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Urban Safety Solutions Recommends Google to Parents Searching for Stun Gun Kit

You probably can relate to the uncomfortable feeling of being followed at night and the fear of physical assault. But even during the day, you can get into situations in which you are forced to defend yourself. It is not any different in colleges and universities. Female students are especially at risk of assault, rape, and burglary. 

Stun guns are an effective self-defense tool for college students. The electric shock from stun guns is administered by direct contact. Electricity passes through the prongs of a stun gun (usually by pulling a trigger) when it is activated. When these prongs meet the target, a painful shock is delivered. Targets may be temporarily stunned and even incapacitated by the shock.

If you want to buy a stun gun kit online, you should consider a few things. For this purpose, we will introduce you to the time-tested online purchasing techniques that have worked well for many of our customers. The purchase journey starts on Google. 

How to find the best, cheapest Spike stun gun combo and providers



Not long ago, you had to throw yourself into mostly overcrowded shopping malls and shopping centers for every purchase in wind and weather. In the meantime, there was always the risk that the desired Safety Technology product was not currently available. 

Today, on the other hand, a few taps of the finger on the smartphone give you access to a whirlpool of products. It grants you access to a wealth of information you need to make a wise purchase decision. is the best place to buy self-defense items such as stun guns. When it comes to choice, an endless variety of products are available to you. Due to the enormous selection and the simplicity of price comparisons, you can also land some bargains online.

Google-search the best stun gun self-defense kit online 

Headlines of fraud fakes and rip-offs tarnish the carefree shopping experience of the brave new shopping world. Especially when you come across lesser-known online shops with unbelievable bargain prices as part of online price comparison, the uncertainty is often great: should I dare to place an order, or should I keep my hands off this provider? If you follow a few basic rules, you will be safe from fraud. 

You probably already know that Google is the most popular and largest search engine in the world. So, it should certainly be the first step of your purchase journey. When searching online, shoppers are shown a picture of the product and the price. Often you can even see the Google star rating for the individual products. 

This means that gives you a way to compare prices and products. In addition, the site engine places partly above the organic search results and usually also above the conventional text ads when Google users are on the regular search overview page. In this way, users who may not even have explicitly intended to shop may also become aware of your products.

Everyone nowadays promises to offer the best stun gun personal security kit. To ensure that you get the best product at the fairest price, Urban Safety Solutions recommends the tips and tricks.

Pay attention to seals, logos, and certificates.

Seals, logos, and certificates from independent test centers are probably the most reliable indications that the online shop is a reputable provider of stun guns. If an online shop bears the seal of approval from a recognized brand on the website, you can be sure that the shop has been thoroughly checked by independent experts and found to be serious.

But be careful: it happens again and again that fraudsters invent fantasy certificates or illegally use the symbol of a recognized brand in their online shops. To ensure that the certificate is genuine and not simply copied to the shop website, you should independently Google-search the products on offer and scan through independent.

Check reliability based on reviews.

In addition to symbols and seals of approval, customer reviews and online experience reports are the second essential source of information to ensure that a particular retailer is a reputable stun shop. You will not just have to look at the ratings under a product in the shop itself. You must analyze field reports and ratings on external websites. After all, the shop operator has no way of deleting unpleasant negative reviews here.

Customer ratings are an essential pillar for anyone who offers products and services over the internet. Customers identify with other customers. They form a niche group. Customers that post in these groups have higher credibility than what the providers write about themselves and their products.

According to the pattern, “Shop Spike Stun Gun Use Experiences,” a simple Google search engine inquiry is mostly sufficient to uncover reports and evaluations of previous customers of the product and the provider. If you immediately encounter countless indignant comments and warnings here, and if the tenor of the reviews is generally negative, then you should think twice about an order.

But not every negative evaluation is an alarm signal. It is entirely normal that some particularly difficult customers can hardly be satisfied or that a little something can go wrong even in serious web shops. Therefore, it depends on the amount of positive or negative experiences or (if evident) the average grade in customer satisfaction.

Recognize fake reviews

Unfortunately, when it comes to evaluating online shops and customer reviews, one is inevitably confronted with the subject of fake reviews. There is a serious problem these days regarding how much you can rely on positive testimonials. It is almost impossible to identify every false customer review, especially if it’s your first-time buying stun guns online. Nevertheless, there are ways to expose fake reviews or exercise a certain skepticism with some user experience reports.

The following indications can indicate a fake rating:

  • Many exuberant positive customer reviews in a very short time sequence – especially if the product has only recently been available
  • Exaggeratedly positive formulations that are more reminiscent of an advertising message
  • Extremely negative reviews that emphatically promote a competing product
  • Hard to believe usernames
  • Users who quickly rate many products in a certain category (e.g., five self-defense tools in one day)

Real customers rarely take the time to write long novels. Extravagantly long eulogies for a product should make one skeptical.

