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Urban Safety Solutions Protects College Females Living in Dorms and Apartments

The importance of education has increased over the past few years. Students, including both girls and boys, spent most of their time at school and in college. However, girls’ educational experiences are generally hindered by safety and security concerns. Urban Safety Solutions is in the business of ensuring maximum protection and safety for female students in dorms and apartments

Trusted self-defense solutions for safety in colleges

When girls study in college, they have a lot of challenges to overcome. The thought of sending their daughters to college or school makes many parents uncomfortable. Due to the increasing sexual assault and general crime rates, it is of utmost importance for female students to learn in a secure environment.

Girls sometimes get harassed by people inside or outside of their tuition centers and living quarters. When they travel from their domes to school or college, they must exercise extreme caution. Perverts, thieves, and stalkers harass girls living away from home as well.

Finding safety solutions that guarantee protection for female students indoors and outdoors can be an excellent way to ensure their security, social freedom, and academic success. For these, proposes the ultimate stun gun self defense kit—a tripartite of 3 portable, easy to and highly effective tools.

Spike Stun Gun 

Stun guns are becoming more and more popular for self-defense. You can buy numerous stun guns in gun shops and various online shops, but not all of them are dependable like the Spike Stun Gun Package It is stylishly and ergonomically designed and delivers a powerful 20,000,000 volts and 4.7 Milliamps to immobilize your assailant. 

Stun gun as part of college self defense package

Stun guns trigger electrical impulses with a high voltage when they come into direct contact with the attacker and put the motor skills of the other person out of action. You can thus stop any attack effectively within seconds. 

The electrical impulses get transmitted through small contact pins located on the front of the device. For the defense to be effective, both contact pins must be in contact with the attacker – a stun gun is, therefore, a self-defense option that you can only use at a short distance. 

The effectiveness of Spike Stun Gun at college

The electrical impulses sent by the stun gun are not fatal, but they ensure that the attacker is unable to move or at least has limited motor skills. The attacker sometimes has excruciating muscle cramps and paralysis. Not everyone is convinced that stun guns, which are legal under many regulations, are enough to really incapacitate an attacker. After all, a very short distance is necessary, and both contact pins must touch the attacker.

That is hardly the case. Spike Stun Gun yields 20,000 volts that are enough to put down anyone no matter how strong they are

There are some parts of the body when using electroshocks where the electrical impulses are particularly effective. This includes the shoulder area as well as the stomach and hip area. The longer the electric shock lasts, the more severe the effects on the attacker will, of course, be. Therefore, it is advisable to train after buying a stun gun to master how to use it quickly.

UrbanSafetySolutions offers effective stun devices  for non lethal personal protection. Our products protects college females living in dorms and apartments


The crucial question for most is whether or not a stun gun is even suitable for personal defense. The answer is a resounding yes. The volts and amps unleashed will put down your foe, but they won’t kill him. This self defense tool simply gives you time to run and call the police.

The reasons below are why we think the Spike Stun Gun should be a part of every college campus safety kit for female students.

Quick reaction: No strength is required to use it. You need to act fast, which makes the weapon more suitable for college students. The weight of the stun gun is only around 200 grams plus batteries, so it is particularly ideal for female arms.

Surprise effect: The Spike Stun Gun is small. It fits inside a fist. 

The attacker won’t see it coming. Effectively, this gives you an advantage, to use the stun gun before your attacker sees it and seizes it. 

Effective against many attackers: For the same reason, the stun gun is suitable for use against any opponent. As soon as you use it for the first time, the other attackers will exercise the utmost caution not to get their bodies within your reach. They will run.

Very reliable: In addition, the self-defense weapon is 100% reliable. 

You can use it on any area of ​​skin is used, the gun does work optimally. No attacker can withstand the pain.

How effective is a stun gun?

The voltage of 20,000 volts sounds enormous compared to the socket voltage of 230 V. However. The amperage is so low that nothing can happen to you, even if the attacker touches you during the shock.

Points of attack on the body


Effective points of attack are all those where a failure of the muscles makes someone unable to fight. In addition, the pain increases when there is more muscle at the hit point.

For example, if you hit the attacker in the groin, you could paralyze their hips and thighs, which can cause your attacker to collapse but not be seriously injured.

Using the Spike Stun Gun against the shoulder joint can disable the entire arm.

A hit in the stomach area causes severe pain, possibly in connection with vomiting and thus also makes you incapacitated.

Also, when directed at the neck, the chance is high that the attacker will be badly hit and become unable to fight so that you can escape.

Remember: there should be no clothing in between. This will weaken the effect.

Are stun guns legal?

Yes, stun guns are legal! There were concerns and controversies, but the courts struck out bans on people carrying stun guns.

Caution during

First of all, you have to remember that this is a self-defense weapon that requires contact with the attacker. That means you have to get right within range of the attacker. Watch out that they don’t grab you.

