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Urban Safety Solutions Personal Security Devices for College Students

Protecting one’s safety is essential in every moment of college life. Whether it is to prevent the risk of aggression or to have the means and tools necessary to deal with a malicious person, we must always try to protect our safety and those we love most.

Fortunately, at Urban Safety Solutions, we have many accessories and personal security items for college students to help them feel safe in self-defense, even in the riskiest situations. But what will be the personal defense products that we should always have at our side? Among the best products available on the market, there is undoubtedly pepper gel, the doorstop alarm, and the spike stun gun. These devices will allow you to get away from a possible attacker and to get to safety in complete safety.

The Heart-Chilling Campus Security Concerns 


Relationships on campuses can be violent


Relationships that include physical or emotional abuse are often characterized by sexual violence. Some unhealthy behaviors include extreme jealousy, destructive behavior toward partners, or being prohibited from attending school. Often victims are unable to report abuse, which is the issue of contention in this case. They live in an emotional or financial bind because they depend on the abuser.



There is no physical form for it all the time. Sexual harassment could take a verbal or nonverbal form. If it raises any sense of insecurity or discomfort in you, it may be an instance of harassment. Consider looking into personal security products for college females.



College students who suspect it are often dismissed by authorities. You feel like someone is following or watching you all the time. It always starts as a harmless phenomenon. But then the stalkers may take it to another level, to rape or even gang-rape the victim and pillage their possessions.



Force is used to compel someone to act in a way that compromises their personal safety. Campus parties are notorious for this. There should be no tolerance for force or foul play. Are you experiencing this in your university social gatherings? It’s time to pull up your college self-defense kit and tell them to back off. 

Sexual assault


Sexual assault involves anything from kissing or penetrating without the victim’s permission. It typically consists of some coercion. Victims have been left devastated by STDs, HIV, depression, and PTSD. Ceteris paribus, if one has in hand the right tools, say super-hot pepper gel, a personal door alarm, or a stun gun, the risk of being victimized is significantly lowered.



Both public and private places can be the scene of this crime. Trust your instincts and stay alert. When you don’t feel something is right, it likely isn’t. The Justice Department tells us that 1:5 women is the ratio of rape among women in colleges. This points to the need for students to have their urban college survival kit for self-defense.

Factors that Contribute to Security Concerns on Campus


Minimal supervision


University campuses are home to concentrations of young adults who live in crowded conditions without adult supervision, which is new to most. This is relevant because young people tend to have a more negative view of the campus security officers. Since younger citizens see the security guards as an obstacle to their independence, they tend to adopt a more negative attitude towards the police than their more mature neighbors.

Fraternities and sororities 


Another characteristic of university life is worth mentioning: brotherhoods and student associations. These private entities are a mix of university halls of residence, close associations, and networking organizations. They are also known, rightly or wrongly, for organizing parties characterized by heavy alcohol consumption by minors and weird rituals. 

The bubble effects


This is the students’ way of seeing the campus as a protected space, sheltered from the dangers of the outside world. This effect manifests itself in behaviors and actions among students that put their property and personal safety at risk. 

The self-perception of undergraduates: we are young


This perception is accompanied by the idea that as young adults in the process of evolution, one should expect from them the faults, mistakes, and recklessness of their youth – many mistakes that should not be made. Many young persons are tempted to risk it all for #YOLO.

Personal Security Devices for College Students


Rape, theft, assault, stalking, and burglary is real, and they are prevalent in college campuses. They mostly happen at night but sometimes in broad daylight too. 

In the event of an attack, what will you do? There is no one way to deal with every situation, and attempting to defend yourself is often a good idea. People who have been traumatized or are afraid of unknown or dangerous situations are generally hesitant to call for help.

It’s a lot easier to stay safe using a personal door wedge alarm – a small alarm that broadcasts the sound 120 dB of sound, a pepper gel that fires up 2,000,000 SHU’s of raw pepper, or a stealth stun gun with thousands of voltages. has non-lethal self-defense products for women are effortless to use, and there is a wide variety of designs and colors to give you a wide choice. In addition, they are the only self-defense devices that are easy to purchase and legal in all states.

There is no doubt that protecting oneself and one’s possessions is a requirement that has manifested itself since the dawn of time. Even if we live in a so-called advanced society, there is still a high percentage of risk. 

Students constantly live-in fear of being subjected to attacks of various kinds, from thieves to stalkers and perverts.

Equipping oneself with weapons like the black owned self-defense kit will not solve all the problems in the university colleges of the world, but it can prove to be a wise choice to protect one’s safety and even one’s home.

Since many types of defensive gadgets are available from and they offer FREE shipping. You can choose from many investment options: devices that cost a few tens of dollars, therefore a wide range of options. 

Our  urban self-defense products are very convenient because it does not require a license for use or communication of possession to the competent authorities.

