stop Alarm


A personal alarm and the other items in the self-defense kit serve you when you’re out there going about your daily activities. When you get back to your dorm room, hotel room, or apartment, you need something that will ensure your safety as well. The door stop alarm is a standalone device that serves this purpose. It is one of the staple safety devices in a travel personal safety alarm kit.

Many indoor security systems only alert you once an intruder has entered the premises. A door stop alarm will not only set off an alarm but will also prevent an intruder from entering your room in the first place. This wedge-shaped device with a non-skid bottom pad will jam underneath the door.

It holds the door tighter the harder the intruder tries to push. Once the alarm goes off, it doesn’t stop until you release the pressure from a top-mounted metal plate. It is a simple, effective, and reliable inclusion in your personal alarm kit.

 The incredibly loud (up to 120 dB that can be heard up to 1000 ft away) alarm will scare away intruders, alert the room occupants and summon help. It affords you valuable time to be able to call authorities. This portable security device will give you peace of mind when traveling and living on and off-campus. You won’t have to worry about someone sneaking into your space.

Pros of Door Stop Alarms


Doorstop alarms are very portable. You can easily carry these compact devices with you in your purse, backpack, or travel bag. You can remove and place it back when you enter or leave your room. Also, no installation or wiring is necessary. You just set it in place, switch it on, and you’re good to go.

Doorstop alarms are adjustable. You can set it to low, medium, or high sensitivity, depending on your needs or preferences. It is an inexpensive means of ensuring your personal safety. Our Super Door Stop Alarm only utilizes one 9-volt battery.

Cons of Door Stop Alarms


The only notable disadvantage of a doorstop alarm is that it may not be able to withstand great force. In this case, that means a strong adult trying to kick in your door.

 For this reason, you must implement door stop alarms with other security measures. Nonetheless, using the device will slow down intruders, and combining it with other security measures can make the difference between safety and harm.

3. Pepper Spray


Pepper Spray is the most well-known and used self-defense tool today. The reason for this is that pepper spray is very easy to use and easy to obtain. Pepper spray is also easy to carry with you at all times, making them ideal if you are traveling or constantly on the move.

Pepper spray produces a burning effect that will leave your attacker in pain and discomfort for nearly an hour. One great aspect of paper spray is that you can use it successfully from a safe distance from your attacker. Below are some of the most popular pepper sprays you can include in your security alarm kit:

  • Pepper Shot Tri-Pack Pepper Spray – This pepper spray comprises 1.2 % Major Capsaicinoids, made from 2 million SHU’s of raw pepper. This model is much more effective and potent than other pepper sprays. It will deliver intense pain and cause breathing difficulties, membrane swelling, and swelling in the eyes. These effects cause no permanent damage but will last up to 45 minutes, disabling even the most determined criminals.
  • Mace Keyguard Pepper Spray – This Mace Mini pepper spray is one of the ideal personal safety devices for college females. It is conveniently sized and discreet. You can keep the device on a keychain and activate it with an actuator button beneath a safety cap. This pepper spray has an effective range of up to 5 feet and can produce six short effective spray bursts.
  • Wildfire Pepper Gel – In terms of Major Capsaicinoids, the Wildfire Pepper Gel is the hottest at 1.4%. This pepper gel stream will cause intense pain, difficult breathing, and burning sensations as it permeates the skin of your attacker. Additionally, it carries minimal chances of blowback or overspray due to its design. The spray stays in the intended direction eliminating the chances of affecting nearby bystanders. The Wildfire Pepper Gel also features a UV identifying dye to help police identify an assailant.

Pros of Pepper Spray


Pepper spray is very effective at stopping an attack whilst being inexpensive and easily accessible. They are light, concealable, easy to carry everywhere, and you can use them from a distance, reducing the chances of an attacker grabbing the weapon from you. Pepper spray also has considerably fewer restrictions than stun guns and other self-defense tools.

Cons of Pepper Spray


Pepper spray carries the risk of affecting nearby bystanders, especially when you use it in a crowded area or on a windy day. Also, there are some restrictions on the use of pepper spray. Some colleges do not allow you to carry pepper spray on campus grounds.

4. Stun Gun


Stun guns have increased in popularity among college-going women as the go-to self-defense tool with effective stopping power. It is a must-have security item in a self-defense kit. It used to be that stun guns were cumbersome to carry around everywhere.

Today, however, there is a wide variety of compact stun guns. The stun guns available at may be compact, but they deliver a very powerful shock of up to 20 million volts that is enough to bring an attacker down and come to your rescue if need be.