The most meaningful reviews can often be found in the middle (2-4 stars). From these often shorter but honest reviews, you look for the relevant comments and form your picture.

Many people tend to read only positive reviews. At this point, you have already made a “half purchase decision” and only want to see this confirmed by positive reviews.

While 1-star ratings usually refer to long delivery times or damaged goods and are therefore not very meaningful, honest ratings are often found in the 3-star ratings.

The authenticity of customer reviews can be checked on the website as well. Some shop portals display verified buyers who are real customers. Simply copy the relevant product URL into the search field on the website, and the algorithms will scan all available reviews for authenticity. There is no guarantee that all false reviews will be debunked. However, the algorithms recognize many suspicious signs of fake ratings.

Secure your shopping account

No, “Your Name 2021”, the name of your daughter or son, or your birthday is definitely not recommended examples of secure passwords when shopping for a college stun gun kit online. Especially in times of increased cyber-attacks by professional hacker gangs, you should make it as difficult as possible for criminals. 

To prevent the password from being cracked, a password length of at least eight characters is recommended in all your online shopping endeavors. It should combine letters, numbers, and special characters and have no obvious personal reference. You should regularly change it. It is also a good idea to use different passwords for different pages.

Of course, a big problem is forgetting tons of difficult passwords for your different shopping accounts. But there is a solution for this: free password managers effectively prevent password chaos.

Check the origin of the stun gun personal alarm combo

Of course, the origin of an online shop does not necessarily mean that a retailer is genuine. But when it comes to buyer protection, it makes a difference whether a shop is located thousands of kilometers away in China or based in the U.S. or the Americas. Of course, this applies above all to buyer rights, which are much more difficult to enforce abroad.

UrbanSafetySolutions details with the full company address and contact details are visible on the website. If you have any doubts, you can contact us directly via a contact email address or customer hotline before buying.

Choose a secure payment method. 

When ordering a college stun gun package from online shops, there are usually different payment methods to choose from. A secure payment method is essential for online shopping. For example, the following are considered safe:

  • Payment by invoice
  • Payment by cash on delivery
  • Payment by direct debit
  • Payment by credit card
  • Various online payment services such as PayPal are also considered secure for online payments

Protect your data

With every stun gun kit order, personal, sometimes sensitive, data and information is transferred online between buyer and seller: a potential gateway for data theft. Therefore, secure data transmission during the ordering process is of particular importance. Unfortunately, often reproduce certain websites and online shops true to the original and thus obtain personal data.

As a way of preventing unauthorized persons from accessing personal data, the data transmission should be encrypted. This can be recognized by the abbreviation “HTTPS: //” in the browser’s address line together with the small green lock symbol as seen on the website. You should always check for these things before entering personal data on any website.

Find out shipping and return conditions.

If you are on the hunt for bargains online, you shouldn’t be too quick to get a low price. In online shops abroad, in particular, shipping costs can sometimes be high. It must also be checked whether the price indicated already includes VAT or whether surcharges on the final price are expected.

College Female Stun Gun Kit

Some web shops also automatically add certain chargeable additional services during the ordering process. Before you complete the order, you should always take a final look at the final price and remove any unwanted additional products. Urban Safety Solutions sales its stun gun alarm kit from within the U.S. You be sure of affordable. 

Google coupons

Have you found your desired spike stun gun package and no discount coupon in your mailbox? Then simply enter the name of your favorite shop with the addition “Coupon” on Google, and all discount offers will be displayed. 

Some internet sites provide an overview of where online stores are currently running which discount offers. Here, too, it is worth making a comparison: There are usually several codes per shop. 

With some of these sites, customers only save on shipping fees. Others only work with accounts that have also subscribed to their newsletter, but there is often a huge discount on the purchase. Even with products that have already been discounted, the price can be lowered in this way.

Compare prices

Not every bargain or offer advertised is one. On the internet, on the websites of various providers, and in many online shops, you can find numerous “great deals” or “unbeatable bargain offers” on stun guns. But what is advertised from the outside and often looks that way to potential customers is by no means always the best offer. 

The size of the advertisement, the way it is presented, or the frequency with which it is displayed usually does not say anything about the actual savings factor. Only a detailed price comparison on the various provider websites helps. Once this has been done, the product should be available from bargain portals such as to be sought. 

Almost all products are available here at regular intervals with a lucrative extra discount. The discounts or, in some cases, also vouchers, range over a wide range and always offer significant savings of the actual purchase price. Just pay attention to whether the discounts involve any purchase conditions.