Their use is easy and intuitive, and it is not necessary to have experience or special training. The prices are accessible to everyone @ 24/7. They are lightweight and compact and can therefore be easily carried in a bag, pouch, or kept in the car.

Personal security products for college students: what do you have to consider?


A person’s bare hands are rarely sufficient for self-defense. While handguns are a lethal self-defense tool, recent creations have made significant progress in protecting against an attack with nonlethal self-defense products.

Over the past decade or so, non-lethal self defense gadgets have become more popular since they are a cheaper and more, and more effective way to defend yourself. There is no federal law restricting the devices, but some cities and states have limitations. The force and power of these weapons are comparable to the deadly force of a handgun but are cheaper. A simple home invasion just doesn’t justify shooting and killing someone.

Their effectiveness is the primary reason for their popularity. As a first line of non-lethal engagement, all police carry pepper spray/ gels and stun guns on their utility belts? Compliance depends on the concept of the “force continuum.” To compel compliance in law enforcement officers, non-lethal means such as pepper spray and stun devices are often tried before escalating to lethal means.

That means that the right non-lethal self-defense kit could be beneficial for a college student in a high-risk situation. Our pepper gel and stun guns can completely immobilize an attacker without harming them. The doorstop alarm lets out a shrilly sound that will wake everyone that has an interest in your security and personal safety when a thief, stalker, or rapist tries to break into your room at night. 

Another reason self-defense tools are popular as the black owned personal security kit is that many of styles and colors are available for women. It seems that girls are still trend-conscious even when it comes to personal safety items for college females.

In addition, we believe their popularity is due to the fact that they’re smaller and easier to handle than ever before. The reasons pepper spray or an electric stun device are popular should make sense if you’re interested in nonlethal self-defense tools like that.

However, a non-lethal and legal self-defense device will only work as effectively if its user knows how to use it effectively. It is important to know how to utilize it correctly. Additionally, other factors must be considered before purchasing a self-defense item:

  • Reliability 
  • Workability from a distance
  • Danger to the user
  • Damage to the assailant
  • Legality of usage

It is easy to carry these products at all times in everyday life as a student – in case of an emergency. An individual should practice the correct use of the urban college self-defense kit in advance in order to gain the highest possible level of efficiency from such an item.

Door wedge alarm kit


The Super Doorstop Alarm is suitable for single women as it has a comfortable design and is cordless. The personal security door alarm kit emits a high sound level of 120 db. You can conveniently slip it under your door and sleep peacefully at night. The sound is dispersed 1000 feet away so that if you live in the same house, you can always call for help.

On the street, your neighbors or passers-by are sure to hear the sound of the siren. Sensors are built into the door wedge alarm package, and they effectively activate the alarm when someone attempts to push your door open.

Pepper Gel Combo Kit


The pepper spray is undoubtedly one of the most popular items offered for self-defense – and not without reason: The small jars fit easily in your pocket, and the use of the pepper spray is not a big problem even without practice. 

But the Wildfire Pepper Gel takes it to a whole new level. The pepper gel works reliably from a distance. It also sprays much more accurately than its counterparts in the market. 

This pepper gel offers the possibility of knocking out an attacker for about thirty minutes. This time will be enough to escape and get to safety so that you can call for help ASAP. These particular products are legal and, above all, effortless to use.

This last detail is significant since agitation could make it challenging to carry out even the most trivial operations in a dangerous situation, so what matters most is using the self-defense tool in a fast and straightforward way. Well, pepper spray can be used with great simplicity and just as effectively! There’s a huge selection available @

By spraying the gel on the attacker’s face, you can cause eye and skin irritation, resulting in pain and tearing. It is clear that this is not a gadget or an accessory to be taken lightly, but rather a necessary tool to defend oneself in case of aggression by some malicious person.

Spike Stun Gun Combo Kit


This miniature device has two wires that give an electric shock when the back button is pressed. The discharge power is such as to immobilize an adult. The spike stun gun is battery-powered and is charged by a USB. 

It has a safety switch and light and gives out 20,000,000 volts and 4.7 MA of power to incapacitate an assailant. The following advantages of such weapons are notable:

  • The ability to deprive the attacker of the ability to move for a short time, respectively, the victim can escape
  • The ability to take down any target, no matter how heavily built they are
  • Mostly the model requires direct contact with the bandit
  • The device runs on long-lasting rechargeable batteries 

How to Buy a Stun Gun Combo 


When choosing a stun gun, attention should be paid not only to the power but also to the exposure time of the device: 0.2–0.5 seconds is considered optimal.

