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What Is The Best Dorm Apartment Security Alarm Kit?

What Is The Best Dorm Apartment Security Alarm Kit

Living off-campus comes with an appealing degree of independence and cost savings. But security is the elephant in the room that you will need to tackle head-on. Of the many off-campus security concerns, female students are the most at risk. They are targeted by burglars and sexual predators alike. Investing in the right off-campus security alarm kit can help you live with confidence and peace of mind. features a very effective self defense combo package available online.

The best alarm kit is cost-effective

Money is scarce for all students. You should find, therefore, an alarm kit that doesn’t cost you thousands of dollars. The best kit costs under 100 dollars. The best kit won’t require you to make any structural changes in your rented apartment. The Super Door Stop Alarm meets these criteria. It’s a door wedge only slightly bigger than a computer mouse. It goes in the space between the door and the floor, from the inside.

The wedge alarm is battery powered

Maintenance costs? Not any

Mobility? Guaranteed—you can carry it discreetly in your back pocket

Versatility? Yes—you can use it as home alarm, hotel door alarm or college dorm alarm

The best kit is super functional

There are many alarm systems in the market branded as sleek and feature-packed. All that turns to be hot hair when you face a real threat, and there is no reliable alarm functionality. The Super Door Stop off-campus security alarm kit can keep you safe in multiple ways:

It bolts your door from the inside: Even intruders with herculean strength won’t push it open if you slide this kit under your door. It holds tight and robustly guaranteeing your personal security when you are home.

A loud alarm upon activation: One other way that you are safer with the door wedge off-campus alarm kit is the loud siren. When someone tries to push your door open, this system will let out a 120 dB alarm sound. That’s loud enough to be heard five blocks away.

The best alarm system is designed for your lifestyle

Maybe you have a crazy ex-boyfriend stalking you, or perhaps there is a rise in rape cases in your area. The good news is that you don’t have to lock all doors to feel safe. With a door stop alarm, you don’t need to close your doors when you are at home or college dorm.

Just wedge the device beneath the door, kick back and enjoy the cool fresh air.

The door won’t budge when someone tries to enter. Best of all, you will be notified when someone is at the door. The alarm itself is so loud that any thief or rapist will run like a bat out of hell. This system will protect your home, college dorm, or hotel room from intruders. It will keep you from being another rape victim. UrbanSafetySolutions offers parents peace of mind that their child away at college can be protected.

One in three women around the world has experienced sexual or physical violence of some kid. If you live off-campus, you are 80 % more likely to be a victim of home intrusion and possibly sexual violence. Don’t risk it; arm yourself with the door stop alarm; it is the best off-campus security alarm kit.

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