Insist on transparency

Experienced online shoppers have long since figured it out. Newcomers are also quickly noticing: Customer ratings are not always “THE” criterion. Everything is for sale, and yes, that even applies to ratings and stars. A trained shopping eye can recognize fake reviews very quickly. In online shops, you shouldn’t make the mistake of relying solely on top customer reviews. Instead, you should scope down to the hard facts:

  • Are the shipping costs and payment methods listed exactly?
  • Are there any clauses that limit the right to exchange?
  • Is VAT already included in the purchase amount?
  • Is there customer service, and if so, is the hotline free?
  • Is the shop security checked?

Try using your desktop.

Websites and online shops can recognize whether a purchase, a possible purchase interest, or just a visit to the online shop is made from a desktop P.C. such as a laptop or desktop computer or a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.

As a result, a possible stun gun purchase interest via a smartphone or tablet in the shops is classified as possibly more urgent, spontaneous, and possibly also more critical for the customer than the possible purchase via a desktop P.C. As a result, in some online shops or stores where you can also shop online, the prices are adjusted accordingly for mobile users and often increased.

You should also make sure to regularly delete the history of your browser after a purchase interest or Internet research on a particular product. If you leave this saved, the online shops can read from your purchase interest, which may already have been shown frequently, that your purchase intention is already well advanced, and in this case, adjust the price and correct it upwards.

This is not intended to demonize online shops. Still, it is worth paying attention to these little things and giving the online shops fewer opportunities to understand your typical buying behavior.

Bluff and save

Online shopping enables some smart customers who know about the following trick to save a considerable amount of money. Some online shops react in real-time to a possible purchase. If you fill the digital shopping cart with items but then do not complete the purchase, but simply leave the window open, some online shops respond and give an additional discount so that the customer completes the online purchase.

This trick doesn’t work in every online shop, but there are enough reports about exactly this process. Trying it will certainly not hurt. At least not if you are not pressed for time.

Follow your favorite shops.

Aren’t you doing it yet? The time has come! Because many shops first inform their followers about new discount campaigns. So, click quickly through the Insta stories and the latest posts. Maybe there’s a good deal right now.


Saving tip 6: give feedback.

After ordering, you will often receive a notification of an email with the subject “Rate your purchase.” Do you always ignore Sure, no one wants to do that – unless you really want to criticize on something. But it is worth it sharing positive feedback. Because it is not uncommon for you to be awarded with a discount for your next purchase following the satisfaction survey.

Get birthday presents

The fact is: you should be careful with private data on the internet. However, if you provide your email anyway, you will probably enter your date of birth directly. Many shops surprise their subscribers with exclusive promotions for their birthdays. This can be a fat coupon or a small discount of 5 to 15 percent on an item that has been in your shopping cart for a long time and has not yet been ordered.

Look around in smaller shops.

Is that stun gun for college that you want currently sold out in all the major online shops? It’s good that there are countless shops on the internet, one of which probably still has exactly this stun gun after all. Urban Safety Solutions guarantees all parents the continued availability of stun guns and other self-defense kits. We have many items in stock.

Clean up your browser

It sounds unbelievable, but you can save real money by regularly deleting your browser data, including cache and cookies. Most online shops collect your data and then like to increase prices for products that you have already looked at, for example. The effect may not be so great with small purchases, but it can be worthwhile for flights.

Go on a search for coupon codes.

There is a show on U.S. television with the wonderful title “Extreme Couponing,” in which families set up their rooms for all their discount coupons instead of a library. You don’t have to go that far, but it is always worthwhile to look specifically for vouchers or discount campaigns.

Just ask about discounts.

In the meantime, instead of being on hold, you can simply send WhatsApp messages back and forth with the customer service of some online shops or chat directly on the homepage. Those who are bold enough here and simply ask for discounts or vouchers are surprisingly often lucky!

Follow the social media channels of your favorite shops

Newsletters are usually rather unsexy, annoying, or end up in spam, although there are sometimes good offers. If you follow your favorite shops on social media and look at their feeds, you can get offers and discounts without annoying newsletters.

Learn to search properly

Okay, usually finds everything, but you must learn how to use the right keywords when it comes to shopping. Use various keywords and review both the first, second, and third pages on Google search results. Failure to be thorough in your Google Search could cost you money. Typically, it could mean that you lose out on discounts and other great deals on stun guns. 

Get your money back with Cashback.

Imagine walking into the supermarket, doing your shopping on a weekly basis, paying, and someone standing next to the exit who simply does the refund part of your buying price. Cashback programs work in such a similar manner, which are especially worth it  especially if you shop online more often.

If you follow these tips, you will increase your chances of getting the best stun gun self-defense package. Good luck with the search!

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