The effects of a stun gun can last for several minutes, with the assailant left with muscle spasms. This gives you ample time to escape a dangerous situation or call for help. Also, most criminals tend to back off when they see you wielding a stun gun. As such, stun guns act as very effective deterrents.

A stun gun comprises two sharp metal rods at one end of the device. The metallic rods deliver electricity when they come into contact with the assailant’s skin. The metal rods are sturdy and sharp, capable of going through most clothing materials.

Pros of Stun Guns


One of the most notable benefits of a stun gun is its effective stopping power. The device delivers very powerful electric shots capable of disabling even the bulkiest of attackers. A stun gun is also a great deterrent.

The sight of one will dissuade most criminals from attacking the person carrying it. This is one of the reasons why a stun gun is an increasingly preferred self-defense tool for many women today.

It acts as a strong statement that you shouldn’t be messed with. Today, there are many compact stun guns that you can easily conceal. Stun guns are also easily rechargeable, and you can adjust the power levels if you aren’t comfortable with using excessive force (that may be lethal in some rare instances) regardless of the situation. You also don’t require any skills or prior training to use a stun gun.

Cons of Stun Guns


One of the major drawbacks of a stun gun as a self-defense tool is that you have to be somewhat close to your attacker to strike. This may present a precarious situation where the assailant may take the weapon away from you or cause harm before you get the chance to strike.

Also, stun guns have notable restrictions. Some colleges do not allow stun guns on campus premises. This also applies to certain airlines. Stun guns are also illegal in some countries or heavily restricted.

These are crucial factors to keep in mind when you are traveling. Fortunately, you have other less restricted items in the Urban Safety Solutions self-defense kits like the aforementioned personal alarm and even pepper spray, which is detailed next.

5. Tactical Flashlight


A tactical flashlight is an excellent addition to your personal alarm kit. If you are a college student or female traveling alone, you should always carry a tactical flashlight in your purse or bag. There are times that you’ll find yourself out late at night. You may be coming home from a long day at work or going to your dorm room after studying late on campus.

A tactical flashlight may seem like a simple, innocuous tool. Still, it may save your life in some dangerous situations, especially if you use it together with the other items in your self-defense kit. You can use a tactical flashlight to blind and temporarily disorient an attacker. Using the device this way with a personal alarm can afford you valuable seconds to escape.

In case a situation escalates, and you must defend yourself, you can use a tactical flashlight as a weapon. These flashlights are constructed from hardy materials. A good blow to the eyes, throat, nose, or face can give you enough time to react to a situation.

Pros of Tactical Flashlights


Tactical flashlights are versatile tools. You can use them as a regular flashlight or use them as formidable weapons should the need arise.

You can easily carry them with you, and they also have no restrictions. You are allowed to carry them virtually everywhere. A tactical flashlight is a great addition to a female traveler security alarm kit.

Cons of Tactical Flashlights


Tactical flashlights are not as effective as other self-defense tools such as stun guns or pepper spray as they don’t have a lasting effect on an attacker. You also have to be at close range to use a tactical flashlight as a weapon, so it’s vital to keep this in mind. Only use them when it’s the only viable option depending on the scenario.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Personal Safety Alarm Kit

  • Utility – Your reason for getting a personal alarm kit will define the type of devices that are right for you. Some personal alarms offer round-the-clock monitoring and other functions only within a certain space or distance. There are personal alarms that have been designed specifically for people working in isolated areas or people living alone. By determining your specific needs and preferences, you can narrow down your choice of security devices in the personal alarm kit.
  • Level of Features – Personal alarms today are more sophisticated, offering additional features and tools that weren’t available years ago. Aside from providing instant alerts during situations, there are extra features, including GPS tracking, two-way communication, geofencing, and automatic fall detection.
  • Configuration/Style – One great aspect of modern personal security devices is that they are offered in a variety of styles to suit your needs and preferences. This allows you to select options that you are most comfortable with.
  • Being comfortable with self-defense tools is an often-overlooked factor that determines how confident you will be using them effectively during emergencies. Personal alarms and other devices today are designed in the form of everyday items, including keychains, lipsticks, pens, and accessories. This gives you options in terms of discreetness.
  • BudgetPersonal safety devices come in a variety of prices. Although most devices are relatively inexpensive, you must consider other maintenance costs besides the purchase price. Some devices are one-off purchases. Others require monthly fees to operate.

Set Up – Some security devices are more complex than others. If you are not tech-savvy, you should ideally go for personal safety devices that are easy to install, use and maintain. In such a case, you may not be comfortable with the sophisticated devices that need to be integrated with monitoring systems and safety apps.

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