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What Is A Door Stop Alarm?

What Is A Door Stop Alarm?

You can live fearlessly as a woman by taking steps to enhance your safety and security. The world is a safer place for men than it is for women; that’s a fact. As a woman, you are always walking under a corona of anxiety and fear of the unknown. What if you are the next victim? What if it’s someone you trust that shows you their demonic side? You can silence that fearful voice in your head and start living life confidently when you get a door stop alarm, among other personal safety gear.

I sense panic and agitation.

Quite often it’s us on the receiving end of physical violence. There is an urgent need for women to be safer now more than ever. The World Health Organization reports that more than 35% of women around the world have experienced either physical or sexual violence of some degree. That shows the severity of the problem and why young women need to protect themselves.

It’s us who have to think twice when walking through dark alleys. It’s us who have to live by self-enforced curfews. We have to be home early and bolt the door behind us. The fear is real, and it’s all because of our gender. We have seen it in the movies, in the news, and even heard stories in our neighborhoods—criminals are following women home to their apartments, hotels, and college dorms. The fear is well-founded.

So what is a door stop alarm, and how does it help?

Most likely (and most hopefully), you carry pepper spray, a stun gun, and other non-lethal personal protection weapons in your handbag. That helps when you are out there and find yourself in a nasty situation. When you get home to your apartment, hotel room, or college dorm, you should have something to guarantee your safety as well. That’s where a door stop alarm comes in.

It is a stand-alone alarm device with a wedgy design that goes under your door. This home security device does not require installation or wiring; it’s meant to function as a single standing device that you can remove and put back when you leave or enter the house. In the event of forced entry, the alarm is triggered (a loud siren) that will thwart all intruders from accomplishing their mission.

Oh, so high noise levels are how they work?

The thief, rapist, or murderer will run away fast when the loud siren comes on after they push on your door. You can also expect that everyone in the area will be alerted and come out to check what’s happening. That also gives you time to dial emergency numbers. These small gadgets can save your life in that simple manner.

But that’s not all. The best door stop alarm is designed to hold tight underneath your door. The gadgets help your door to lock tighter the more it is pushed. That means that even if security people in the area take longer to respond to the alarm, the intruder will still never be able to get into your home.

So what’s a doorstop alarm designed like?

These gadgets are designed for college dorm safety and apartment safety –-you can use them anywhere, whether at home or away on travel. The device is a portable palm-sized gadget that you will have no trouble carrying it in a handbag or the pocket of your jeans. The siren sound can go as far as 300M. That means that even in a place with no security personnel, the furthest neighbor can hear and come to your help.

The alarm gadget is battery-powered, and installation is as easy as sliding it in the space between the door and floor (from the inside) and voila! You got yourself a secure home. There is no more relying on a man to feel safe.


You can sleep soundly at night or take care of your family, knowing that you have bolstered your security. The siren and the door bolting benefits of this gadget perform way better than anything else you could think of for door security. Now you can feel confident about your apartment safety, regardless of the security situation in the area.

What is a doorstop alarm’s efficiency when you leave the door open?

Sometimes you get into your room and realize it’s too hot. You then have to leave your door ajar so air can circulate freely inside and outside the window. Doing that means that someone might sneak in and make away with your valuables or cause some physical harm to you. These are bad people that have probably been surveying your area and realized that you live alone as a single woman.

Thankfully, a doorstop alarm can work in this scenario too. Just wedge it under your open door, and it won’t open any further without the alarm going off. That can give you enough time to get the pepper spray or taser ready for whoever is trying to enter without knocking. So, a doorstop alarm works in all cases, whether the door is tightly closed or slightly opened.

What is a doorstop alarm benefit?

A doorstop alarm will keep you from getting raped in your own home. As a survival mechanism in a world where violence and unfairness are increasingly directed to our gender, we must leverage technology to stay safer. Apartments or college campus safety measures don’t sufficiently address the safety risks that women face. The society has pretty much left us to our own devices. We, therefore, must take charge or be another statistic in a report collecting dust in some office.

What is a door stop alarm pricing?

When people look at the numbers of women getting abused, harassed, or killed, they think that it just stops there. They forget to reflect on how that fear spreads to our economic wellness as women. Gender-based violence is significantly fueling economic inequality because your fears and personal safety measures keep you from taking advantage of work, business, and related opportunities that men have access to.

The best doorstop alarm brand’s pricing is conscious of the financial challenges you face as a woman. This device is only a few dollars. You will not spend a fortune on it. Regardless of your economic status, you can live safely at home without losing your freedoms.

We must take all precautions necessary for our own safety. If there is a gadget that can help you feel safer, go for it. Better safe than sorry.

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