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Usage Of Secret Surveillance Tools In A Reporters Work

Portable Car Key Hidden Camera with DVR & Audio

Possessing a key fob hidden camera has brought me to bag the most crazy videos that helped propel my career as an investigative journalist. From getting videos of waiters spitting on food to babysitters harming kids a spy camera is surely the device to have in the news industry.

To become a journalist I was trained that one ought to always be well prepared with paper and a pencil. Recently though surveillance cameras have been added onto that list due to their effectiveness and versatility.

A lot of security cameras could be installed permanently within your house or place of work. This is good for tracking what is happening in these areas without you being there.

Some however are disguised as all the time things and could be carried around. My car key hidden camera DVR with audio is one particular example of a portable disguised spy cam.

The benefit of using a portable car key spy camera is that I could take it anyplace. At the same time people will never imagine that Im recording them so they will act normally around me which is my way of learning all the dirty secrets in what they do. In the first place they will never feel that a car key is hiding a mini camera.

The car key spy camera that I have has a built in DVR which allows me to record footage without the need for a separate recording tool. It has an audio recording system also that can record up to one hours worth of inappropriate advances by employers unsanitary hygiene in restaurants bad customer service in stores and the like.

Playing back the video is definitely easy since you can just stick the memory card into any card reader or straight to your laptop. You can even play the footage straight onto the TV if you use an RCA cable which numerous surveillance cameras provide.

A key fob hidden camera has helped me tremendously in my career. Owning this kind of spy device and raw footage to refer to usually helps me to write better and convey news to people.

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