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What Is The Best Bedroom Door Alarm?

What Is The Best Bedroom Door Alarm?

When you think about moving into your first apartment, whether it’s a college dorm, or even your very first apartment, there’s a lot of planning with making the house a home. While most people will look at the different ways to make the house safe, few actually consider safeguarding the bedroom.

That’s right; have you thought of securing your bedroom door? UrbanSafetySolutions believes you should.

Having an effective bedroom door alarm system can save from harm. If you think about it, it’s pretty easy to tell when a burglar is trying to break into the house. Unfortunately, if you are sound asleep, it may not be as easy to detect a break-in in your house. However, when you safeguard your house’s doors, especially your bedroom doors, you’re assured of increased safety from any harm doers.

A super door stop alarm is one of the most effective ways to stop a break-in from ever taking place. Unfortunately, too many people get comfortable with little to no security. This not only gives rise to insecurity levels, but it also puts the safety and lives of countless people in harm’s way.

If you look at the trends of break-ins over the last few years, you’ll begin to see a worrying trend. Most burglars tend to go for what they would term as an easy score.’ This group, unfortunately, is primarily made up of ladies. Consequently, as a lady, regardless of where you live, you are more likely to get burglarized than the male gender.

This then raises the question, how can you, as a lady, increase your security and keep yourself from the prying hands of thieves and other evil-doers? Here are a few tried and tested tips that will keep you safe.

Get an apartment alarm

While it sounds like a simple solution, oddly, it is one of the most effective. One of the best deterrents for criminals. This is because criminals are trying to stay away from recognition, and since a door alarm alerts others of their presence, they’ll keep away from houses with alarms. The super door stop alarm is one of the best door alarm solutions as its highly effective, and you can move around with it if you’re traveling.

Safeguard your bedroom

Most of the time spent in the bedroom is while you’re sleeping. Unfortunately, your resting time creates an opportune moment for thieves and burglars. As a result, to ensure you are safe at all times, you should consider getting a door wedge alarm kit as part of your bedroom door alarm system.

With a door wedge, you can set the sensitivity on the bedroom door. This ensures that even the slightest of moves can trigger the highly effective 120 dB alarm that would notify both you and those near you of a possible break-in.

As mentioned above, most people ignore taking additional safety precautions until it’s too late. Don’t live regretting you made the right choice when you had a chance to. Instead, make the best bet by investing in a super door stop alarm, which will always protect you if need be.

The super door stop alarm works great, whether you’re placing it at the main door or part of your bedroom door alarm system. And, since you can take it along with you while traveling, you can now rest easy, knowing your security is well taken care of.

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