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Useful Tips On Watching Over Your Car

Rearview Mirror Camera with Built-in DVR & Audio

Apart from our households we need to spend some time to make sure that our vehicles feel safe from robbers or even random strangers. With that idea in mind hidden spy cameras for cars are made specifically to do the job of adding an extra layer of protection for our vehicles.

Like many spy cameras a rearview mirror hidden camera looks like an ordinary auto accessory but it can be used to spy on people in or outside the vehicle without them realizing. This is suitable for surveillance when the car is parked in a place where it is far from its owners sight.

I purchased a rear view mirror camera with front and rear color cameras built-in DVR and audio for my SUV that I utilize regularly every time I am out. The decision to obtain a surveillance camera came to me the moment I moved to Denver then an unfamiliar location for a job as an advertising executive.

This kind of set has 2 cameras. One is a rotatable camera connected to the bottom of the rearview mirror which also works as a DVR and a viewing screen. The other can be placed on the outside or the rear dash of the vehicle.

Both cameras have a rechargeable battery that could go on for at least three hours. As soon as the power reaches zero it can be recharged easily using a USB cable or the cars auxiliary cigarette lighter.

The USB cable which was included with the package also serves as a means for me to transfer the video recordings to my laptop for viewing and indexing.

With regards to storing footages both cameras support SD cards and one 8 GB card was already included in the purchase. Playback is very easy due to the built-in screen in the mirror as well as easy-to-understand control buttons located along its sides.

I told my new co-workers about the perks of purchasing hidden spy cameras for cars so they immediately checked out the one that I have. They have since decided to get some for their autos as well.

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