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Using Covert Surveillance To Protect A Business From Theft

Alarm Clock Hidden Camera with Built-In DVR

Using covert surveillance to protect a business from theft is being employed  more than ever to safeguard against customer and employee theft.

After a couple of years of becoming an employee, I found that I would like to be my own boss. I resigned from work, got a loan from a bank, and started a small bookstore. My business thrived and, in less than a year, I began getting my own personnel. However, right after a month, I did an inventory and realized that a number of my merchandise was missing. I did not want to accuse my new employees but I didn’t wish to be complacent also. Thus, I decided to buy a hidden camera.

I asked my buddies who had businesses of their own to recommend the best spy camera to buy that they knew would work. Right after a quick research and canvass, I bought an alarm clock hidden camera.

The surveillance camera that I got is inconspicuous since it works as a fully functional alarm clock and a surveillance camera rolled into one.

My alarm clock hidden camera has a .003 Lux feature, which records black-and-white videos with only a small amount of light necessary.

Just like other spy cameras, an alarm clock hidden camera fulfills the function of monitoring the activities that take place at home or at the office. In my case, it was to find who was behind the missing items inside my store and it is to serve as my eyes whenever I am not around.

This alarm clock hidden camera can be either wired or wireless. Considering that there’s no need to conceal a disguised camera, it is all right to have its cords visible. Having a wired camera guarantees the user of a constant power supply.

Meanwhile, a wireless camera has no wires that may tip off a professional burglar that the alarm clock is a covert surveillance camera.

I’m very happy to say that my hunt for the best spy camera to buy has gone very well. I have identified who the culprits were and they never knew how I found out. An office hidden camera dvr has become a popular choice with many retail shop and store owners.

Using covert surveillance to protect a business from theft is the best way to confirm suspected customer or employee theft and being able to provide video evidence of the culprit.

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