  • If the device runs on batteries, it must be constantly monitored and replaced over time
  • Choose a handheld device that fits in the palm for discreetness
  • Choose a stun gun that yields out optimal volts and amperage to be safe against attackers

How to Buy a Pepper Gel Combo Kit


Experts believe that the best street self-defense tool that doesn’t require a permit is the pepper gel. It is quite popular, especially among women: it is lightweight, takes up little space, and is quite easy to apply. But there is some information you need to know for proper use. When buying a pepper gel kit, the following factors merit your consideration:

  • The simplicity of use –you should be able to shoot straight at the foe.
  • Potent pepper—the more SHU’s of raw pepper a product has, the better.
  • It should be low cost –find a product that syncs with your student budget.
  • Compactness: find a small-sized and lightweight model that allows you to carry a spray constantly can, even in a small handbag

How to Buy a Door Stop Alarm Package


A doorstop alarm has a wedged design. By fitting between a door and the floor, the stopper prevents the door from opening. The exposed part is subjected to shear force now and then. It is therefore imperative that the product is durable and robust. Stainless steel or iron is used most commonly for the wedge. The wedges on the most prominent brands are made from stainless steel. The strength and durability of steel are unmatched.

Every time the door is opened following deployment, the pressure sensor sounds the alarm in the event of an open door. Door stoppers are primarily composed of pressure sensors. The system requires a high level of sensitivity and effectiveness. If the pressure sensor hits the door, the alarm must be triggered. The best brands use high-quality sensors. This is why maintaining a strong relationship with a big brand is a wise decision.

A door stopper and alarm increase the security and safety of students in college dorms or off-campus apartments. A burglary or intrusion into the home is signaled by the alarm and prevented by the stopper. A door stopper only has to have one thing in common with the door alarm: It must be loud. An alarm with a sound volume of 120 decibels is the best.

Reasons to Buy the Wildfire Pepper Gel 


When using pepper spray in a closed room, spraying is fraught with the risk that the defending person will be exposed to pepper gas. For internal use, we bring you the Wildfire pepper gel. It has a more viscous and thicker consistency. The gel sticks to the skin and does not fly around. 

The attacker, trying to remove the gel, reflexively smears it on his face and further aggravates the situation for himself. The gel cans have a greater exposure range, reach 10 m, and be safely used outdoors. The charges, unlike the spray counterparts, only have 18.

This product would come in handy whether a student is jogging or walking alone at night. During this time, unwanted encounters can occur, and for safety reasons, it is best to have a protective agent in the form of pepper gel with you. The can is always within reach. A Single thumb click throws a jet of gel at the offender. The gel is not dangerous for the defending person. It is sprayed only in the direction of the target.


  • Increased exposure range;
  • It can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • Safe for the defender himself.
  • The cost of a pepper gel spray is $21.95 – $24.95

Reasons to Buy the Super Door Stop Alarm


This alarm door stopper is a security door wedge that alerts you with a loud acoustic signal. This is triggered when the room behind the door of which the stopper is positioned is entered. The volume is up to 120 dB – that’s roughly equivalent to a plane taking off – and will wake you up at night.

In this alarm doorstop device, the design has sensors at the base. These also trigger an alarm if there is friction on the ground, as in forced entry. This is an alarm door stopper with a motion sensor and light signal, so you can also use it as a light source in the dark.

The alarm door stopper is also often referred to as alarm wedges because it has the shape of a door wedge with the addition that it triggers an alarm as soon as the door is pushed onto the wedge. The inclined surface of the security door stop is pressed down and triggers the alarm. 

The noise reaches a volume of up to 120 dB. This is close to the human pain threshold and roughly corresponds to an airplane taking off. So, you can be sure that the door alarm will wake you up at night and that the intruder will be terrified.

You will be warned in good time in the event of possible water damage, and your entire apartment will not be flooded. If you would like to use your doorstep with an alarm as a light source, we recommend buying the Super Doorstop Alarm Combo Package


  • Portable 
  • Easy installation
  • Loud noise
  • Cordless 

Reasons to Buy the Spike Stun Gun 


These mini-stun gun does not cause permanent damage to the attacker like a bullet or an intense physical force.

It’s because their electrical output is large enough for self-defense, but it’s well below the lethal threshold. An attacker can be stopped with the stun gun but cannot be maimed or killed by it.

You don’t have to aim ideally. With other self-defense devices, getting that perfect shot can be difficult, especially if you couldn’t reach your weapon in time. But not for the spike stun gun.

It fits in hand—very compact—and the trigger at the back is automatically turned on when the use closes their throws a punch at the foe. Its usage is that simple, and the price is student-friendly.

Carrying it is easy. Using a small stun gun is much easier than using a weapon that is heavier or larger. It is taken secretly, of course, so that people won’t know your weapon of choice. 

We’ve come to an end.


In summary, security and safety concerns in colleges have existed for many centuries. It is wise for students to participate in their safety—actively. It is advisable to have several types of non-lethal weapons with you to reduce the risk of victimization effectively. These tools from the Xtreme urban survival kit guarantee high performance and personal safety for students at all times.  An extensive selection of non lethal defensive gadgets are available online @



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