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What Are The Dangers Of College Females Living Alone?

What Are The Dangers Of College Females Living Alone?

While staying alone in college has its own advantages; more freedom and private space, its disadvantages are also apparent, especially when it comes to security and safety. As a lady living alone, there are tons of dangers that come with living solo. Here are some of them:

The Dangers of College Females Living Alone


Lifestyle problems

While having someone else around can be a good idea, various issues may arise in a roommate kind of arrangement. This includes lifestyle disagreements (a roommate who likes loud music while you want a quiet environment) or financial problems (a roommate who has issues paying their part of the rent and other expenses).


Of course, when you stay alone in college, you officially join the lonely students bandwagon. Though it will be enjoyable in some cases, the truth is that you won’t fancy it most of the time. Staying alone means you will not talk to anyone or share anything whenever you are home.

Socialization becomes history

Making new friends is easier if you meet new people daily. Unfortunately, living by yourself confines you to some shell, which can complicate your socialization with others. This may also ruin your experience in school, keeping in mind that school is all about befriending new faces, hanging out, meeting future business partners as well as enhancing connections and networks.


As mentioned earlier, staying alone has its perks and cons. With over 4 million crime reports every year, according to the FBI, staying alone can easily make you vulnerable to a home invasion and other violent crimes. So be very careful about your personal security. You can protect yourself using a super door stop alarm or upgrading your locks and doors.

Super door stop alarm

There you have it on What Are the Dangers of College Females Living Alone, lets now look at security tips living alone;

Follow these tips to enhance your home security when you are staying solo.


Choose a safe apartment/Neighborhood.

Before you move out of the college dorm research the region you are relocating to. Google the area’s crime rate and pay attention to the most dangerous estates. This will considerably reduce the chances of any serious security problems in your off-campus apartment.

Install a security system

As a female living alone, installing a super door stop alarm is one of the best ways to help you live solo safely. Up to 90 percent of buglers or home invaders will not attack any house if it has a robust alarm system.

Make the Most of Your Phone

A wide array of alarm nowadays, including a super door stop alarm comes with mobile apps that ensure you can react to any problems you have.

Don’t forget to be BFF’s with your neighbors.

Do anything else but don’t ignore your neighbors. Make an effort to be friendly for your security sake. They are your best bet in times of problems, and they will be more than willing to help somebody they interact with than a stranger.

Bottom line

Although living alone can be exciting, don’t ever ignore security issues. Do anything possible to stay safe when you live solo as a female. I hope this guide on ‘What Are the Dangers of College Females living alone?’ has given you a good idea on how to go about it. Cheers.

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