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Utilizing Hidden Cameras To Keep Your Personal Belongings Secure

hidden cameras in mirrors

The moment I initially studied the Japanese language, I arranged to spend 2 years in Tokyo studying at a specialized language school. Given that I was to be there for a long time, I arranged to stay in a guesthouse.

The guesthouse allowed me to get my very own room but the facilities were shared among other inhabitants. One time, I arrived back at my room to discover several important possessions missing. I made a decision then to set up several hidden cameras in mirrors inside my room to keep an eye on my things.

A surveillance camera is a device used to covertly monitor activity within a given area. They’re made to look like ordinary household items and go well naturally with their environment. That way, no one knows that they are being watched.

I purchased an inconspicuous mirror hidden camera which concealed a wireless camera within the mirror. It came with its very own transmitter, that I hid carefully among my belongings. Since it was wireless, I did not need to bother about cables or wires giving away its location.

It records only in black and white but has a sensitivity of .003 lux. This allows it to record the best possible images in almost complete darkness. A tiny amount of ambient light is needed though that can be something as small as a nightlight.

One mirror only covered a portion of my room, thus I obtained an additional vanity mirror hidden camera and put it on my study desk in the most natural way possible. That way, I could cover my whole room with only two cameras.

It didn’t take too long before my investment began to pay off. Not more than 3 months right after I had purchased these mirrors, I was able to apprehend the thief. It was a neighbor coming from my floor.

I reported him to the property manager, who had criminal charges filed versus him. He was also thrown out for breaking house rules. I am delighted that I purchased some hidden cameras in mirrors, as these helped make our residence a bit safer.

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