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What Is The Best Apartment Alarm For My Daughter?

What is the Best Apartment Alarm Kit for Your Daughter?

Women face a lot of risks when living or traveling alone. You only need to look online to see the numerous guides for their safety, with very little being directed to the side of men. Statistics from the Bureau of Justice confirms this, showing that per 1000 persons, 21.1 women experienced violent crimes compared to 15.9 for men. The most targeted groups are women between 18- 24 years of age, followed closely by women between 25 -34 years. The fact that you are here looking for extra safety measures for your daughter confirms the real danger and threat of violence women face.

Women can do everything to keep safe when outdoors, including staying in a group and keeping loved ones in the loop of their movements and when they are safely in their college dorm, hotel room, or apartment. However, there is little to prevent burglary and acts of violence against them in these rooms. Whether it is from strangers stalking them, neighbors in the next room or servants and delivery people, current or former boyfriends, any forced/unwanted entry to a lady’s room can end up in wide-ranging acts of violence, including sexual assault, rape or murder.

Women who are alone pose soft targets for sexual offenders and burglars alike. The risk is higher when thugs are sure they can gain easy entry to the room, and there is no deterrent to their heinous activity and intentions. Such a situation can happen to anyone anywhere, and the best solution is to create this deterrent so that even while asleep, you (if you are a woman) or your daughter can sleep soundly knowing there is a system looking out for you. Such a situation is where you need an alarm kit that is reliable and can work in numerous cases. Urban Safety Solutions offers a self defense kit with a wireless door wedge alarm.

Why the Super Door Stop Alarm?

If you are going to look for a suitable apartment alarm kit for your daughter, it has to be one that is both easy to use and effective. It should be something she can easily set up herself without risk of someone compromising it, and it should provide enough deterrence. The Super Door Stop alarm offers these two features. It is in the design of a door wedge that jambs the door preventing opening. When the would-be intruder applies pressure in trying to gain space, the alarm goes off with its 120db being sharp and loud enough to attract the attention of everyone else, the person in the room should they be asleep.

You only need to set the wedge-shaped device to the ideal sensitivity and push it below the door and then activate the on and off switch. The Super Door Stop Alarm kit can be used to reinforce all kinds of doors from bedroom doors in shared premises to the hotel and hostel doors. It is portable and light, allowing it to fit even in small bags and comes with a non -skid rubber pad preventing it from sliding off regardless of the floor surface.

Getting this device may seem to be a simple step, but it is an integral one in ensuring your loved one is well-secured in their rooms, even in a location where they may not know anyone. Do not put this precaution off because the threats are always there, and a strong deterrent like the Super Door Stop Alarm may be what stands between the dangers and the life of your loved ones.

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