There is also the risk that he will use your self-defense weapon against you if you are too slow. You should act fast and stealthily. 

Another risk regards performance. The power of the stun gun will upset your attacker for a short time, but to ensure that they are paralyzed permanently, you must hold the stun gun on their skin for longer. 

Some models have complicated mechanisms that are supposed to protect you from accidentally being triggered in your pocket. The Spike Stun Gun Kit will be ready for use quickly enough in all emergencies. It fits in the fist, and the spikes give you a further advantage over your enemy when you punch them and activate the electricity

Wildfire Pepper Gel


Pepper gel vs. pepper spray. What can female students defend themselves better with? There are repeated reports in the media of incidents in which peaceful female students are attacked in college and seriously injured, sometimes even killed. In theory, anyone can get into such a situation. Because of this, many pepper gels as a means of self-defense. As an alternative to pepper spray, pepper gel is becoming increasingly popular.

Pepper gel is an irritant based on oleoresin capsicum, an active ingredient made from genus chili plants or paprika plants. The pepper gel has what is known as an irritant sprayer (RSG). In principle, it is a spray can. In contrast to the pepper spray used as an aerosol, a pepper gel uses a carrier substance based on a gel. 

Wildfire Pepper Gel contains 2,000,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU’s). It is hotter than hot. This formulation makes it effective against the attacker without getting close to him. 

How Wildfire Pepper Gel works

The active ingredient Oleoresin Capsicum is also present in the gel. This is an active ingredient that, as soon as it is released, is known to cause three particular symptoms in those affected:

Eyes: The mucous membranes swell immediately, and the eyes close at the same time. Usually, they burn very severely and that for several hours.

Skin: Here, too, burning pain with severe itching occurs within a few seconds.

Breathing: As soon as you have inhaled the first fumes, a strong urge to cough spreads. Often there is also a slight breathlessness.

OC has the greatest effect on the eyes. This immediately causes burning pain and leads to temporary loss of vision. The mucous membranes swell, and the eyelids close. Since the conjunctiva is irritated, a violent flow of tears sets in. The effect lasts for long, giving you time to escape and notify authorities.

If OC comes into contact with the skin, the affected area immediately begins to itch and burn. The body releases the hormone histamine. This leads to reddening of the skin, the formation of wheals and swellings in the contact zone area. The effect lasts for 15-45 minutes, possibly up to 2 days.

The irritant oleoresin capsicum also affects breathing. It triggers violent coughing fits and shortness of breath. The function of the bronchial system is impaired, and glottis spasms can occur. Pre-existing cardiovascular disorders can lead to massive problems.

The totality of all physical reactions can trigger panic and an escape reaction under certain circumstances. However, the opposite is also possible, and the use of it can intensify aggressive behavior.

How dependable is pepper gel for female student safety?

It all depends on the circumstances. If the irritant is used in closed rooms, the effect is intensified and can last longer. As a rule, the symptoms caused by pepper gel subsided after 2 hours at the latest. 

In general, pepper gel is considered harmless—it is a nonlethal weapon. The physical well-being of the assailant is only temporarily and briefly impaired. However, asthmatics, people with cardiovascular problems, or people under drugs may get hospitalized when sprayed with pepper gel.

Accidental contact with pepper gel, what to do 

If you accidentally spray yourself with pepper gel, several antidotes are available in stores, but experts advise against using them. Under certain circumstances, they can even intensify or prolong the physical reactions. 

A practical approach is to simply wash and thoroughly rinse the face and other affected parts with still running cold water. The cold water has a double effect. First, it washes the irritant off the skin. At the same time, the cold causes the pores and blood vessels in the skin to close.

This means that fewer irritants can get into the body through the skin. Standing water, for example, from a bucket or bowl, must not be used for washing. The active ingredient accumulates in it and negates the cleansing effect.

Benefits of Wildfire Pepper Gel Combo for female student safety

Like pepper spray, the gel is a ranged weapon used to repel an attacker from a distance of several meters (1.5 – 5 m). No physical contact with the attacker is necessary. This means that pepper gel can also work for people who have no experience in martial arts.

In contrast to pepper spray, pepper gel unleashes an accurately targeted jet. This makes it easier to see whether and where the attacker was hit. In addition, the gel is less diffuse than pepper spray. If the latter is used in a closed room, it can only be used again after several hours of intensive ventilation.

When using pepper spray outdoors, the user may come into contact with the irritant from the wind. This risk, however, hardly exists with the pepper gel.

Dispense pepper gel correctly.

If you buy pepper gel, you have to be ready to use it in an emergency. Therefore, users should first familiarize themselves with the application. This is best done in a self-defense class.

At the very least, it is advisable to go into a forest with the pepper spray and practice it there on a windless day. On this occasion, you can determine how much pressure you need to spray the pepper gel and how far the jet reaches.

A small mark on a tree trunk can also be used to practice targeted use. If the pepper gel is carried, it must always be at hand. Most dangerous situations arise suddenly. Then it is of little use if the pepper gel is buried deep under other things on the bottom of the handbag or lies useless in the car’s glove compartment.

