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Using Surveillance Instruments To Make Classroom Environments Safer

Pen Hidden Video Camera with Mini DVR

I was informing some friends that my science teacher needs to be reprimanded for usually injecting sexual undertones into his lectures. He may be an authority on the subject but that doesnt give him the legal right to act with vulgarity.

In order to prove my claim I purchased a hidden pen camera with sound capturing function to class one day. We are at least 20 inside the room and many of these students feel that his jokes are funny. But it makes the rest of us truly uncomfortable.

Using a pen hidden camera I could monitor my professor without being obvious over it. I can record secretly what he states in class. And when I get videos to support my point I will give these to the proper authorities.

I concentrated my search on body worn cameras when I went searching for surveillance tools. What I got was enough to serve my goal. It was a pen hidden camera with audio mini DVR thumb drive that has the ability to record videos in the friendly AVI format.

Having 2GB of space it has a sufficient amount of memory to hold over an hours worth of science lecture. I could feign unwavering interest by writing on my notebook when he talks. The moment I gather evidence I will let my friends see and hear it for themselves.

Recording is not difficult. My pen hidden camera doesnt need any programming to kick-start operations. Considering that the DVR is built in I could utilize it the moment I took it out of its box.

Because it also works as a thumb drive I can just place it into my computer to watch the video footage straight from the device. I can just go to any friends place fresh after recording for some instant playback.

That way too I have witnesses that l have not tampered with evidence. It sounds just like a plan and my hidden pen camera with sound recording capability is exactly the one that could pull it off.

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