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Using Bug Detectors To See The Unseen

how to detect hidden cameras

Nowadays, privacy is a serious matter for many people. With the coming of blogging and social networking sites, people are starting to realize that they shouldn’t share every intimate detail regarding their lives with complete strangers.

That being said, I feel it is very important for a common person just like myself to find out how to detect hidden cameras. Despite the growing online threat to privacy, there are many people who still rely on these types of covert cameras and bugs to gather info on a subject.

Considering that numerous surveillance cameras these days come disguised as regular household things, they will blend normally with the environment around them. Thus, you will need special tools to locate video cameras that are normally hidden in plain view.

One such tool is a wired or wireless multifunctional detector. It is generally a battery-operated bug detector the size of a cellular phone, which can detect wired and wireless cameras both that run within the 1 MHz to 6 GHz range.

I purchased one featuring a specialized viewing port that will allow someone to visually detect the presence of a hidden spy camera. I just look through the port and any camera lenses within a 10-foot range will appear to flash red.

By changing settings on the device, I can go from wired to wireless detection mode. In wireless detection mode, I just wave the bug finder above any suspicious item and it will produce an audible beep or vibrate in the presence of a surveillance camera.

These types of tools are also capable of detecting hidden microphones, and can show the detected signal strength through built-in LEDs or an audible sound that varies with strength. Many come with a tuner that can be used to adjust their effective range.

In this era, it is easy for others to spy on you. Thankfully, it is simply as easy to counter. Anyone from ordinary people to wealthy individuals can benefit from learning how to detect hidden cameras using these bug trackers.

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