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What Is The Best Dorm Apartment Wedge Security Alarm Kit?

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What Is The Best Dorm Apartment Wedge Security Alarm Kit?

You study much better when security is assured. Unfortunately, as you are busy laying a foundation for your future, thieves, rapists, and even killers may be stalking you. Being a single female makes you there number one target. Use this guide to find the best dorm apartment wedge security alarm kit for your best protection at school. Urban Safety Solutions has plenty of non lethal personal security items to help.

It should be easy to use

Living in a college dorm doesn’t give you much freedom when it comes to structural changes. The best dorm apartment wedge security system should be functional without needing wiring or installation. The Super Door Stop Alarm kit. system is designed for such simplicity. This alarm kit system costs under $100, and installation is as easy as wedging it in beneath the door when you enter the house or dorm room.

It needs to be versatile and designed for use on the go

The best wedge security alarm kit should be designed with mobility in mind. When you travel, you should be able to take it with you to secure your hotel room or home. There should be zero maintenance costs and requirements for the alarm kit you choose. A door stop alarm kit will serve your security needs with these conveniences. The system is:

• Battery powered with no maintenance requirements

• Compact and portable for the discreetness you need

• Attractive and stylishly designed

The best kit provides an extra level of security

Burglars, sexual predators, and all kinds of intruders are forever finding new ways to strike. Your apartment security alarm kit must be up to the task. Top functionality and reliability are some of the aspects to consider when you shop for an alarm kit.

Our super door stop alarm is designed for the best functionality. The system works in two ways:

It keeps your door locked from the inside: If you compare a key chain to the doorstop, you are much safer with the later. All you have to do is wedge it in the space between the door and the floor, and no one will be able to push it open from the outside.

Loud siren: The siren is the best part of this off-campus apartment security alarm kit. Its 120 dB sound will wake you up so you can arm yourself with pepper spray or a stun gun. Most importantly, the sound is so loud that it will wake your neighbors and deter the intruder.

Choose a system that helps you live safely with confidence

You can now stay in a college dorm without fully closing the door. The door wedge helps keep your room safe. No one will be able to push the door open. The loud alarm sound will serve as a deterrent to intruders and rapists.

You can rely on the effectiveness of the door stop dorm apartment security kit because:

• It’s is built for robustness and durability, it won’t break

• The alarm siren can be heard up to 300 meters away

• It has a battery status indicator that lets you know when it’s time for recharging

• It is a useful tool against burglars, stalkers and serial sexual offenders that hunt students

RAINN reports that 11.2% of all students experience rape and sexual assault. That might sound like abstract statistics until you are part of it. Take a step now to improve your personal security wherever you are. Get the super doorstop alarm kit –it is the best college dorm security alarm kit.

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