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Utilizing Uncanny Storage Spaces To Always Keep My Important Item

I am constantly looking for things that are funny, interesting and also useful to the point that I always check out blogs specializing in these types of categories. Luckily for me, one of my friends who share the very same fascination told me regarding a shaving cream can safe that could replace the normal storage contraption.

When I initially heard about it, I was puzzled mainly because I couldn’t imagine a canister of shaving cream turning into a safekeeping tool. He told me that this secret safe, though it looked ordinary, could protect small valuables from prying hands and eyes. There was an empty room inside for concealing small items.

This friend toured me throughout his home when I visited him in Newark. We would stop by several places that he would point to the secret safes that he had placed. Impressed, I bought some for myself for use in my Long Island home.

Aside from the Barbasol can safe which initially got my interest, I got others that I placed strategically around the house. What’s remarkable is that I do not need to hide these kinds of storage safes from view since their exteriors by itself are enough to conceal their secret nature from the naked eye.

I purchased stone safes that I placed in my little rock garden next to my dog’s house. Inside those stones are extra keys for the house, garage, storeroom as well as guesthouse. I placed them beside my dog to ensure that nobody would even care to go near them.

The bathroom sink holds a bathroom cleaner safe which keeps my emergency cash out of sight. It looks convincing beside toilet brushes and also other cleaning tools which I have.

Book safes blend flawlessly well with the history books in my study. These kinds of genius little hidden safes keep my identification cards, passport and also credit cards effortlessly.

I never thought that a shaving cream can safe would change me into a diversion safe fanatic. My interest brought me to secure my house in a really enjoyable way.

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