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Urban Safety Tips for Your Daughter Away at College

Women specifically need to be conscious of their own surroundings for personal safety. Women are more likely to be attacked than men. Statistics show than females are attacked at a 4 to 1 margin over males. By applying simple urban safety tips, parents can be ensured their daughter has the knowledge to keep from being victimized by urban crime.

Many parents think when they send their daughters off to college that they can be just as safe as if they were at home.  Of course that’s a relative comparison.  But if you think the college campuses and the areas around college campuses are safe-think again.  College campuses are filled with high hormone filled young men, alcohol, drugs and their share of sexual predators.  And that’s on campus. The following useful urban safety tips will minimize the chances of your daughter being victimized by crime.

Off-campus in the areas just around the fringes of the campus police and local police authorities have their hands filled with predators salivating at the new freshman class of young women nearby.  Every type of crime from robbery to assault to rape can occur. These urban safety tips were included to help keep your daughter safe while off to college or university.

Of course campus authorities don’t always tell the truth about crime on and off campus.  So the best thing is to take matters into your own hands and give your daughters some protection in terms self defense products to keep her safe both on and off campus.  That is why this safety kit was developed.

To help keep her safe on campus this college safety kit contains a door stop alarm, a passive infrared motion detector alarm, and diversion safe that looks like a book to hide her valuables in and a wall-mounted pepper spray that she can put by her room door.

To keep her safe outside of her room on campus and when she is out there is a lipstick pepper spray she can put in her purse, an electronic whistle that sounds a loud alarm at the touch of a button, a key chain pepper spray, a handy cell phone light that attaches to a cell phone, a half ounce pepper spraying that clips to the visor of her car and the fabulous portable sleep alarm designed to prevent falling asleep at the wheel of a car.  This handy device also works great keeping shift workers awake or keeping students awake studying for final exams.

The urban safety kit comes with instructions on each product and a DVD that shows how each product is used.  There are also six special reports developed specifically for young women away at college. Parents can use urban safety tips to assist kids off to college.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!







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