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What Is Non Lethal Weapons

Personal protection and what is non lethal weapons?
Whether you are victim of an attacking or just suspecting such act, self-defense is very important. In many case we always find ourselves fixed into situation that requires personal defense. Some of the attackers never mean to harm us in their act but may be out to scare us or steal from us. This calls for the need of non lethal weapon to help in defending you self in such matters. Most of them are effective in their function to keep off the attacker and some you don’t need to move closer to the attacker.
What are non lethal weapons?
It could be your first time to interact with such a word, but from the name you can easily tell what it means when we refer to non lethal. They refer to such weapons that can’t easily cause loss of life when used against any living being but can eject pain when used. Unlike lethal weapons that can easily cause death when used and are mostly used by licensed security personnel non lethal can be carried by anyone who is suspecting danger.
When walking at night in insecure road or just been attacked from unknown point if it’s your first time worry not. To avoid such happenings you can always consider non lethal weapons like pepper spray, stun gun, batons or knife during such times. In most cases the non lethal weapons are small in size and easily portable and can be set inside you bag or your pocket. It is not easy to notice them from a distance hence one can comfortably walk around with them.
Where to get the non lethal Weapons
The weapons are readily available and can be a good gift to your college student, your loving nurse and any other person who walks at night in risky streets. Depending on your choice you can always weigh and have the best delivered to you.

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