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What Are The Benefits Of Dorm Apartment Safety Kit?

Dorm Apartment Safety Kit

What self-defense tools do you have in your dorm apartment safety kit? While most of you know crime exists but human nature has you believing that it will always be someone else getting victimized until it is happening to you, and you wish you had listened and put together a self-defense kit.

Violent crimes such as rape and sexual assault are huge in St. Louis, MO, and many other urban centers. Research shows that the youth, especially single women and those who love going out in the evening, are more vulnerable to such violent acts.

To the victim, an assault can be costly and violent. You may not only feel harmed and in need of treatment and medical care but in the worst case, you may die during a physical altercation.

The importance of a self-defense kit cannot, therefore, be overstated, especially if you live alone, having a dorm apartment safety kit may be just the help you need to dissuade the aggressor and escape with your life.

Why put together a dorm apartment safety kit?

It is always better to be safe than sorry. Some violence cannot be avoided, but still, there’s a lot you can do to achieve peace of mind for you and your vulnerable loved ones.

Violence is especially devastating if it is sudden and out of nowhere. Such types of violence are traumatizing. While it is true that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, the opposite is equally true: �What does not kill you with scars and ruins, lying in your awake late at night wishing you were dead.’

1. Peace of mind

But the good news is, you can grasp some peace of mind by being prepared. Having a door apartment safety kit can provide you with a feeling of security. It could ease your worries and reduce stress.

2. Dissuade aggressors

Security tools like personal door stop alarms help keep away unwanted intruders. Especially if you have a physical stalker, you don’t want to leave any loopholes for them to get their hands on you because who knows what they are planning to do with you. It could be some really freaky stuff, including rape, leaving you tortured for life.

3. Record evidence of a crime

In the case of personal stalkers, it may be hard to get a restraining order without evidence of a crime. The same goes for other forms of violence. If you want to get some justice, better record incidents using digital recording tools. That way, prosecutors can nail the aggressor’s ass without any shadow of a doubt.

4. Fight for your life

In some instances of street crimes, domestic violence, etc. you may have to fight for your life, or you will surely die. Having simple self-defense weapons in your safety kit is a must. But most importantly, get some training on how to use the tools effectively.

With steel batons, for example, just flick your wrist to open them, then swing blows on the aggressors’ meaty hands and thighs to immobilize them. If that is not enough, aim for the bones, but not the face, it is your life on the line after all.

Are you ready to put together a personal dorm apartment safety kit?

Start today with our self-defense products. We have a range of non-lethal self-defense tools such as stun guns, pepper sprays, steel batons, hidden security cameras, and alarms you can add to your dorm apartment safety kit and stay safe.

5. Door stop alarm

A compatible and convenient personal door stop alarm that you can take with you wherever you go. This easy-to-use security device is the beginning of personal protection. There are no wires for you to do some engineering with. Just place the pressure-sensitive alarm at the base of the door of your motel/college or dorm room, and in case of intrusion, you will be alerted by a high decibel sound.

6. Tasers

In case the aggressor is coming at you, just pump some electrical current in their muscles to immobilize them. Tasers are the most effective non-lethal self-protection weapons there is. You can stop the aggressor 15 feet away using 50,000 volts of power delivered through 2 metal probes capable of penetrating even 2” thick clothing.

When it comes to your personal protection, we have tasers of various models going for as low as $14.99.

7. Spike stun gun

A spike gun is a fantastic non-lethal defense weapon for dissuading an attacker by firing a warning jolt of power in the air, and if things escalate, just jam the spikes in the aggressor’s eyes, or throat and pump some voltage into their body.

8. Pepper gel and pepper spray

Pepper is instantly inflaming. Just spray or dispense it into your attacker’s face, and it’s going to hurt them like a b!tch. Pepper gel is especially the best for self-defense since it is thick and sticky; the aggressor won’t wipe it off their face easily and also won’t blow it back into your face.

9. Digital voice recorder

Record face-to-face altercations or verbal abuse via phone for use as evidence to file charges against your aggressor.

10. Dummy cameras

Our dummy cameras just look like the real thing and work to dissuade criminals just like real cameras. This is just a cheap solution to heighten security. Most criminals scare away easily in the presence of surveillance.

11. Personal alarms

Always carry personal alarms with you for use in case of security or medical emergence. These bad boys can be worn or carried in your purse, and you can sound them off to call for help and scare away aggressors. They cost somewhere between $10 and $20 depending on additional features such as infrared lights.

There you go now, when it comes to your security, we leave nothing to chance, and neither should you. That underrated pepper spray or safety light may be just the help you need to escape unharmed.

Visit our website today to start building your self-defense kit. Our self-defense products are simple and effective for everyday women, especially those who live alone or find yourself traveling alone. Violence is real and can come from anyone.

Stay safe with our self-defense tools. We are a Missouri-based business, 12 years member of BBB with an A+ rating on all our self-defense tools. We ship to any state across the U.S and have some good offers in place, including a lifetime warranty on the spike stun gun and free shipping with discount code.

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