The use of pepper gel needs to be carefully considered. As long as it is possible, escape is the better alternative. This defensive weapon should only be used if there is no other way to stop an attack. If this is the case, however, then you shouldn’t hesitate too long to use it. If the attacker comes within range, he can, for example, simply tear the spray can get out of the hand of the defender or hit it. It is better to use the sprayer from a distance to keep the attacker at a distance.

When using it, it is better to aim for the upper body rather than the face. The head is too small, a target that can simply be turned away. The upper body is better, bigger, less agile, and therefore easier to hit. The pepper gel also unfolds its effect, thereby evaporation of the irritant.

Who is pepper gel suitable for, and where is it used?

No special requirements are required for the use of pepper gel. Anyone who needs a means of self-defense can use it. Since it is not distributed as diffusely as pepper spray, pepper gel can also be used in closed rooms. However, it is also suitable for use outdoors, especially on windy days, because the wind doesn’t strongly deflect the intense beam. In the article, legal self-defense weapons, various means of self-protection are contrasted and compared.

How long does the effect of pepper gel last?

Experience has shown that the effect can last between several hours and up to 2 days, depending on the size of the charge. If you experience severe pain or symptoms, you should consult a doctor.

The first treatment option is to rinse the affected areas with cold water. This will wash off the irritant, and the cold will close the pores. The irritant is no longer absorbed in full strength.

Does Wildfire Pepper Gel require a gun license?

According to current legislation, anyone who wants to buy or sell pepper gel does not need a gun license. 

Doorstop Alarm

Theft and burglary are not uncommon in college dorms. So, it is advisable to secure your valuables well. The Super Door Stop Alarm will protect you and your belongings.

It is a modern security technology with an inexpensive design and multiple functionalities security and deterrence. The alarm doorstop frightens burglars. Door stoppers are a worthwhile investment in buildings where female students reside.

How does the doorstop alarm work?

Alarm door stoppers are installed like regular door stoppers. Due to their wedge shape, they can simply be placed under the corresponding door. If the doorstop comes into contact with the door, a loud signal sounds.

An additional advantage: If the door is opened remarkably quickly, the doorstop ensures that it is wedged and blocked. The high-pitched alarm scares the burglar away and can severely interrupt the project. The intruders no longer feel safe because of the loud signal and seek the distance.

Personal alarm for college women

The doorstop alarm can be used for both internal and external door security. The alarm should be placed behind the door to be protected. The chisel’s tip must always point to the door and be placed at the bottom of the door.

The metal plate of the stopper must not be already pressed down. If the burglar tries to open the door from the outside, the metal plate is automatically pushed down. That triggers the alarm. The alarm usually sounds for about a minute at an average volume of 90 to 120 decibels.

What are the advantages of the doorstop alarm?

The single female door alarm kit is convenient:

  • Installation is simple –no wired or wireless connections are needed.
  • The installation is not final: the alarm can move easily.
  • Failure to connect to the electrical network protects the alarm from power cuts.
  • The design is aesthetic and discreet.
  • The installation of the devices does not require the services of a professional, which saves on labor costs.

A flexible alarm system

One of the main advantages of the doorstop alarm is the flexibility offered by its detection equipment. Indeed, the owner can easily decide to take the initial installation and move with it to their apartments, hotel rooms, or college dorms.

These two actions are not feasible with a wired alarm system. In addition, students choose this type of alarm wired alarm because of the simplicity of its installation. Indeed, it is unnecessary to dig holes in the walls and partitions to set up the door wedge alarm package. It is a free-standing device that doesn’t need a control unit to be operational.

Optimal security

Like a wired alarm system, the Super Door Stop Alarm installation allows optimal security of the female student’s dorm room. In addition to detecting burglaries and questionable intrusions, this type of device offers the possibility of scaring aware intruders. To this extent, female students can sleep with complete peace of mind as their alarm will immediately alert them in the event of an intrusion.

Unlike traditional alarm systems, the users don’t need to seek the advice of a security professional before proceeding with the installation and use of a door stop alarm combo kit The performance of the alarm is dependable. There are no false alarms.

A wireless college dorm security kit

Many female students prefer portable alarms because of their technological conveniences. Indeed, it allows the user freedom to use it anywhere where there is a door and the need for safety and privacy. The device is battery-powered, and its design helps students to keep their doors bolted robustly. If anyone tries to push from the outside, the alarm goes off. 

The use of this doorstop alarm is easy and doesn’t need a mobile application or an interface accessible from a web browser. There are no monthly monitoring fees. Students can stay safe without running broke. 

If you would like to benefit from these and other female self-defense tools, visit 

Urban Safety Solutions recommends parents search on Google when shopping online for quality and reliable less than lethal personal security products for a college female. Safety Technology stun devices feature a lifetime warranty and are very reliable.

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